How to stop the pains from acid reflex?! PLEASE!?

How to stop the pains from acid reflex?! PLEASE!? Topic: How to stop the pains from acid reflex?! PLEASE!?
January 25, 2020 / By Harmon
Question: i am in AGONY from this pain in my upper left abdominal and have no clue what is causing it. Some think it has to do with too much acid being made. ive thrown up so many times please is there anyway i can stop the pain from this w/out having to go to the store. PLEASE im really like in so much pain right now I can barley situp.
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Elden Elden | 8 days ago
If you are experiencing that much pain you really should go to the ER ...... you may have appendicitis if: * You have pain in your belly. The pain may begin around your belly button. * The pain in your belly gets stronger and moves below your belly button on your right side (the lower right quadrant). This is the most common place to feel pain when you have appendicitis but can be all over. * The pain does not go away and gets worse when you move, walk, or cough. * You have pain in any part of your belly or on your side. * You feel nauseated or throw up a few times. You also may not feel like eating. * You have constipation, back pain, a slight fever, or a swollen abdomen. Also is there a chance that you may be pregnant ??? Ectopic pregnancy is also a cause of the symptoms you have. If it is acid reflux do you have any apple cider vinegar ?? The cloudy sort (with the mother vinegar) works wonders for my reflux. Just take a couple of teaspoons and it goes almost immediately.
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Elden Originally Answered: Period pains - How to get rid of major pains?
Cramps are common but they're not a normal part of menstruation, they're a sign of there being something wrong. Look into possible causes, in most cases women can totally prevent cramps, rather than just trying to ease cramps when you get them. Avoid painkillers! Ibuprofen is best, however they do nothing to really deal with the underlying cause and some women find certain painkillers can make cramps worse over time. Instead try Clary Sage oil rubbed into your stomach, it works better than painkillers and it supports estrogen production and acts on pituitary gland to prevent cramps. Cell salts are a good painkiller alternative too, when you get cramps take them every 5-10 minutes until the pain stops. Diet is a big deal, get a balanced diet with foods rich in essential fatty acids and low in refined sugars, refined carbohydrates and hydrogenated fats, avoid foods that make you bloated such as salty foods, and some find dairy, caffeine and soy cause problems. Vitamins will help; omega 3, flaxseed oil (approx. 500Mg 2-4 times a day), B vitamin complex with 100mg of vitamin B6, Magnesium (100mg every 2 hours during menstruation), and vitamin E in d-alpha tocopherol form (50mg 3 times a day) - or just try a multi-vitamin daily and increase magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium which are needed for healthy menstruation. Excercise to stretch abdomen and improve breathing, this video of yoga postures for cramps - http://www.videojug.com/film/yoga-postur... Masturbation is also good excercise as it relaxes you and helps circulation. Complimentary treatments can help such as Chiropractice care or Acupressure, this video showing you how to use certain points to stop cramps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afYHM9y4l... Try drinking herbal teas; yarrow, lemon balm, black haw, chamomile, red raspberry, wild strawberry, valerian, and raspberry leaf all help, also try the Chinese medicine Bupleurum (xiao yao wan) you take 3-4 tablets 4 times a day a few weeks before your period. Also take Evening Primrose oil or Black Cohosh capsules daily to regulate hormones to help prevent cramps. If you use tampons then consider switching to a better option. Tampons expand into the cervix causing pain and outwards adding to the bloated feeling so well-known for increasing menstrual cramps. Tampons are also bad for vaginal health in general which effects your menstrual health, instead try sanitary pads, softcups or menstrual cups, which are not only healthier and more convenient than tampons but menstrual cups can also significantly reduce menstrual cramps. If all else fails see a doctor, get tests to see if there is an underlying cause as well as investigating yourself possible causes and treatments. If everything seems okay then ask for an anti-inflammatory drug such as Mefenamic acid to block the the synthesis of prostaglandin F2 alpha, a hormone responsible for cramps, you take these 3 times a day for the first 4 days of your period and they will help cramps better than any other prescription medication. Avoid hormonal birth control, this stopps periods all together (the bleeding you do get break-through bleeding not menstruation) - this will stop cramps, however it's just being hidden so the cause of the cramps isn't being dealt with and the cramps may return, it also lessens your ability to care for your sexual health long-term. As well as this there are a wide-range of side-effects, and there has been no research into the long-term effects, we do however know in younger women it can effect breast growth and bone development. Anyone who suggests hormonal birth control for menstrual problems is ill-educated - there is the choice to suppress your menstrual cycles so stop your periods all together, but there is no need to. When it comes to menstrual problems you need to FIX the problem, not just hide it.

Carran Carran
Any time that you're in pain that is causing you to not be able to sit up then you need to go to the ER... so many factors with this kind of pain. Acid Reflex disease does get rough and sometimes untreatable with over the counter drugs.
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Allerick Allerick
Upper left? Hmmmm....honestly call your doctor or go to the ER. Severe pain is a sign there is seriously something wrong.
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Taylor Taylor
if you want me to help you ,i will do it.My friend suffered of acid reflex for many many years and she found something that it complitly heald her .I will like you to speak to her.Why dont to write me on my personal e-mail and than i will have her call you.You need to hear her testimony. lidianegrila@yahoo.com
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Taylor Originally Answered: Do you have any home remedies for heartburn/acid reflux?
One of the best ways to deal with acid reflux disorder is by making lifestyle changes. The foods that you consume can have a real affect on your acid reflux symptoms. There are foods that you can incorporate into your diet to relieve acid reflux pain. One of the great remedies is a tea made from anise, peppermint, and lavender. The combination is soothing, reducing the acidic content of your stomach. The mixture can be made with a bit of honey to make it a bit tastier. Anise helps your digestion while peppermint calms heartburn and gas. Lavender is a soothing body aid that also reduces stomach acid. Certain fruits also help with acid reflux because of enzymes that aid digestion. Try adding a papaya or a pineapple to each meal. Papaya helps aid in digestion and pineapple reduces inflammation, and the high enzyme content can help stop acid reflux. For people that don't care for pineapple or papayas, chicory root is a great alternative. Boil it in water, allow it to cool, and drink it as a soothing tea. Another way to ward off acid reflux symptoms is to eat more salad. Incorporating a salad into your daily meal plan is a great way to reduce the painful symptoms of acid reflux. Best of all, salads are healthy, containing nutrients your body needs to flourish. Hope this helps... --------------------------------- http://AcidRefluxFix.com ---------------------------------

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