How to relieve my 8 month old of constipation?

How to relieve my 8 month old of constipation? Topic: How to relieve my 8 month old of constipation?
September 17, 2019 / By Dixy
Question: My 8 month old daughter has constipation for the 1st time. She is breastfed and on solid foods. She just recently started really liking the solid's the 2-3 weeks (she wasn't to crazy for them before now). I'm contributing solids to why she's constipated. But the thing is, she eats a variety of veggies and fruits. The last couple of days I've been giving her prunes, prune juice, and apple juice. I even used a baby suppository to help relieve her but it didn't work. She breastfeeds on demand. I also started today giving her a little bit of water. I was hoping to get this took care without having to take her to the doctor. With my other 2 children (who were bottlefed) I put karo syrup in their bottles, with drs ok. Could I put it in some of her baby food? I just don't know what to do. Any ideas? Also, I do know that breastfed baby's can go days or a week without a bowel movement. But I know she's constipated bc she does poop very little several times a day and it's pellet like. Thanks in advance. She's not bottlefed, hates it!!!
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Carlie Carlie | 8 days ago
One thing that will help is getting her moving as much as possible - bicycling her legs or encouraging her to crawl if she is mobile. Also massaging her tummy in a clockwise motion. I would try the karo syrup in her food as well; I know that is commonly recommended and I don't see any reason it wouldn't work in her food as opposed to in a bottle. Also, is she still on cereal at all? Rice cereal is constipating, but oatmeal cereal actually has a laxative effect - maybe switching her to that would help as well
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Carlie Originally Answered: How to relieve dog constipation?
Fuzzy... You might give her something with fiber in it...Metamucil or Benefiber, but I'd suggest something a little more natural. Try getting a can of pure pumpkin (not the kind for filling pies with all the spices and seasonings added) -- just plain pumpkin, and add that to her food...or see if she will eat just that from a spoon. Another way...and I don't usually suggest it, is to give her a VERY SMALL amount of regular cow's milk (not goat's milk). Most dogs are quite lactose intolerant so don't fill her bowl or anything because then you will have the OPPOSITE problem. Just a 1/2 cup or less. See if any of those will help.
Carlie Originally Answered: How to relieve dog constipation?
There may be another cause for the constipation. Mix some metamucil or cooked oatmeal into her food and make sure she has, and drinks, fresh water. If she does not move her bowels within a day, take her to the vet as there could be an obstruction unrelated to the collar incident.

Andriana Andriana
Prune juice always works for my son... not sure why it's not helping her. Lukas was ill the other day with a tummy bug. He couldn't keep him milk or solids down and refused to drink water. In the end I resorted to pure juice (diluted with water) and he had about 18oz of that throughout the day. Two days later, I'm still changing leaky, runny nappies every two hours! That wasn't the aim, but it might do the trick? ETA: Also think about what you're feeding her. My son did the pellet poos after having peas. I've also heard a few people on here mentioning cereal causing constipation. Bananas do too. Maybe cut out anything obvious like that?
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Whitney Whitney
Put 2 drops of Karo syrup in her bottle for a day. It honestly works wonders. Our daughter got constipated a lot and this helps soo much.
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Whitney Originally Answered: how do i relieve my dogs constipation?
Mix a little plain canned pumpkin with her food. For a pug, it would be about 2 tablespoons...works safely and quickly. Most dogs like pumpkin, but if she doesn't add the olive oil from a can of sardines. When my oldster gets constipated for too long, I feed her a small bag of Innova. It gets her regular, again. ( it has a lot of fruit in it) As an alternate for pumpkin, is is safe to give her a teaspoon of Metamucil ( or the generic) sprinkled over her food.

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