healthy food suggestions?

healthy food suggestions? Topic: healthy food suggestions?
November 23, 2019 / By Ewan
Question: i had a reality check today and realized i eat total crap, i dont remember the last time i ate something healthy, in fact at this moment i an eating oreos, man im bad, im not overweight at all but i need some healthy food things i can eat or snack on if i dont like meat, thanks! 10 points to best answeerr also im a little picky, but not that much, im willing to try new things, oh and i loooove cucumbers and cooked brocoli so yea, ha
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Coty Coty | 6 days ago
Go to a whole foods store. There are a plethera of amazing fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, add some nuts: almonds, walnuts, pecans - very yummy, healthy fats and filling. Whole grain breads and fat free/low fat dairy products - yogurt, cheese, milk, frozen yogurt or sorbet.
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Coty Originally Answered: Healthy snack suggestions?
carrots with hummus, trail mix of goji berries raisins nuts etc, apples or celery with a different type of nut butter. i'm a big fan of almond, hemp, and hazelnut butters. carrot fries or sweet potato fries are great if you're careful to use as little oil as possible. if you go on goneraw.com or vegweb.com you might wanna check out kale chips! kale is an awesome leafy green that happens to get really crunchy when you either bake or dehydrate it. sea palm seaweed is really tasty if you can find it at your local health food store. lara bars (vegan and often raw bars made from mainly nuts and dates) are at most grocery stores these days and taste pretty good. there are a ton of flavors, too. oh, and guacamole is the best dip ever. you can use it for carrots, bell peppers, snap peas, pita chips, flax crackers, anything.

Asareel Asareel
Fast food is never completely healthy, but if you apply a little pickiness then you can make it healthier: - throw away part or all of the hamburger bun - avoid ketchup (high sugar content) and mayonnaise (high fat content) - always ask for as many veggies as they'll pile on, including pickles - for the love of whatever deity you may believe in, AVOID FRENCH FRIES, there is nothing healthy about them - avoid soda and bottled juice (too much sugar); buy a sport bottle and take tap water with you wherever you go - avoid coffee (too costly) and learn to make a good cup of tea for yourself at home. Have you learned to cook? If not, try it, you may be surprised at how simple it is. And you needn't limit yourself to instant ramen noodles or kraft dinners (although those are fine once in a while), either. Find the nearest grocery stores -- not just one, you need to use more than one and watch their specials. That way you can often get nearly-fresh produce and bread at dirt-cheap prices. Do you have time for a part-time job? Restaurants are always looking for help and free food is practically guaranteed; bakeries sometimes let their staff take home the two-day-old stuff that they can't sell. If it's dry, place it in the microwave along with a cup containing a couple tablespoons of water; nuke for half a minute or a minute, and that will improve the taste and texture considerably.
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Valentine Valentine
Switching from white bread to whole wheat is a good step, dried fruit is good for a sweet tooth, nuts and seeds or trail mix is an easy snack, so is a piece of fresh fruit or a veggie sandwich. Just a few of my favorites. Also the more often you choose healthy foods the more appealing they become to your senses and then you'll crave them more.
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Seanna Seanna
Trader Joe's, and Whole foods have tons of yummy options. It is great that realized you were making yourself ill by eating all of that junk. Bless your heart. There are so many healthy delicious foods; natural foods. Just check out some of the health food stores and see what you like. They also have things you can take home and prepare yourself. Here is a healthy set of recipes to get you started. It is created by the staff at a huge health food store. http://www.wholefoods.com/recipes/index.html There is alot of Vegan stuff there too, which is good. Trader Joes is here also if you are curious: Traderjoes.com , thy have recipes also. Enjoy!
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Ocean Ocean
lots of fruit and veggies. I eat fat free yogurt and eggs in the morning to keep me going. Eat as much fish as possible because of the Omega fatty acids....stay away from the sugar and the saturated fats. Good Luck....
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Ocean Originally Answered: I'm high risk for heart disease any suggestions for good food low in salt? Do you have to cut out fat and salt
IMHO, it is more important to limit fats than salt. Here is a web page with some guidelines: http://www.pcrm.org/resources/education/... There are also a lot of books, written by doctors, along the same lines, and most of them have recipes, too. I think almost all of them are low-salt as well as very low-fat. They are also all vegetarian, since it is very difficult to have a truly low-fat diet while eating animal foods. Look for books by Dean Ornish, Caldwell Esselstyn, John McDougall, Neal Barnard, and Joel Fuhrman. The China Study by T. Colin Campbell is fascinating reading, too (no recipes, though). It is definitely possible for food to be low in salt and fat. You just need to be creative about finding other ways to season it. It is good that you have found this out before having a heart attack. I hope you are able to turn it around.

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