How does the immune system recognize malignant tumor cells?

How does the immune system recognize malignant tumor cells? Topic: How does the immune system recognize malignant tumor cells?
January 18, 2020 / By Dinah
Question: a. they do not display class I MHC molecules b. they display fragments of tumor antigen in their MHC molecules c. they display cancerous viral fragments in the class II MHC molecules d. they have abnormal amounts of polysaccharides in their extracellular matrix that trigger a T-independent immune response e. they undergo opsonization by complement proteins so that they are recognized by phagocytes
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Carina Carina | 10 days ago
It's a tough call, but I think that your best answer is (b.) they display fragments of tumor antigen in the MHC molecules. The reason I say that is because one of the characteristics of cancer immunology is that the cancer cell does not fully express certain cancer related antigens on its cell surface membrane; thus, the host immune system doesn't always "see" these antigens in order to respond to them. (c.) looks pretty good but most mammalian cancers are not the result of viral infection; thus, viral fragments would not be there to express. Most tumor antigens expressed in mammals are going to be of an embryonic nature. For example, "(Other kinds of tumor cells display cell surface receptors that are rare or absent on the surfaces of healthy cells, and which are responsible for activating cellular signal transduction pathways that cause the unregulated growth and division of the tumor cell. Examples include ErbB2, a constitutively active cell surface receptor that is produced at abnormally high levels on the surface of breast cancer tumor cells.") Because of the dedifferentiation of cancer cells and the expression of embryonic developmental genes, they tend to create a lot of the protein enzyme telomerase---not found in normal differentiated stable somatic cells. One would think that they could develop and use antibodies against the protein telomerase for targeting tumor cells for destruction by the host immune system. See: http://www.oralcancerfoundation.org/trea...
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Carina Originally Answered: Is there a non malignant rectum tumor?
yup. non-malignant rectal tumors are mainly polyps (either adenomatous/glandular or hyperplastic from the mucosa). rarer tumors include leiomyomas (tumors from the muscular layer of the rectum. your patient may have a lot of other conditions including 1) hemorrhoids (which can be caused by chronic constipation and eventually lead to rectal bleeding) 2) diverticulosis (again caused by chronic constipation and can eventually lead to bleeding) 3) rectal lacerations from hard stools 3) tumors (both malignant and non-malignant) i suggest your friend got to either a surgeon or a gastroenterologist so that endoscopy can be done to visualize any lesions in the meantime, have your friend eat a high fiber diet (mainly fruits and veggies) and drink at least 1.5 - 2 liters of water a day
Carina Originally Answered: Is there a non malignant rectum tumor?
It sounds like you are saying that you are afraid you may have some kind of tumor in your rectum because of the constipation and then the bleeding. The doctor that answered gave all the possibility's of what can cause your symptoms. Now. Do you need to see a doctor about this? YES you do. It could be a simple tear in the lining of your rectum or bleeding from a hemorrhoid, from passing the constipated stool; but you DO need an exam by a doctor who may even recommend followup with a surgeon and a possible colonoscopy. Especially if you have any family members , parents, sibblings, grandparents, with a history of colon polyps or cancer. If i understand correctly the recommendation is, a colonoscopy every 5 years beginning at age 50 but SOONER if you have a family history of polyps and/or Colon cancer. My mom died of Colon Cancer at age of 65 so I take this seriously to say any rectal bleeding you should have investigated by a doctor. Hope this helped.

Anabelle Anabelle
Check out this link and see if it helps you any... good luck... http://www.cehs.siu.edu/fix/medmicro/mhc.htm This might help too.... The expression of products encoded by the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) on tumor cells has recently been studied extensively. It has been found that many malignant tumor cells have their MHC antigens switched-off but that these antigens are re-expressed following DNA-mediated gene transfer, with increased tumor immunogenicity as a result and the consequence that these transformed tumor cells are rejected in vivo Im really thinking B is correct but I am not %100 sure.
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Weaver Weaver
maximum cancers cells evolve the comparable way all different organisms evolve. Random mutations accompanied by using selection. So there became right into a mutation that disrupted the HLA locus, making the cellular no longer recent clever MHC I. with the aid of fact it became into no longer showing remarkable peptides, Tc cells did no longer kill it and its clones dominant the tumor inhabitants. yet now NK cells can kill it.
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Weaver Originally Answered: I had a brain tumor and survived. I had to do chemo and radiation so my immune system is low.?
Here are some tips: Avoid Processed Foods Avoid Soda and Diet Soda Eat Organic Meats/Veggies/Fruits Avoid Refined Sugar (Cancer Cells like sugar) Use a Rebounder (mini-trampoline...it is very beneficial to your lymphatic system) Eat Properly Balanced Meals (google glycemic index) Drink Acai Juice Drink Plenty of Water Sleep (from 10pm-6am...its the best time for healing...it has to do with your circadian rythym.) Eliminate Stress Through Exercise and Meditation (Yoga) Avoid Bread Think Positive! I have no affiliation with this website but it has a lot of great information. www.healingdaily.com

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