O.K, now my beta fish keeps opening his mouth. Whats going on?

O.K, now my beta fish keeps opening his mouth. Whats going on? Topic: O.K, now my beta fish keeps opening his mouth. Whats going on?
June 16, 2019 / By Abbie
Question: I was just watching it from the top of the bowl and it's mouth went open and now it's moving alot. I think it's mad.
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Best Answers: O.K, now my beta fish keeps opening his mouth. Whats going on?

Stacy Stacy | 10 days ago
Maybe he's looking for food. Try feeding him and see if he keeps doing it. If not maybe he's yawning lol.
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Stacy Originally Answered: ok, my fish i just bought keep going to the top of the bowl opening and closing their mouths, is this normal?
It is normal. I don't know if you knew this, but fish do need oxygen. (Their gills filter out the oxygen from the water. That's why water is H2O. O for oxygen. Conterary to what most people think fish can't actually "breathe" water)That's why you get live plants in your tank for their oxygen and one of those (man, I forgot the name) tubes that bubble air out into your tank. That fish doesn't have enough oxygen in the water so he is getting extra but actually sucking a bit from the surface. I've had fish and tadpoles for a long time and they sometimes did this.So, I added some more real plants to their tank. (because in photosynthesis plants give off oxygen) and also I took some water and filled a tupperware container half way with water. I put the lid on it, shook it for about 2 minutes, and put the water (now fully oxidized) into my fish's tank. Good luck. Also, I would get a "bubbler". Sorry I can't give your the name because I don't usually get this, and just get lots of plants, but if your tank is big I would get one. Oh, and, no worries, THEY WILL NOT DIE!!! :D =)

Othniel Othniel
that is not prevalent. 2 important motives. a million) Your tank desires more beneficial oxygen. although you've a filter out, in spite of the indisputable fact that the air bubbles that are blown out of your filter out outlet may no longer be adequate. evaluate your filter out fixing technique. you've ignored out the air tubing component. Or the better way -- in basic terms upload on an aeration pump. a really elementary one will do. 2) Your tank is too warmth. Fishes has a tendency to swim to the exterior it truly is cooler in nature if the completed tank is warmth. For this, in basic terms purchase an person-friendly cooling fan it truly is used to blow on the exterior of the tank. regularly this technique can decrease 2 to three degree celcius in preserving such as your tank length. the drawback of it truly is your tank water will evaporate speedier -- in basic terms upload water to it to fill up.
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Lesley Lesley
Bettas are cool fish. Their mouths open upwards so they can enjoy the air above the water surface and eat bugs and their food from the surface. If you look them up -- they're also called Siamese Fighting Fish -- read about why they do that.
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Jamie Jamie
My fish did the exact same thing, it swam to the top and then it moved around spasticly.:] Unfortunatly this could mean the fish isn't getting enough oxygen. Mine die that way. Try lowering the water level. P.S. Bettas are gouramis and they have to take oxygen from the actual air, so thats why it kepps going up
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France France
every species of fish open there mouth to breath. if he is at the top of the bowl it is not caus he is hungry it is cause he breathes air like us.
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Dax Dax
my beta fish used to do that a lot too :D did you just feed them? because they might be looking for left over food if not then it's normal they're breathing
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Barnaby Barnaby
um...he does that to breathe. beta fish need oxygen. so make sure he's getting some! or feed him. hope this helps!
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Don't know your size or if a new business or just new management, but here's a few suggestions. I'm retired military but have owned 3 restaurants in my lifetime. If your already open but just have not had the opening day place fliers on your tables promoting the event. print them on your computer. Place numbers on all your seats in the place were customers will be eating. Have all the numbers written on pieces of paper in a big fish bowl. once an hour opening day draw a number, whoever is sitting in that numbered seat eats free. I went so far as to do this every Monday and it drew people. introduce opening day a return diners club each month. I had cards printed in three colors. The card business card side had all the diner's info on it. Red was given out a patrons first visit. If they returned another night I gave them 5% off their total bill. I took their green card and gave them a yellow card. If they returned with it on another night I gave them 10% off their total bill. I took their yellow card and gave them a green card. If they returned a 3rd night I gave them 50% off. At three trips I still made a profit from the customer in two ways. 1st the return business in which I still made more then the cost of the meals at reduced price. 2nd, almost 85 to 90% of the green cards returned were from families or businessmen dining with friends. Singles returned but rarely with their cards on them.

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