Can being a vegetarian be a healthy lifestyle?

Can being a vegetarian be a healthy lifestyle? Topic: Can being a vegetarian be a healthy lifestyle?
January 29, 2020 / By Neile
Question: I've started noticing that I don't live a very healthy lifestyle and I want to change that. I've been thinking of being a vegetarian.. Can that be part of a healthy lifestyle? What kinds of foods are a must to have in a healthy diet and prevent diseases when I'm older? Also does anyone know of any really tasty vegetarian recipes?
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Lotus Lotus | 10 days ago
Being a vegetarian can be a healthy lifestyle, but you need to be aware of finding ways to get all of your nutrients. Protein, for example, is very important for your diet. I have a few friends who are vegetarians, and while they are thin, they look very pale/unhealthy because they are missing out on essential nutrients that you get from eating meat.
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Lotus Originally Answered: Starting a low fat Vegetarian diet/ lifestyle?
Are you currently vegetarian? If so, then just cut out high fat foods - like cheese pizza, taco bell, etc. If you aren't, then make the switch and be smart about what you eat. As long as you are eating a balanced diet, it's not that hard to eat low-fat - especially when you are on a budget. Rice, frozen veggies, some marinated Tofu, and Teriyaki sauce is lowfat and cheap. Pasta with marinara sauce and some veggie crumbles tossed in, too. Bean Burritos with sauteed veggies and rice. Cheap, easy, tasty. Cereal is super high carb - yes, it's lowfat, but not exactly great for a diet. Green Veggies - nice and healthy, but not a rounded diet. Beans - great for protein and some nutrients, but again, not balanced. Mix it up! Have fun, but be smart!

Kathlyn Kathlyn
To protect yourself from diseases and keep healthy, All you have to do is: 1-Not Smoking 2-Eating right 3-Holding weight down 4-Exercising You have to avoid unhealthy food like: 1-Battered and deep fried foods 2-Sugary sodas 3-Processed lunch meats 4-Greasy snack chips 5-White bread and refined pasta 6-Most canned spaghetti and ravioli 7-Sugary breakfast cereals 8-Frozen fried chicken, fish sticks and corn dogs 9-All kinds of fast food Healthy food you should eat: 1-Green and brightly colored vegetables 2-Dark leafy greens and lettuce 3-Fresh fruits and berries 4-Lean turkey and chicken 5-Nuts, dried fruits and healthy snacks 7-Healthy cooking oils like canola and olive oils 8-Grass fed beef and bison 9-Cold water oily ocean fish Food is very important but It's not the only thing that will keep you fit and healthy, Make a list of all the physical activities you do on a typical day. If you find that the bulk of your time is spent sitting, make another list of all the ways you could move more--getting up each hour to stretch or walk, walk the stairs at work, etc. It's good being a vegetarian, here some recipes: 1-Vegetarian Mini Meatballs 2-Buffalo Tofu 3-Chips and Guacamole 4-Vegan Cupcakes 5-Sweet Potato Fries 6-Potato Angels (Deviled Egg Substitute) 7-Sweet Potato Hush-puppies 8-Vegan Nachos 9-Vegetable Samosas
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Hephzibah Hephzibah
Good for you! Becoming a strict vegetarian is the BEST thing you could do for your health! People are starting to become more aware of the harmful effects animal protein has on the body. You probably already know that diets high in meat cause heart disease, strokes, and colon cancer. There are many other negative health effects which will come as no surprise once you learn that humans are not physically designed to eat meat. The acid in our stomach is much weaker than that of a carnivore, our digestive tract is shorter than a carnivore's, and our saliva is less acidic than a carnivore's. This is why we are the only "meat eating" animal that cannot eat meat raw. We can't digest it. It would kill us! Please refer to my source for more information. If you want to make this transition into a healthier lifestyle, I would advise that you go slowly. If you are currently eating a lot of fast food and/or packaged/processed foods, I would cut those out first. Continue to eat meat, but include a lot of raw veggies. Also, start trying different beans and legumes. You might have indigestion at first, but this naturally happens as your body voids itself of the bad foods you've been eating. After several months of eating like this, I would then cut meat out. In order to get plenty of nutrients, you will need to be eating whole foods. Avoid simple carbs such as white bread and white rice. Also, you will need to be sure to eat at least 50% of your daily vegetables raw. Cooking vegetables voids them of almost all nutrients. If you find that this type of diet is working for you and that you feel good, you could then cut out dairy products and become a true vegan. Good luck!
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Earline Earline
it is a healthy lifestyle! there are tons of researches proving that vegetarians get heart diseases, cancers, insult and other illnesses much more rarely than meat eaters do. vegans in addition avoid osteoporosis, diabetes etc.ect (check notmilk.com) majority of people going veg*n also feel more energetic than before & as long as you don't become a ''junk food vegetarian'' but eat lots of vegetables and fruit, your overall health will definitely improve. about the positive effect of vegetarianism and veganism on your health you can read in ''the china study'', or marcus' ''the new ethics of eating'', both books also make references to tons of other researches
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Celia Celia
being a vegetarian is hard i tried to give up meat. no go. but that doesn't mean that you cant do it. most of the essential vitamins and everything comes from things like oil, vinagrette s, ant tht type of stuff. as for recipes, when i tried i used 1,000 recipes by Robin Robertson. your local library or book store might have a copy. good luck.
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Celia Originally Answered: Do you know of any tasty, healthy treats I could have while practicing a healthy lifestyle?
there are healthy types of sweeties you can find at your health food store. there is a bunch of stuff made from the carob pod (much like the cocoa ) that replicate the taste of chocolate very well. and it's good for you and low in fat and sugar. dried fruits are good, apple rings, apricot,pineapple-all good and sweet naturally. if you are dying for chocolate and nothing else will do you, try dark chocolate, it has very little sugar, and you will love having that chocolate melting in your mouth. don't kick yourself if you end up choking down a big old cadbury bar-just tack the wrapper to your wall, and every time you want to binge-look at it and remember how bad you felt last time. if you make a effort to keep it in the forefront of your mind, it has less success sneaking up on you. good luck.

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