is drinking tea bad for sleeping?

is drinking tea bad for sleeping? Topic: is drinking tea bad for sleeping?
September 19, 2019 / By Afrikah
Question: some people say tea is good because it relaxes u but then some people say it is bad. im confused if u know and have source or knowledge please help thanks
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Tiarnach Tiarnach | 7 days ago
Some tea contains a lot of caffeine, which would make it difficult to sleep. Many people put sugar in their tea, which would also make it difficult to sleep. A hot herbal tea that does not contain caffeine or sugar with chamomile or valerian in it would be excellent to help you fall asleep. Try Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea - it contains chamomile and is caffeine-free. They also have Sleepytime extra tea that has chamomile and valerian in it, which packs an extra punch. Decaffeinated chai would also be excellent before bed.
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Tiarnach Originally Answered: Trouble sleeping, any advice? Should I take sleeping pills? HELP!?
It sounds like the problem is your stress. "Oh my god it's 2:30. I'm so screwed if I don't sleep. Jesus Christ, if I don't get to sleep then *everything* is going to go to hell tomorrow. Damn it, why aren't I asleep yet? FALL ASLEEP! Crap, this isn't working, how am I ever going to take care of that thing at work tomorrow? Yeah, that project needs a lot of attention.." If your mind is like that when you're trying to sleep, then we've got the root of your problem. I'd recommend a few things: 1) Keep a notebook by your bed. Before you go to sleep at night, write down everything that needs to be taken care of in the morning- and tell yourself firmly that it can be taken care of later. Once you've nailed down what your stresses are you can control them. 2) Get sweaty for an hour every day. You might want to start with every other day, or twice a week, but work up to an hour of daily exercise. You'll sleep better, think more clearly, and feel better. As for home remedies, I've used natural sleep aids in the past. DO NOT think that just because something wasn't created in a lab it isn't powerful stuff. 1. Melatonin. This is the stuff your brain secretes to make you sleepy. Take a 500-mg dose 30-60 minutes before bedtime. Trader Joes makes chewable peppermint-flavored tablets. 2. I've used something in the past called Sound Sleep. Got it at Whole Foods. The two main ingredients are melatonin and valerian. Valerian is a _very_ powerful sedative: at one point I was woken up by a loud noise when the effect was at its strongest, and I literally couldn't move. I was only awake for about two seconds and wasn't trying particularly hard, but it was like I was made of lead. Again, take this about an hour before bed Use sleep aids sparingly and don't overdo it. I've never taken synthetic sleep aids before, but with natural remedies I always start with about half the recommended dose. It usually works for me, though I'm a pretty scrawny person. Don't take melatonin or Sound Sleep or anything else at 2 AM, or you'll be a zombie at 10 AM. Sleep aids are supposed to help you get back on track, so they work with your natural sleep cycle. They don't create a new pattern by making you instantly fall asleep. You should definitely get yourself to a sleep clinic. EDIT: Eating before bed is bad because the food just sort of sits there and makes you devote energy to digestion when you should be sleeping. Blood sugar effects mood and mental functioning. My dad has Type 1 diabetes (the kind where your pancreas tells you to go f*** yourself and shuts down, not the kind you get from a high-sugar diet) and when his blood sugar gets low he feels faint and can't concentrate.

Radclyffe Radclyffe
Depends on the kind of tea. Herbal teas are caffeine free and can relax you and help you sleep ( like chamomille) but regular tea (both black and green) contain caffeine and can keep you awake. They are still full of antioxidants, and are quite good for you. I just wouldn't drink them before bed.
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March March
it depands what type of tea it is. black tea or green tea or a normal breakfast tea with some milk isnt strong enough to keep u awake, but a strong tea (i think its called indian tea) that is made by boiling the milk and putting a high quantity of tea in it with some spices is a very strong tea and will keep u awake at night even if u drink it in the evening.
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Jericho Jericho
Research shows that drinking tea is good for you but it does contain caffeine and could affect your ability to sleep well or make it difficult to fall asleep.
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Gideon Gideon
tea is a caffeinated drink so its bad for sleeping... unless you specifically buy decafinated tea. Tea is also good for you in that is boosts your immune system and it gives you a faster metabolism... just in case you were wondering
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Gideon Originally Answered: can you lose weight while sleeping? or is your body really sleeping?
Your body uses energy constantly. Your heartbeat, your breath, thinking, processing blood in the kidneys, all these activities require energy and all these activities go on 24/7. Your body will usually run on the food in your stomach and intestines, but can also run on glycogen in your muscles, your muscles themselves, and stored fat. Your stomach is smaller for one of two reasons. First, you may have lost water weight during your sleep if it's warm outside. However, it predominately has to do with gravity. At the end of the day, you have been sitting or standing for a while, so your spine, your arms, your head, and the fat on your stomach have all been fighting gravity all day. As a result, at the end of the day you will be about 1" shorter and the fat will probably "bunch up" and look bigger. When you sleep horizontally, gravity pulls on your spine evenly, so you gain that 1" back, and the fat on your stomach is "evened out" so to speak.

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