Constipated and Pregnant !?

Constipated and Pregnant !? Topic: Constipated and Pregnant !?
May 22, 2019 / By Chenaniah
Question: hiya i am 7 weeks pregnant and constantly bloated, and when i go to the toilet nothing comes out i go to the toilet about once a week and i am sick of feeling bloated and full !!! what can i take to get rid of this constipation - but dont wanna take it and need to go rushing to toilet as i will be at work lol ??? do you have any suggestions ? i am eating high fibred cereal aswell which isnt helping ? thanxs xx CAN I TAKE SOMETHING LIKE SENEKOT ?? I THINK THATS WHAT ITS CALLED ??
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Alwin Alwin | 7 days ago
Yikes, nothing worse that feeling grossly constipated. Drink apple juice, eat grapes, stay away from cheese. I don't think there is anything you can take, ask your doctor before taking anything!! I am 23 weeks pregnant and when I get constipated (this is gross...) I don't want to push too hard because I'm worried I'll push the baby out!! I know he won't really come out, it's just a weird thing I have. Oh, one more suggestion, try eating a bunch of small meals instead of 3 big ones. That might help too. Good luck!!
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Alwin Originally Answered: I am constipated that I look pregnant, what can I do?
My rfile pronounced i will take metamucil(sp?) and colace, yet ask your rfile first, each being pregnant and popular practitioner will say something distinctive. meanwhile, consume a TON of fiber, better than you ought to ever probable think of you're able to %, and drink an the two ton-like quantity of water. The water will flush it out, and the fiber will make the adventure lots much less complicated on you. whilst i exchange into in my early being pregnant and constipated such as you (oh do no longer strike a cord in me, it exchange into damaging!!) I basically lived off baked beans for a pair of day, and the next day i exchange into waiting to pass. i be attentive to this could be tmi as properly, yet do no longer rigidity too lots, you ought to get hemmeroids, or perhaps spot a sprint which'll scare the bejesus out of you. whilst it is going to return out, it's going to come out. sturdy good fortune and congrats on the being pregnant!

Tia Tia
Its advisable not to take any medication which will make you go to loo. Im 18 weeks pregnant an like you only go once a week or so. But the reason im constipated is because im on iron tablets. If your taking iron this will be the cause. To try an help you go to loo you could try drinking a large glass of pure orange (100%) along with weetabix. The high fibred cereal may be makin the situation worse!! Eat lots of fruit also. If things dont get easier talk to your doc who may be able to prescribe something for you. Good luck x
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Rosemarie Rosemarie
This may not be what you want to hear, but...you may have to get used to it. I was constipated until the 39th week of my pregnancy. Sorry. I do think it is a very common symptom/side effect. Bloating is pretty much a constant during pregnancy. One thing that may help is exercise. I was too nauseated most of the time, but a safe workout often helps.
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Myriam Myriam
You might be able to take something like senekot but dont take it without speaking to your gp or midwife! They will be able to to tell you what is safe or not. Make sure you eat lot of fresh fruit and veg aswell and plenty of water to drink aswell.
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Lorainne Lorainne
the joys of pregnancy i feel very sorry for you!! try drinking plently of water,more fiber,Watch the calcium too much calcium can cause constipation,exercise that helps to keep your bowls regulating, drink prune juice,adding a couple of tablespoons of unprocessed wheat bran to your cereal in the morning and following it by a glass of water can be of great help to you.
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Kassia Kassia
Drink a lot more water than you have been....also, you can take stool softeners...like Colace. Try fruits and veggies....with high fiber. Sometimes those fiber supplements wont get you moving like a plain old apple will. I suffer from it when Im not pregnant too...so Ive learned to drink drink drink water as much as possible.
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Kassia Originally Answered: Pregnant and never constipated. normal?
You're absolutely fine, it means you are doing well with drinking lots of water and eating plenty of fiber. IT is normal not to deal with constipation and you should feel blessed :)

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