Question about healthy food?

Question about healthy food? Topic: Question about healthy food?
October 14, 2019 / By Leeann
Question: okay so i am trying to lose weight and eat healthy food but i don't buy the food for the house and i can't ask them to buy different food just for me. So how do i eat healthy if I can't make sure there is healthy food?
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Jojo Jojo | 2 days ago
DOn't eat any processed food, meaning- any food in a box, or freezer food, or dried hamburger helper type foods, or macaroni cheese using fake processed cheese, or anything with a load of ingredients. Just don't do it. If you have to eat- eat the whole foods, you know what they are because they are one thing- potato, apple, orange, rice, pasta ( well, OK it's flour and salt and a few things but you know, keep it simple), tofu, soymilk. Just one thing- the "whole" food- nothing has been added to a potato- it is not a "processed " food. Reason they are bad is there is High Fructse Corn Syrup in most of them, also too much salt, too much added fat, all kind of E numbers and additives. So, eat whole foods. no chips, candy, pizza pockets, crap food. Eat plain rice, plain potatos, not covered with junk, just eat fruit, veg, and write a list the person buying the food can follow. Clear soup Vegetables= broccoli, corn, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potato, peppers, carrots. Fruit- apples, orange ( insiert your fave fruit) Brown rice Wholewheat pasta WHolewheat bread ( not "wheat flour"- that's just white flour) no sugar added peanut butter and jam chickpeas lentils split peas fava beans ( make salads and soups with these last four-) NO SODA- just juice or water or tea.
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Jojo Originally Answered: A question about healthy food?
protein shakes (especially with ice, gives you added hydration and ice keeps you full longer) or a lower calorie protein bar -vegetables...most have virtually no calories and they're much denser than fruits -fish, lean chicken...lean meats -ice -water -plain unflavored oatmeal -yogurt -soups food is really just like any other vice (ex: smoking, drinking, drugs) u see...at first when you change your diet...ur body will protest, it's gonna be really mad but then if you stick to your diet for more than a week or so you're body gets used to it and will stop protesting and then you can make a perminent healthy change. if you find that you don't like a lot of bland or natural foods don't worry about that either...keep eating it and you'll eventually develop a taste for them...some foods of course you'll never like no matter what but don't be afraid to give things a try..and more than once the only thing i don't like anymore is pickles, i still can't stand them

Gemma Gemma
I dont know what you mean by " I dont buy the food for the house" but if you live with your parents im sure they would be really excited about this if you told them. If you live in an apartment with roomies or something try to find someone else who might be on board with this idea and maybe try it with you. Or if no one wants to here are a few tips: 1.Avoid soda anywhere you can. Water isn't hard to get and soda is full of sugar and other things. And once you don't have it for a while, you don't even like it. 2. Exercise. Alot of times a good diet won't do alot if you don't exercise, plus it will help you lose wait by itself. Maybe run or even go to the gymn. 3. Don't just eat to eat. Alot of times people eat because they are bored or nervous. 4. Salads are always good anytime you can get them, in the house or eating out. 5. Just plain watch what you eat all the time. At work or at home... avoid donuts, candy etc.
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Dee Dee
read the labels. if the ingredients list is a paragraph of alphabet soup, don't eat or drink it. stay away from high fructose corn syrup and fizzy or fruity drinks (100% natural juice being an exception...but try to stay away from concentrate, if you can.) on fruits and veggies, if the upc number starts with '9' its organic, if it starts with '8' its genetically modified...everything else is spray with pesticide and other shiz. DO NOT eat genetically modified food, they haven't been out long enough to determine long term effects. AVOID name brand meats...they raise the animals in horrible conditions (they literally spend their lives standing knee deep in their own sh*t), and pump them full of steroids and immune boosters to keep them 'healthy'. oh, they also feed chicken poo to cows. these three are the main culprits:Tyson, Smithfield, and Perdue. as a general rule of thumb: if it wasn't around when your grandparents were kids, you shouldn't eat it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food,_Inc get ahold of this video, and make whoever it is that buys the food watch it with you. finally, start a small garden. that's the only true way to determine what goes into the food you eat.
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Brittney Brittney
considering it healthy, if u wanna lose weight, try sports. Doing some sports would do and eat normally, equal amount of meat and veggies.
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Alishia Alishia
you must eat 3 meals in a day and do sports and if you felt hunger you can eat fruits and vegetables but dont eat between meals if you want to eat something between meals it will be fruits or vegetables.
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Alishia Originally Answered: When healthy food is cheaper than junk food, why don't people choose to eat healthy? Healthy food is cheaper--
I dont know where you live but here it isnt that way at all!!!! People on a fixed income sometimes cant afford the "good stuff"!!!!!!!!

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