Meager Diet? Or Healthy Diet?

Meager Diet? Or Healthy Diet? Topic: Meager Diet? Or Healthy Diet?
September 17, 2019 / By Chip
Question: I was reading a historical fiction novel about two travelers in western Europe, and during the course of their trips they ate several meals that would mainly consist of sardines, maybe a sliced salami, cheese, freshly-baked bread, and a lot of fresh fruit. At first I thought these meals were fairly meager, but then the more I thought about it the more these meals seemed very healthy. Small portions, a healthy mix of different food groups, all fresh and locally made. In comparison, the American diet, even not considering fast food, is very heavy. Even something as simple as a sandwich is filled with far more meat, cheese, and sauce than is necessary, and our typical restaurant "entrees" are enormous in comparison. So I must ask, do you think a diet such as the one mentioned in the book would be healthy? Enjoyable?
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Amasai Amasai | 4 days ago
Yes it is very healthy. Try a Ploughman's Lunch. •Bread: Most grocery stores and bakeries in Britain sell freshly baked ploughman’s rolls, which are similar to hoagie buns, only shorter. Granary rolls, which contain malted wheat flakes, are another popular choice, as is a small baguette. Any favorite roll or bread may be used as long as it is freshly baked. •Cheese: Mature cheddar is the most popular cheese to serve with a Ploughman’s; English Stilton comes in a close second. Since the Ploughman’s is classic British pub food, it’s only fitting to serve English cheese. •Pickles: Either Branston Pickle or piccalilli are the traditional choices. Tiny pickled onions are also a good accompaniment. •Salad/Fruit: A simple lettuce salad with tomatoes is served in many pubs, with a packet of “French Salad Cream,” a light creamy sweet dressing. Since this particular dressing isn’t readily available outside of the UK, a similar dressing can be quickly made at home; an easy recipe follows. Fruit is usually served in addition to the salad, and this dressing is great drizzled on fruit such as apple slices, grapes, strawberries, and pineapple. This would probably be eaten with a beer. In Italy a similar lunch would be served with wine.
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Amasai Originally Answered: anyone have a link to a healthy diet (not weight loss diet) plan?
I am also a 22 year old man who used to eat fast food at least one meal every day. For sure, it gets extremely addicting (just watch the movie "Supersize Me!"). The first step is to break this addiction. One diet that I'm starting to adopt is called the mucusless diet. I'm studying to be an herbalist, and this is part of the curriculum. Basically, you eat only fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds, and no refined sugars or dairy products. If you would like more info, check out this link: http://www.herballegacy.com/ . The most important thing is to adopt a new eating lifestyle gradually. Don't just all of a sudden cut out foods that you ate every day. For example: instead of Jif peanut butter, try natural peanut butter. This will cut out the dangerous hydrogenated oils. After a while of gradual changes, you will feel alot better. Trust me, I know!

Tiffany Tiffany
It's a healthy diet. Eating moderate portions of a mix of basic food helped me. I was 50 lbs overweight and changed to a more healthy back to basics ways of eating. It's enjoyable because there is a variety. The portions in restaurants, in America, are huge and heavy in sauce and doesn't need to be. I try to stay away from that. If the meal is too big, then I put half of it to go. I prefer fresh and locally made and grown foods with no heavy ingredients. Feel better and more energetic.
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Rowanne Rowanne
Forget dieting I eat like a horse and I only weigh nine stone. This is what works for me: Eat regularly, if possible every three hours, when your body realises that it's getting a regular supply of food it increases it's metabolism, burning calories quicker and is much less likely to store calories as fat. When eating try to eat a lot of high protein foods and don't go too hard on the carbs. Try go easy on trans and saturated fats although you are allowed the odd treat. Drink lots of water! At least one gallon per day. Tea, coffee and fizzy drinks are O.K but they don' count towards your overall water intake. As for exercise I do some light weight training four days a week and cardiovascular (I use a rowing machine) two days a week with one days rest. There is a common belief that doing cardiovascular exercise on an empty stomach helps burn calories. This is absolute rubbish do not do it. Weight training is a good idea as muscle tissue burns a lot of energy, even while you sleep. You don't have to become Mr/Mrs universe but any fat tissue which you can convert to muscle tissue will not only make you look better but increase your metabolism. Getting plenty of sleep is also important when trying to build muscle. Good Luck
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Nana Nana
Yes it is very healthy. However, I'd question how the bread was made, to see if it contained hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil or fats. If it did, I'd get my carbs from rice and sweet potatoes instead. Fish is very healthy for you...even sardines.
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Loretta Loretta
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Loretta Originally Answered: what healthy diet should i eat?
Try to consume less than 2000 calories a day. I'd stick to 1700 calories, since you still need enough to function throughout the day. Eat a decent breakfast (yoghurt with cerial, e.g. oat), then a decent lunch (bread with fish or chicken) and end with a low fat dinner. Basically, stay away from fats and too many carbohydrates (fruit is excellent though since it contains a health carb called fructose). Stick to foods with lots of fibres. Drinking healthy is also very important, so drink Green Tea (also increases your metabolism, which enhances weight loss). Drink plenty of water too!

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