Do you need an enema even if you poop regularly?

Do you need an enema even if you poop regularly? Topic: Do you need an enema even if you poop regularly?
September 20, 2019 / By Dennis
Question: My mom is on this health kick and she thinks our regular pooping isn't enough. She says we need enemas to clean us out. My big sister told her no but my little sis and I don't get any choice. My dad justs rolls his eyes and say that's your mom. Btw I'm 13 and little sis is 11.
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Beelzebub Beelzebub | 6 days ago
JoJo There is allot of health pros out there that believe health begins in the colon. Enemas are a big part of their health plan. It was not uncommon back in the 50s and 60s to be given an enema for all kinds of different ailments.
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Beelzebub Originally Answered: I can only poop after using enema! Help!?!?
Constipation is failure to have a BM and/or having large hard stools that are difficult to pass. It is a symptom of something else not an ailment of and by itself. Enemas and laxatives only temporarily relieve the condition. If the enema was a Fleet type disposable, the sodium phosphate laxative in the enema may continue to draw moisture into the rectum and create strange feelings for a while. You need to stop with the gimmicks like hot (spicy) foods unless you just enjoy the pain. The fruits and vegetables are good. Naturally fibrous foods help like the beans. Sometimes a fiber supplement like Metamucil or Benefiber is needed as well. The key to increasing the fiber is that you also need to increase the water intake (at least 6 glasses per day). Exercise is also important in that the body using other muscles assists the muscles in the abdominal area to also work to product peristaltic contractions. The last suggestions would be to add a probiotic or something like Activia into you daily intake. Should you go to the doctor, they may suggest Miralax. IMO these doctor's have sld out to the pharmaceutical companies. Studies have proven over and over that continued use of laxatives leads to laxative dependence. Yet, some doctors tell their patients Miralax (PEG 3350) is safe and they should take it daily. I'm sorry; but, if you need to take a laxative daily in order to poop, then you are dependent on that laxative. Does daily consumption of polyethylene glycol really seem natural and safe? Diet and exercise are the natural and safe ways. If you need occasional relief a 1 quart warm water enema retained for 5 to15 minutes should provide relief quickly.

Zowie Zowie
No, enemas are NOT necessary! I would ask her to talk to your dr (or you talk to your dr) about this. If you are having regular bowel movements why in the world would you need enemas? This just doesn't make sense. For one thing your body is going to get used to this extra help and get dependant on it, plus, like the previous poster said, you can get dehydrated, malnourished, etc. It can stimulate you to push out nutrients that haven't had a chance to be absorbed yet. If you can't talk her out of it, take it and just squirt the water into the toilet and go about your business. Certainly she doesn't do this TO you?? Or WATCH you do this, right? That would be WAY WEIRD!!
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Sherri Sherri
Enemas are totally unnecessary if you are regular and can be quite dangerous if they are not done correctly. If your mom insists perhaps you should flatly refuse and suggest that a doctor should be consulted.
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Penney Penney
Your mom must have some reason she thinks this. Does she understand that there are risks? You could get dehydrated, malnourished. At your age, I would think, that your normal pattern is sufficient. You aren't ingesting anything that would interfere with your pattern like drugs or alcohol. Frankly, I don't know but it is something that adults do.
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Marjeta Marjeta
too much wacky tabacy. you don,t need an enema. this is 19th century medicine. your mom needs another hobby.
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Marjeta Originally Answered: i didnt poop or feel like to poop for almost 3 days. what does it mean?
It means you should go poop, and soon. what happens is your body has lost the habit of regularity -- that's what you need to re-establish. * increase your water intake. * increase your fiber intake. * drink a cup of prune juice before bedtime, and after waking up. You might try warming it up. * drink a cup of strong coffee (not decaffeinated stuff) soon after waking up. to help you go, try: * sticking a piece of soap up into your rectum (the size of your little finger, from the nail to the first joint) * drink a "tea" of brown sugar. * you might even try to give yourself an enema of warm vegetable oil. Had to do that to my daughter a few times, but it did work. * take your place on the throne at a regular time, even if you don't feel like going (like say within the first hour of waking up). (all of these things have a laxative effect, I don't think you really need medication, yet.) What is normal is to poop 2-3 times a day, and it should be soft and easy. Do the above steps to get yourself back into the habit. I had a problem much like yourself some years ago, ended up in the hospital. Twas after that that I worked on re-establishing regularity. Never had a problem since.

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