I dont know what lupus is?

I dont know what lupus is? Topic: I dont know what lupus is?
November 14, 2019 / By Hope
Question: Hi, I just recently turned 16. I had a lot of pain on my tail bone and couldn't walk, my joints hurt so bad I couldn't even work with clay in art class. So one day, my mom took me to my pediatric doctor in the hospital and he did a ANA test. It came back + two times, so he sent me to a rhemautoloy doctor, who recently did other tests and they all came all positive. They called this morning, so i guess my mom told my aunt about it. Just then my aunt called me to see how i was doing, finding out that I didn't know about the information. My mom is out right now, but i guess when she comes back she will talk to me . I don't really know what lupus is or how serious it is. Can anyone explain? Also, I have a thyroid disorder, so i got it removed almost 2 years ago. My period also stopped randomly. Thanks :)
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Lupus is an autoimmune disease, probably similar to your thyroid condition. It occurs when your immune system attacks itself rather than the germs and bacteria when you get sick. If causes inflammation in your body. Lupus is a connective tissue disease, similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sjogren's Syndrome. It sounds like you have Systemic Lupus, which affects your whole body. Some types of Lupus only affect the skin. So you might experience joint pain/swelling/stiffness- also known as arthritis, fatigue, rashes (the most common one looks like a butterfly across your cheeks), mouth and nose ulcers, dry eyes, stomach pain/nausea and sensitivity to the sun. Some people with a more serious disease will have problems with their organs, mainly kidneys (which affects 1 in 3 people with Lupus) and sometimes your lungs, heart, brain and liver. Most people have a mild-moderate disease where they don't have problems with their organs. And organ problems can be prevented and monitored, which I'm sure your rheumatologist will do. I'd say your periods have stopped because it's your bodies way of protecting itself. If you're unwell, then you're not going to be able to carry a baby to full term. This is also what happens when an anorexic gets very skinny. This unfortunately is a life long disease. You'll probably experience periods of remission (no symptoms) and flare ups (where it's worse). The medication you'll have to take often have bad side effects, sometimes the side effects can be worse than the symptoms of the actual disease! Often these side effects will get better as your body gets use to the medication. It is a serious disease and it's lucky that your doctor has diagnosed this quickly. I'm sorry you had to find out through your aunt rather than your mother or doctor. I would also make sure your school is aware of your condition and look for some support groups in your area or online. Good luck ....
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What the first answer said was WRONG. Lupus is a chronic disease. It doesn't kill you and you won't die from it. I have it, my immune system attacks itself... my cousin has blood clots, and my other one can't be out in the sun for long. If you ask your doctor he/she will tell you. Don't stress out even though it can be a pain to worry about. Take it easy and don't overwork yourself. My period stops randomly too but it's quite normal. Hope this helps.
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Antonette Antonette
lupus gets the name because many people get darker patches of skin on their face and it kinda looks like a wolf face it attacks the joints and makes you tired all the time some people have to rest a day or more before they kind do something like got to a doctor appointment lots of info on the internet also checkout CFIDS lots of the same symptoms and drugs to treat
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