is my diet plan okay enough to boost metabolic activity?

is my diet plan okay enough to boost metabolic activity? Topic: is my diet plan okay enough to boost metabolic activity?
January 29, 2020 / By Marcy
Question: okay, im trying to eat 6 small meals a day, as part of a diet regimen. im just not sure if the meals im taking in qualify as small meals. can you please check? thanks here is my average menu per day. Breakfast: ¼ cup muesli + ½ cup low fat milk + 2tbsps honey 1 cup coffee + 2tbsp honey 10am: Lettuce + 1 egg + 1 slice herb walnut bread + fish flakes 12pm: 1 slice herb walnut bread + 1 cup non-fat yoghurt. 3pm: Nature valley granola bars (2) 6pm: tuna salad (lettuce, cucumber, 1/4 cup tuna, vinaigrette) with 1 slice herb walnut bread before bedtime: 3-5 saltine crackers, one cup low fat milk. i am 16 years old, 4'11, 80-82 pounds
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Best Answers: is my diet plan okay enough to boost metabolic activity?

Kirstie Kirstie | 9 days ago
They are excellent portions and choices, just remember exercise is a massive part too, and remember to drink two to three liters of water, it accelerates weight loss, keeps you hydrated and flushes out toxins
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Janis Janis
Your diet is seemingly well balanced. The honey will improve your immunity and the eggs and granola bars will give you protein and fiber. The only problem here is that you are consuming large amounts of raw nutrients (protein, fiber, omega-3, etc.). This diet is excellent for keeping up a day that requires energy and it also helps maintain health. With your body size, the proportions are not too far off. However, this diet is not that great for metabolic activity. The key factor in improving your metabolism is getting oxygen into your body and having the carbohydrates to metabolize. Add one of the following to your diet for caloric value; an extra egg, one red meat every other day or at least once a week, nuts/berries, chicken (in any form), or bread with honey/jam/peanut butter. The milk is fine, but you need to add 1-2 glasses of water before bedtime. If your urine is clear at least once a day, then you are consuming enough water so use this as a measure to how much water you need (if you don't already include water in the diet). You can also stand to replace coffee with tea if you can, and add about 1.5tsp or 1tbsp of sugar because this is one of the most basic necessities of metabolic activity (most people just overdo it). Next, maybe once a week or once every other week, have a portion of red meat. The best thing to consume is a well cooked steak. I simply say this because it assures you are maintaining a supply of needed nutrients (so feel free to skip it if you must). At the end of dinner, eat one stick of celery (the reason for this might become clear at the end of the day). Finally, assure that you couple this with a light exercise that increases heart rate for 30 minutes (this is only if you want the ideal workout, 10 minutes will do if you alternate jogging and sprints). If at all you feel full from the added foods, remove the saltines and/or start adding the extras to your breakfast (which is absolutely the most important meal of the day). Remember, your metabolism will not increase if there is nothing to metabolize or to stimulate it.
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Ethel Ethel
Those are definetly small...I would say too small. I haven't done the math but it looks like you won't be getting enough calories to support energy. In addition, if you starve your body of calories you will actually begin to store more of the fat you are consuming. You might lose weight but it is actually not as healthy than if you ate more calories(the right blend ratio - protein/carbs/fat) and exercised. You have the right idea...work it into a good program and you are sure to be on your way. Not sure if you do not eat meat...but consider it - you will definetly see the benefits of a proper diet.
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Clarissa Clarissa
seems good to me. maybe you should add some high fiber things like, celery, spinich, cucumber, carrots and stuff.. I think the best way to increase metabolic activity is to work out.. you burn about 50 calories a day for a pound of muscle.(not counting when you run and exercise) So.. if you increase your muscle mass it will definatly aid you. Dont be afraid to work out.. you have to realize that it is very hard to gain muscle.. it takes years and years with suppliments to become like a bodybuilder. so dont worry about it and work out EDIT: whatt? if you are 80 pounds there is no need for dieting. oh yea i also wanted to mention.. you need a surplus of calories to gain muscles and a deficit to lose fat.. BUT yYOUUUU shouldnt be dieting haha
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