Is there any way to lose wieght safly and quickly.?

Is there any way to lose wieght safly and quickly.? Topic: Is there any way to lose wieght safly and quickly.?
November 14, 2019 / By Nicola
Question: I'm 14 years old and I weight 180 lbs. I am only 5,4". I really want to lose weight, but I just can't stop eating. Please I need Help. Thanks. Is their any way not to eat a lot I don't eat fast food or drink soda. I run 2mileas every Thursday and I am still over weight. what's wrong?
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Best Answers: Is there any way to lose wieght safly and quickly.?

Lyndsey Lyndsey | 2 days ago
Hey there! If you want to lose weight the best way you are going to have to go about it is slowly sadly!! I have learnt that if you try and get it all off in a hurry but not eating much you will end up putting it all back on! Just doing a little bit of exercise every day (maybe just 30mins will help - even just walking). And maybe changing what you choose to eat. Like instead of going to Mcds for a Burger, fries and coke, go to subway and get a sandwich and a diet coke. If you can't stop eating you need to distract yourself with other things - your overeating could just be a boredom thing. So maybe drink water (zero calories) go for a walk, read a book, go to a movie etc. When i was in my lower teens (im 20 now) i didn't realise but if you want to lose weight you can't diet, it has to be a life change. So it will take time and patience but always be confident that in time you will be slimmer - and thus healthier and feeling better about yourselves. Don't know if any of this helped but all the best!
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Lyndsey Originally Answered: how to lose wieght really fast?
stick to about 1400calories a day that way u will definatly lose weight but not to low so u can maintain it. read the labels of food to make sure u r sticking to it. For Breakfast eat porrige - which feels u up yogourt/milk and some kind of fruit like berries eat every 3hours to boost ur metabolism but in very small amounts ill give a sample meal plan breakfast porrige with low-fat yogourt Lunch one egg omlette with tomatos. borrocli on the side. Dinner Fish and veges e.g asperagus (no dressing) snacks 1. piece of fruit 2. canned soup (look at the labels to find one low in fat and added sugar) 3. home made popcorn made with oil such as olive or canola not butter (as this is healthier) good luck eat no fried foods or chocolate or icecream or crap be strong. Dont eat white bread or anything refined like muffins. eat lots of protein like eggs,chicken, tuna etc.. eat more food in the morning than nite. Have a huge breakfast. Go to bed a little bit hungrey. exercise at least 5 days a week 1 hour. running is the best one. If u cnt run for that long alternate between 2 mins of running followed by 1min walking etc.. for the hour. In addition to ur hour of running try to be active in any way u cn. dont weigh urself every day because ull b put off by flutations instead weigh urself once a week if u break the eating plan dont bet urself up just start again the next day and promise urself u wont do it again. good luck

Kaylynn Kaylynn
The Atkins nutrition is exceptional for humans over 18. It is variety of damaging considering that you're no longer aloud to devour ANY CARBS. You will lose 50 kilos in two months for those who additionally undertaking for a part hour every day. A more fit choice is to do the GI nutrition. You should purchase the publication at any book shop, and drop some pounds swiftly. You might lose kind two-15 kilos every week relying the way you devour and nutrition. You additionally ought to undertaking a part hour every day.
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Ida Ida
Well I know that just eating soup is a great way to lose weight...Make sure it has protein and no more then like 7-8 grams of fat in it. Also drink green tea!
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Edyth Edyth
one way is to chew gum as it tricks body into thinking that you're eating and starts to break down food in body. another way is to eat healthy friut n veg but low calories foods and loads of exercise. the more exercise the more weight lose. green tea works to boost metabolism exercising in te morning works eating popcorn is great but must be unsalted with no added fat. have fun while doing it. good luck i wish you all the best
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Charmaine Charmaine
well your boy is so used to the massive amounts of food you may or may not eat but it means that all you need to do is excerscie and eat. every day cut down a little(but not too much) like if you eat a large fries from mcdonalds, share 10 fries with someone else untill your down to eating a small fry! but DO NOT over do it orelse i can lead to malnutrition!!!! well hope it helped!
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Charmaine Originally Answered: How To Lose Wieght Fast?
Anyone can lose weight - all you need to do is wear lighter cloth or get rid of an arm or a leg and you have instant weight loss. : P Just get exercise bands and do various exercises which require you to do lots of pushing and pulling. This is the fastest way to drop body fat. Eat right and drink plenty of water to get rid of toxins. No junk food.

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