what is wrong with my hamster?

what is wrong with my hamster? Topic: what is wrong with my hamster?
October 18, 2019 / By Jed
Question: my hamster is named maggie and she is a teddy bear short-haired. she used to have a cagemate named abby, but she died....(the petstore sold it to me sick.they told me it was just fine) before abby died, maggie was the perfect little hamster. but now, she's the only one in the cage and something's wrong... at first, she would just seem to stare blankly outside the cage. she stopped doing it, but now she will bite the crud out of anything in her way... she even tries to bite herself sometimes. she is also now sleeps all the time... day and night. she sleeps in her food bowl and i can't give her any food without her trying to bite or fight me. i have to use a long plastic grabber to try and grab her bowl to fill it...or anything else for that matter. i don't want to put her down.... i just can't bear to see her go....she is very wild....and i can't tame her...i even have some extreamly thick gloves to try to get her out to clean her cage.she bites through them...what should i do? should i consider getting her a roommate? she has been at my house for exactly 1 week now...i let her out in her hamster ball about 3-5 times a day 15min each...i'm desperate to get her to behave...she doesn't get into her wheel anymore...i have a honey seed chewstick and an edible home(very hard)she barely ever bites the home or stick...what should i do? i want to get her a roommate...but i'm scared if she will kill her roommate. i think her cage is quite nicerooms(big & small),a wheel,a tube,hanging water bottle, edible honey home,seed chew bar,about 2in food bowl,and about 3 in of pine bedding i do know a way to sometimes calm her... i have a soft kid's toothbrush (long) that i sometimes brush her with, often she just lays back and closes her eyes, but rarely she will try to fight or bite it, when she does, i leave her alone, close the door, and turn out the lights. i live in the country side, so there isn't many car noises... it's quite quiet (reply to answer 4) yes, i am a new hamster owner, although i just can't find the courage to get any part of my hand near her anymore. i have quite a few hamster bites and they still are quite painful .(4 bites to be exact) they are small , but very deep. well, all hamster owners should know the long teeth are on the bottom of the mouth, but i found out the hard way.maggie was the one who bit me (abby was around at the time) it was just 1 day at my house and the food bowl was tipped over. maggie was in the tube, and abby was in her ussual sleeping spot in her corner. i moved the bowl and i started picking the food bits back into the bowl , then maggie came and started biting me rapidly (2 at the bowl,1 while i was trying to get my hand out of the cage, and 1 at the cage door) exept for that odd flash of rage, maggie was the perfect, nicest hamster at the time... abby died of wettail, she was with maggie for 2 days until i seperated her. after about half an hour, i took out maggie and cleaned the whole cage with water and antibacterial soap
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Gare Gare | 8 days ago
It sounds like you are a little overwhelmed with all this. Is this your first hamster? Do you know what the hamster died of, was it contagious? The biting doesn't sound like a symptom of a disease but a frightened and scared hamster. Hamsters are very aggressive little critters and they startle easily. Here are some tips for handling her: The key to handling your hamster is first making sure that she wants to be played with! Before attempting to touch or picking up your hamster, wash your hands or at least make sure there are no scents that may resemble a food smell. The smells may cause your hamster to bite, and you know how much that hurts. Also make sure that you do not startle her such as when she is sleeping or from behind, or she will get defensive and bite. But don't let these warnings scare you, because with a little time and care, she will love your company and once tamed will hardly ever show you any aggression towards you. You just have to be brave and get her adjusted to you. Taming requires time and patience. Once she seems calm, start spending more time around her cage and quietly talk to her, get her used to your voice. Read to her. As she becomes comfortable with your presence, start offering some favorite tidbits (perhaps sunflower seeds, or bits of raisin or other dried fruits) by hand,. Once she is happily taking treats from your fingers you can start to try to pick her up.. Let her walk onto your hand, then start trying to gently scoop her into your hands. The time for this progression varies, especially depending on the age of the hamster. Your hamster may quickly accept being picked up, or it may take a month or more. Remember, evenings are best for her. Once she gets used to you, handling is pretty much all common sense. Don't squeeze her too hard or give her the feeling that she is being attacked. If she keeps up with aggressive posture, and you can't seem to find confidence in yourself. you may want to take her back to the store and see if you can get a younger and sweeter hamster. Good Luck and try not to give up on her,.
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Gare Originally Answered: What is wrong with Kaytee name brand hamster food?
It's not just the hamster food - it's all the pet food sold by Kaytee. It contains a pesticide that's used as a preservative - Ethoxyquin. Ethoxyquin is known to cause cancer in humans. Can you imagine what it can do to a small pet? There's other foods that may contain Ethoxyquin too - but there's no Kaytee food that DOES NOT contain it. Kaytee products also have a lot of cheap filler - sunflower seeds and corn. Sunflower seeds are high in fat and should not be anything more than an occasional treat for any pet. Dried corn has problems to to fungus and cancer. It's not the same as fresh corn - although fresh corn should be limited and an occasional treat as well - and is high in sugar content. As for the comments above about their hay... There's so much better to be had. I buy mine online for about $1 a pound, which includes shipping. I don't and *won't* use Kaytee anything. I make up a mix of organic grains and cereals for my hamsters. I also give them vegetarian dog biscuits as a treat - very small ones. I supplement their dry diet with fresh vegetables, and an occasional egg - scrambled or hard boiled.

Derry Derry
My hamster was exactly the same.I think you should go to the pet store,and but another teddy bear hamster.DO NOT put it in the cage with Maggie right away.I reccomend you get a small carrying case and hold it up to the bars,and let them et used to each others scent.If this doesn't work,I reccomend you buy another cheap cage and put them beside eachother.Maggie is just lonely.I'm sure.Good luck with your hamster!
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Bennie Bennie
Maybe you should ask the vet about this, or a hamster expert at a reputable pet shop. I hope it is just loneliness or mild depression that will go away once she settles in.
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Abida Abida
you could try to get her a roomate but get an extra cage just in case she is aggressive towards it if that fails take her to the vet u can leave her in the cage.
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Abida Originally Answered: My hamster?
so i can see why you worrie...but don't you think if it hasn't drank ANYTHING it would have croaked by now? Anyway...so first you might want to make sure that the water can actually come out of the bottle and that it is not clogged. then if it is/or isn't working fine i would recommend putting a small cup or bowl of water in there just in case. next i would try to feed it lots of very watery veggies or fruits( grapes, cucumber, celery ect.) This way at least you know she/he is getting some fluid, in the meantime i would invest in a new water bottle! Hope this helps and your hammie is o.k.!!! Cassie:)

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