My cat is constipated and he wont eat, what should I do?

My cat is constipated and he wont eat, what should I do? Topic: My cat is constipated and he wont eat, what should I do?
September 23, 2019 / By Rosheen
Question: Hes a black cat, and hes only about 6 years old, what should I do? He wont eat anything I try to feed him, we've tryed pumpkin, dry, and wet food. Is there anything, besides take it to the vet?
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Myrtie Myrtie | 2 days ago
Ideally, taking him to the vet would be best since it may not be the only problem, but a symptom of an underlying issue. However, in the meantime, you can try infant suppositories (glycerin I believe) or docusate. When my cat was a kitten, he had serious issues with constipation, and the vet had me give him the infant suppositories since he was not open and it was a long weekend, but that was about 8 years ago so I am a little fuzzy on the details. With it being a smaller animal, however, the dosages would need to be much smaller, so try and give the vet's answering service, or a local animal hospital a call to see what it can be given. You can also do some research online, I believe there's a website similar to webmd but for animals, but take what you read with a grain of salt because, after all, you never know where the info came from. Good luck and hope your kitty gets to feeling better!!
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Loreen Loreen
Our cat had constipation, try offering either Gerber baby food squash instead of the canned pumpkin or buy some miralax and we give our cat 1/8 teaspoon on his food about 3 times a week. if that is cleared with your vet. We did have a different cat that was constipated and had to get an enema at the vet. Poor kitty! If he won't eat and can't poop better to go to the vet
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Kassy Kassy
Take him to the vet incase there is any underlying issue, like worms which is common in kittens. Make sure his litter box is in a quiet, secluded place. If he will eat at all, feed him the wet food to make sure he is getting enough fluids. Play with him to get his muscles moving. Try shopping around to see if there is any kind of stool softner/ laxatives for cats. Or call the vet and see if they can tell you.
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Haze Haze
We give our cat a stool softener that smells like molasses. We got it at the vet. U put it on it's nose and it'll lick it off.
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Dorris Dorris
You should probably take him to the vet. Maybe for the constipation, you should try to find a kitty stool softener, if they make them.
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Dorris Originally Answered: My cat wont eat.?
Yes, put out a dish of good quality dry food and leave it for her. And make sure she has a bowl of fresh water. Also, be sure that her dish is in an a quiet area and not near her litter box. Put away the food in the bag where she cannot get to it. She may prefer to do her eating alone and in the dark........sounds strange, but some cats don't like to be seen eating. Good Luck!

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