Is 16 pounds big for a 3 month old puppy?

Is 16 pounds big for a 3 month old puppy? Topic: Is 16 pounds big for a 3 month old puppy?
September 17, 2019 / By Jeffrey
Question: He is some sort of mix of Catahoula, Aussie, German Shepherd, and possibly lab. Is 16 pounds big for a 3 month old dog? He eats Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy formula. I guess what i'm really asking is if he is going to end up being a big dog when he is older, or about how big. I know every dog is different, but we want to make sure that the large breed food is right for him.
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Garret Garret | 5 days ago
16 pounds is fine for large breed dogs. Just make sure you are not overfeeding him. also you need to feed him a high quality food like Nutro, Blue, Eukanuba, Bil-jac, or Pro-plan selects (most purina sucks) and Follow the guidelines they put them there for a reason. And if you have a feeling he is going to be a large breed put him on a large breed formula thats high in glucosamine and conjointin to support his bones while he is growing. Also large breeds need to be on puppy formula until they are 15 months old. The large breed is fine but regular pro plan has alot of whole grain sorghum which isn't the best thing for him. And hes going to be big but look at his paws that is the number one clue
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Devan Devan
you probably did no longer state if that's domestic dog would be a super dogs whilst grown or small dogs. If that's a small domestic dog and could be small whilst grown, a 5 lb bag might desire to final a minimum of two weeks, in case you feed it small parts, three times an afternoon. i'm speaking approximately one or 2 hand fulls, three times an afternoon. make effective it has water, yet, take the two water and nutrients up after the domestic dog eats final meal while you're protecting this domestic dog interior. That way it heavily can't the bathing room all evening long. If the domestic dog would be a super dogs, that's going to consume greater advantageous than one or 2 hand fulls every time you feed it. If that's going to be a super dogs, feed 2 to 3 hand complete three times an afternoon and practice to purchase greater nutrients quickly. do no longer overlook that doggies might desire to be wormed at 6 9 and 12 weeks of age, and can desire to have photos at 6 9 12 and 15 weeks previous. doggies are alot of artwork and that they do fee for photos and nutrients. i comprehend you may parent what to do. You asked the suitable questions.
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Berkeley Berkeley
sounds right, my golden retriever X standard poodle is 43 pounds and is 5 months, we got him @ 10 weeks and he was 19 pounds
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Abimael Abimael
Sixteen pounds for a kind of dog like that is perfectly normal. it wouldnt be normal if it were a smaller dog of some kind Sincerely, TwilightRox97
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