What food helps you become constipated?

What food helps you become constipated? Topic: What food helps you become constipated?
September 23, 2019 / By Emily
Question: my questions are :- a) what food helpes you become constipated b) is it ok to be constipated for a day? c) how to cure IBS caused by anxiety? d) how to cure anxious stop during panic attack thanks in advance
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Chrystal Chrystal | 5 days ago
It is not good to be constipated for a day. It is never good to be constipated. If you are having diarrhea problems the brat diet might help. Bananas, rice, apple sauce & toast. Maybe you can better control your IBS with diet changes. More organic & GMO free foods might help. Sorry you have to suffer with this. Good Luck.
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Chrystal Originally Answered: What helps when your baby is constipated.?
Which Karo Syrup are you using the light or the dark? Two of my children got really constipated as babies from the soy formula that they were on. Their pediatrician told me to put an ounce of Dark Karo in their bottles and for them it worked quickly. She told me that only the Dark one works for constipation and not the light one. I don't know why though. If you have been using the light one that might be why you are not getting results. She is five months old so I would suggest giving her some baby food prunes or a couple ounes of prune juice mixed half with water. PS: TO PICK A BEST ANSWER you have to wait until atleast tomorrow. They don't give us that option right away. Hope your baby feels better. Also for the constipation you might want to try laying the baby on a flat surface... holding her legs up with one hand. With your other hand rub her belly in a circular downwards motion softly. This might help too.
Chrystal Originally Answered: What helps when your baby is constipated.?
No wonder she is constipated feeding her that much cereal, Babies really don't need syrup1 Have you taken her/him to the doctor yet?? Gripe water always worked for all 3 of my kids, Or a bottle of warm water with a pinch of brown sugar, or boil some prunes in a pan of water then let the water cool and feed it to her in a bottle...All 3 are sure fire ways to get her back to normal. If a bottle doesn't satisfy her then it's time to start solids, She is 5 months old so it's a good age to start...My son started solids just before 3 months old. You have to wait 4 hours after you answer the question to be able to pick best answer, It will show up under everyones answer in a blue box an you just choose the 1 you like :)

Avis Avis
I really wouldn't recommend trying to become constipated for any reason. Storing in feces for too long is toxic to the human body. It's meant to be expelled. Go to a doctor and tell him/her your symptoms.
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Abigayle Abigayle
proceed your healthy eating regimen. you're doing the perfect issues. HYour bowel is in all probability no longer "used" to handling fibers & healthy ingredients. :) attempt 'metamucil', that's flavorless & allows you to stay nicely-known.
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Abigayle Originally Answered: What pill/food helps your metabolism?
Metabolism is ramped up with a healthy diet of whole fresh foods. Thew way we designed to eat. We are fat as a society because of all the refined, prepackaged, cheap food we consume. You do not have a bad metabolism, you have a bad diet. Regardless of what all the advertisers say there is no diet pill that works. Most contain caffeine to raise the heart rate. Alli is the only approved diet aid without a prescription. It blocks fat absorption, not metabolism increase. The best metabolism booster I am aware of is walking away from the refrigerator, with a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable in hand.

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