i lost my class pet!?

i lost my class pet!? Topic: i lost my class pet!?
October 18, 2019 / By Rain
Question: a green anole! its a lizard about 8 inches long, well i was at a party and when i got home i was going to feed it and it was gone, the lid (i keep him in a aquarium) was on properly, and i checked all of the logs and rocks, gone... i dont know what to do, i put a heat lamp near the floor so he might come under it, i put some flour in the coners so that if he goes past the piles i will see, but i cant find him!!! what do i do???
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Melveen Melveen | 5 days ago
Replacing him is an option but not very good... You also need to supply water. Check near bathrooms and such too because he will get thirsty eventually. And he will sniff out water. Heat lamp near the floor and flour is pretty much all you can do. If you can put a bowl of water near the heat lamp in the same central area and put a plate of flour under the bowl that way you know if he has visited that spot exactly and you can watch for him. Look in high places, like curtains, walls, doorways etc. He will try to hide and high is where they do it. Also look behind the tank and all those areas, they wont stray too far from heat. Good luck
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Leighton Leighton
Well, you need to figure out how he escaped or the next one will escape, too. If you don't find it, have your mom get a new one at the pet store. They're like the cheapest lizards in the world 0_o; They're also too fast for children. I bet that darn lizard has been replaced a dozen times already, lol!
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Jonie Jonie
I think you should get the same type of lizard as a replacement. They are very cheap and they are sold practictly everywhere! (I have lizards to)
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Genia Genia
LOL yeah replace it, I'm sue it wouldn't be th first time it was replaced. ever seen that Simpson's ep? Lisa lost the class pet (was like a hampster or something) then found out it started out as a rabbit. lol! (in other words, they changed it so much they didn't really care that it was changed.) I think that from from the Simpson's.
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