How do I lose belly fat?! I need to lose weight.what is the most best and effective cardio workout?

How do I lose belly fat?! I need to lose weight.what is the most best and effective cardio workout? Topic: How do I lose belly fat?! I need to lose weight.what is the most best and effective cardio workout?
November 17, 2019 / By Jocelyn
Question: Today, I checked my weight and freaked out, I'm 171 lbs, which the BMI is 28. Okay, I'm 5'5" and my normal weight should be 145 to 155. Last time I checked, I was 152. I didn't work out for nearly three months and ate alot and was under alot of stress and depression. Don't get me wrong, I still have muscles and I'm in a great shape. I do have abs but they only show if I flex really hard. I made a compromise to work out everyday after Thanksgiving and need to eat better food. Which food is better to lose weight in a healthy way? And what is the best cardio exercise I can do? All I can do at home is jog, jump, ups and down. What else? I want to get the 171 way down to my normal weight of 150. I might sound insecure about my weight because the last thing I need is belly fat. Also, being short actually makes you look fatter. if anything else, this is what I look right now. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=7715213&l=016dbf1d77&id=523037714
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Best Answers: How do I lose belly fat?! I need to lose weight.what is the most best and effective cardio workout?

Gaby Gaby | 9 days ago
Doing an effective whole body conditioning and weight loss workout can be done entirely at home without any fancy equipment. A couple of dumbbells is all you will need. (Even if you don't have dumbbells there is usually something lying around the house that is heavy enough to substitute in for them). Here is a list of 20 exercises you can do right in your own home for a great whole body conditioning and fat loss workout. Exercises: Group 1: Bodyweight Squats Bulgarian Split Squats Y-Squats Prisoner Squat Reverse Lunge Step Ups One Leg "Get Ups" Group 2: Push Ups Push Up and Point Mountain Climbers Decline Push Ups Push Ups/Stick Ups Step Up and Press Squat and Press Group 3: Plank Side Plank Curl and Press One Arm Rows Bird Dogs One Leg Deadlifts Pick one exercise from each group and do them all back to back for a mini circuit of 3 exercises. Do each exercise for a timed interval of 10 seconds for a total of 30 seconds per mini circuit. As you get better at them work up to doing each exercise for 20 seconds for a total of 60 seconds per mini circuit. Take 30-60 seconds rest between mini circuits. For beginners do a total of 3 mini circuits to start. Working up to 4 or 5 as you get better at them. Once you're ready to move to the next level add a second mini circuit by choose 3 different exercises (one from each grouping). Do your second mini circuit with the same time of work to rest ratio as your fist. If you feel you are already at an advanced level you can add one or two more mini circuits up to a total of 4 mini circuits. These 20 exercises are just an example of what is possible, there are dozens more that would work in this mini circuit style, you can incorporate any exercise that you like into these mini circuits. This style of workout is a great complete whole body conditioning and fat loss program you can do right at home in under 45 minutes.
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Gaby Originally Answered: Should I stop my ab workout to lose body fat through cardio first?
No!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right now all you need to do is ONLY 30 minutes of cardio a day, and afterwards do things like jumping jacks, situps, pushups, you know your basics. We all want to see results fast, but it isnt something that can happen overnight. I promise, doing that every day and eating the right things, it sheds the pounds and will also be working on your body also. I have been doing it for a few months now, and it is working for me!!! Just no caffiene drinks, every other sunday treat yourself to a cheat meal, and no condiments like salt, mayo, mustard, etc...you can use seasalt though, it is good for you. Drink alot of water a day. Atleast your 8 glasses of water. And only drink water, 100% juice, and unsweet tea. Also add more greens in your diet. Like asparagus, green beans, etc. Hope it helps ya! If you want more info just email me. crystal_oliver2@yahoo.com

Day Day
if you have a seperate room keep small useful exercise equipment use those equipment while reading and listening songs
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Brianna Brianna
ditch the mayo cheese and top bun if you want to scrape off 250 calories from a restaurant sandwich
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Alexis Alexis
get your zzzzzs sleep deprivation alters levels of hormones in the body that regulate hunger causing an increase in appetite
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Tylar Tylar
got nuts with nuts eating a handful of nuts will help you stay full try soaking them in water for a different texture
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Rickie Rickie
pounding out your meat will help healthier portions go a longer way visually and its good stress relief
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Merlyn Merlyn
run on an empty stomach as your glycogen + insulin levels will be low after sleeping - AND for the MOST effective fat burn possible perform 30 mins of interval training to release fatty acids then immediately after - slow jog for another 30 because although interval T does do a very good job of releasing these acids, slow jogging does a FAR better job at burning them when they have been released into the bloodstream so you receive an incredible fat obliterating + a massive caloric burn in the SAME workout,now if you ALSO lower your calories right the way down on the days you do this combination - your excess fat weight will drop like a stone as you will be using your OWN storage fat for energy - 20 pounds of it = 70,000 calories which gives you a LOT to play with,good luck...
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Jophiel Jophiel
you just need to change your lifestyle (DO NOT DIET< THEY DONT WORK). Simply drink 8 glasses of water a day (keeps you hydrated and fills you up). Eat lots of veggies, fruits, and lean proteins like chicken and turkey. If you are going to eat fast food only eat in once a month. If that is too hard try easing fast food/junk food out of your life by eating a little less every week until junk food doesnt even taste good to you anymore and you dont crave it. Also, do not eat anything high in sugar or salt!!! Just know that the more you eat bad food the more you crave it, the less you eat bad food the less you crave it. Same goes with healthy foods (Healthy foods can be delicious just look up websites with ideas) And try and exercise for at least 20 minutes a day. Its not hard, just walk to a friends house; play a game of tag or a sport; do jump-rope or jump on a trampoline, ride you bike to the park etc ALSO Do not starve yourself or over exercise. Trust me, that will only lead to bad things. Starving yourself makes your body go into "survival mode" which means the minute you eat anything it will store it all as fat to keep you alive longer because it thinks you arent getting enough food to live. And overexercising will only tear your muscles without giving them time to repair into bigger muscles, it will leave you weak and tired. If you decide to workout hardcore only do it every other day or every two days. otherwise light and easy exercise for 20-60mins a day is fine, as long as you dont strain yourself each time.
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Jophiel Originally Answered: Will I lose belly fat with my workout?
Dear Dana, One thing you need to understand is that you have to work hard if you want to change the shape of your body. That means a balance of medium-high intensity cardio exercise along with challenging strength training workouts. For weight loss, you'll need to get about 5 cardio workouts each week at a medium-high intensity for at least 30 minutes. If you're a beginner, it's best to start slow and work your way up but, if you're in good condition and have no restrictions, challenging yourself with harder workouts is the best way to burn more calories. Interval training is a good choice because studies show you continue to burn calories even after you've stopped exercising. In addition to your cardio workouts, you'll need to lift weights for all your muscle groups at least 2 non-consecutive days a week. And, by lifting weights, that means using enough weight that you can ONLY complete the desired number of reps. For example, if you're doing 12 bicep curls, you need to use enough weight that you can only do 12 bicep curls and not one more. Most people don't lift enough weight to really challenge their muscles. What you need to engage in is a well balanced all rounded diet with considerable physical exertion over a prolonged time period. Food can be broken down into 5 major groups. These groups are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals and water. The body needs varying amounts of these types of food so that the adequate amount of nutrients is supplied to the body. A well-balanced diet does not mean an equal amount of each type of food, as our body requires more of some nutrients than others. Each type of food plays a significant role in our body but excesses or deficiencies of certain types of food can also harm the body and produce a negative impact on our health. It is very important that we know how much of each type of food we are supposed to consume and that we eat in a sensible way. This means eating regular meals at "least" three times a day and drinking plenty of water, but what I would suggest is breaking it down to 5 smaller meals a day and having your last solid meal before 6pm after that you are only allowed to have pure low fat milk a mug or two would be a good idea to cut down on excessive cravings. Hope this answers your question.

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