Why is my goldfish always constipated?

Why is my goldfish always constipated? Topic: Why is my goldfish always constipated?
May 22, 2019 / By Catigern
Question: Of course the obvious answer is that I feed him too much, so please read the rest of my details before you respond. I have two small koi and two small fantails, and a plecostomus in a 45 gallon tank. It is clean and well filtered. I feed them a couple tiny pinches of food, twice per day. They eat it all in just a couple minutes with hardly any even being there long enough to sink. One of the fan tails ends up with a long string of poop hanging from his belly, floating to the top, struggling to swim down and keep from going sideways for a couple hours every time I feed them!! I've been told by the local fish store that it's constipation, and if it's bad enough I should put him in an Epsom salt solution mixed to the human consumption strength. I feed them Tetrafin clear water formula fish food. All the other fish are just fine. Is there anything I can try, or is Larry just defective?? To Thereisnoexcuseforignorance: The Koi are 3" long. Pretty sure they are just fine in a 45 gallon tank. In case you didn't know, fantails also get quite large. Someday, I may have to find a pond for the koi, but until they are large, they are just another type of goldfish. To whoever suggested not adding Epsom salt to the tank: that is a great precaution, I should have worded that better. You definitely want to do that in a small container, and just as an hour or so dip, not for long periods of time. And to the people saying it isn't constipation, do a little research before you spout your ignorance to the world. Fantails are very prone to constipation. I was hoping for an expert opinion, not a 15 year old spewing non-sense. Thank you for the informed responses, I think I might try the peas, and am definitely going to try a different kind of food, since Larry seems to be particularly sensitive. So much so, that he is the only one with a name because he is the only I have around 11" of fish in a 45 gallon tank. It is not overstocked in any way, shape or form. The water is changed regularly, filtered, and not bacteria ridden. Koi and goldfish are from the same family, and are just fine together as long as they are near to the same size, which they are. I have had these fish together, in this tank, for almost a year, and just started having problems with this one particular fish, so I wouldn't say I'm going to "go on killing my fish". I am aware that they are eventually going to outgrow this tank and need to be transferred somewhere else, but for now that is not the problem. I already got some good suggestions, which I mentioned I plan to try, so I'm not saying I don't want to take advice, or that I know everything. The only reason I left this question open after getting some of the answers I was looking for was to see if anyone else would come up with something I didn't already know.
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Allysdair Allysdair | 10 days ago
"Larry" is probably defective. But something you can try to help. Take a couple of regular frozen round english pea. They thaw is just a couple of minutes in your hand, or you can put them in a cup of hot water. Peal the outer pealing off, try to do it without mashing them (I used to do it while they were frozen)...yeah english peas have a hull, you will find that out real easy. Inside you will find the pea has a couple of halves. I slit them in half and feed them to my goldfish. Peas are a natural laxative for them, and they will not harm the healthy ones either. I had a fish that did exactly the same thing every single feeding. The peas didn't eliminate the problem, but did seem to help my fish recover sooner after each feeding. Fan tails with round bodies are the most prone to have the problem you describe. I also found that using the "sinking" food pellets for goldfish and fantails helped. He seemed to gulp too much air with his food when I used the type that floated on top of the water. Also, I used larger rock in my aquarium. The smaller ones sometimes get ingested by the goldfish and they can't always pass them. Gravel blockage causes a lot of fantails to float after they eat, and there is nothing you can do but hope they grow big enough to pass it.
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Allysdair Originally Answered: goldfish constipated?
the food in itself isn't the reason no, although you should always give your fish a varied diet, maybe get some baby shrimp, or blood worms and some goldfish pellets as well. to get rid of the constipation just blanch some peas remove the skins and cut them into little enough pieces. feed that to them once a day for about three days and they should be fine.

Terra Terra
fantails/fancy goldfish are prone to this problem and more serious problems when bacteria infest the intestinal clogs and rot the fish from the inside out. 1. stop overfeeding, whatever you are doing, it's too much and too much pellet type foods. 2. there's a lot of reasons why koi shouldn't be in that tank, or with fancies, and also why plecos are a bad tankmate for them 3. varying the diet and only using tiny pellet food can be helpful. Try brine shrimp, mysis shrimp and some people recommend shelled peas as you've heard. 4. feed way smaller amounts of food. Which will be hard with koi in the tank, but I know you don't want to hear anything about that.
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Rosabel Rosabel
Its probably one of these three things 1: larry is a food hog and eats the majority of it which makes him constipated 2:larry as you said is defective, 3:larry just dose not like that food, maybe he cant handle it. If you want to make larry healthy i suggest just switching the food and test it for a day or 2 to see how it affects the other fishes and of course larry. now im not no wikipedia source of how fish work,and what not but i wouldn't suggest putting the Epsom salt solution & the human consumption strength thing in the tank,because it may affect larry better but it could affect the other fishes negatively sense they don't require and or need it.
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Montana Montana
Remove the Koi and get them into a pond they are pond fish not Aquarium fish unless you have a 10000 gallon tank lying around which not many people do. Remove your pleco they should not be kept with Goldfish . Probably the tank environment that is causing this .
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Lisbeth Lisbeth
They are sick because you are ignorant. "Oh my tank is horribly over stocked and my fish are sick... why are they sick?" Uh hello?????? If you think you know everything there is no point in asking a question because you won't take the advice, just go on killing your fish.
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Karen Karen
I Think He Suffers from swim bladder :/ my betta does too and they told me to fast him for 3 days and make shure the water is clean and warm but thats all i can tell you to do :P
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Karen Originally Answered: What is a good treatment for a constipated Goldfish?
When you feed your goldfish the peas, do you cook them and peel the shells off before you feed them to your goldfish? Also, you should wait 2 days without feeding them anything before you try the peas. For future prevention, I would look into the kind of food that you are feeding your fish. Is it designed specifically for goldfish? If it is not, the nutrient level may be off and it could be affecting the health of your fish. If I were you, I would change their food regardless of whether or not it is designed for goldfish. Clearly it is not agreeing with your fish. I have always used Wardley sinking goldfish pellets with good results. Hope I was helpful.

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