Constipated baby.different formula?

Constipated baby.different formula? Topic: Constipated baby.different formula?
July 19, 2019 / By Elpalet
Question: my 5 month old always has a hard time with his bm. He now takes enfamil gelntlease due to tummy aches. I think this causes the constipation though. Which formula should I use to ease his tummy but not plug up his bowels?
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Clancy Clancy | 1 day ago
We tried enfamil first and she had the same problem. Now we use Nestle Goodstart Supreme with DHA and ARA with comfort proteins. The comfort proteins help break down gas bubbles and helps them have a bm. It works so well for my babygirl. Also, if gas is still a problem, not that he just has it but its painful, try Milicon Gas Drops in the middle or towards the end of feedings.
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Clancy Originally Answered: did "Parents Choice" formula cause your baby to be constipated, or is it normal when you change formulas?
With my first daughter, I also used the Nestle Goodstart until she was about 6 months old and then switched to the Parent's Choice brand for the money reason ans she did just fine, but with my 1month old, I tried the Parent's Choice and, as you noticed, I also noticed the grit to it and the not dissolving all the way and, like your daughter, my 1month old started having very hard stool as well. All babies are very different as i'm sure you know so while it may be great for one, it might be terrible for another. I'm sure that part of it is just b/c you changed formulas but i'm also fairly confident that it could very well be the formula. I've noticed that Similac is a much thinner formula than Parent's choice and is a little cheaper than the Nestle. Enfamil is the thinnest of the formulas that I have found and Parent's Choice is by far the thickest. I am going to be switching off of the Parent's Choice for that very reason and for the hard stool. I would rather pay a few dollars more and have a happy baby than save a few bucks and have her tummy in knots all the time! lol

Amlodi Amlodi
my son had the same problem no matter what formula If gelntlease stopped the tummy aches you may not want to change formula although it may be Worth a try. if juice works for your baby that is great if your baby can eat get prunes(the jar baby food) . for me I put DARK Karo syrup in my sons bottle and mixed it with it and it makes him poop every time . It helped . I will not get meds for my son why when something natural works (unless it don't for you) we all have to do what we fill is rite for our baby's so what ever you decide I'm sure will be good for yours . and its hard to find formula that works for some kids as it is . you may want to try DARK Karo syrup its an old way of doing it and better then some other ways and it worked put it in the baby's bottle a few times a day I fill the bottom of the bottle up to about 1/2 oz (some times I do more if he is real bad off ..if you do it at first till the baby poops then after that do it when they need it if they don't poop that day put a some in the bottle in the am and that helped my son. He use to poop so big his bottom would bleed and it would get stuck(sick but true). I cried and didnt know what to do . the Dr's where no help when my grandma told me DARK KARO SYRUP it worked. I hope some thing works for your baby good luck
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Timotha Timotha
I gave my daughter Enfamil A.R when she had this problem and even though it is a thicker formula it helped her with her constipation immensly. Also, try a baggie full of warm water on his tummy while moving his legs in a bicyle motion, sometimes that helps.
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Roxy Roxy
Get him the low iron. My son had that problem at first, he grew out of it and i switched him back to his regular formula. Iron makes you constipated when you have to much.
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Roxy Originally Answered: How to I wean my baby onto formula?
You could start by mixing it, half formula and half breast, to get the baby used to it. A sudden switch to thick formula is hard on his tummy and can cause gas and constipation, which can contribute to his eating habit. Breastmilk is a natural laxative so instead of pure breastmilk, try pumping and mixing. And yes, formula is more filling, up to a 2 hour difference in his feeding schedule. As for waking up at night, try giving him his solids at night. ANd don;t worry so much about whether or not he is eating enough, he will get used to it and eat when he's hungry, he isn't going to suffer.

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