constipation is so so bad?

constipation is so so bad? Topic: constipation is so so bad?
October 19, 2019 / By Bruno
Question: i suffer from constipation and this is the worst i eat and drink all the right stuff i push i grunt i strain i have been 2 the doc i just need more help and help me what i can do on the toilet 2 help get it out thxz
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Alann Alann | 4 days ago
TJ - Every since you joined Yahoo Answers you have had issues with constipation. Now, either you really have serious digestive issues or you have a fixation on bowel functions. If you really want it to move try taking a milk and molasses enema. That stool that is stuck will come out after that.
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Alann Originally Answered: Juice for constipation.hypoallergenic formula, does that help relief constipation?
My daughter has sometimes issues with constipation and has ahd so eversince she started eating solids. I don't know how old your daughter is, but if she is old enough to drink juice you could try grape juice. That helps fairly well. What helps even better is prune juice. Or if she is already eating solids: Prunes. If you let them soak in water the get really soft, too. My daughter who is now 19 months actually loves soft prunes. What also helps to trigger a bowel movement especially in a younger baby is to massage the sides of their feet starting from the back of the heel rubbing slowly but firmly towards the little toe. It used to be that this was all I needed to do for a few times in the morning and by noon my daughter would have a bm. I also read that if you go two fingers width below the navel and massage gently but with a little pressure it also helps them to have a bm. Then there is the possibility to stimulate a bm by inserting carefully the tip of a cotton bud dipped in olive oil - I haven't tried that yet though, but that was what my pediatrician recommended. In severe cases, when my daughter is so constipated that she is in pain when she has to poop, I give her a glycerine suppository. But that should really only be done if necessary because the bowel can be become dependent on laxatives. And you should talk to your doctor to see if your daughter is old enough for them and have them prescribed. For the future you have to see that she gets enough fluid and if she is eating solids already, that she gets enough fiber.

Sybil Sybil
Miralax is the safest laxative and you can take it daily if you suffer from chronic constipation. The stimulant laxatives like senna cannot be taken daily as your body becomes used to them and it can cause rebound constipation. Colace or docusate sodium only softens the stool and doesn't aid at all in the muscle contractions needed to expel the feces, Miralax works by drawing water into the colon which irritates the colon and causes it to move things along as well as softening the stool. Have you seen the doctor though? Chronic constipation can be caused by something as mundane as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and others as serious as Ulcerative Colitis. Note if there is any blood, the color, how often you go, and what you eat and drink. You want to rule out any serious problems, in the mean time get some Miralax, it is tasteless and you mix it with any liquid to drink (8 ounces or a small drinking glass). Also eat your roughage like corn and fresh fruits and veggies. You can buy the Miralax at any pharmacy. Don't strain though, you will get hemmorrhoids. Take something to read too so you can relax and get your mind off of pushing.
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Reagan Reagan
Hello TJ How are you? I Have a the answer for you. You Need to Drink more water. Not Tap water but The Pure System in a Pitcher or Britta is also good you can get one at Costco or Wal-mart or Check around it tastes better to me. You Should also get some black Strap Molasses organic is best from your local health food store. And or Steal cut Oatmeal (organic ) with lots of fruit that you like and and honey is beat NO Sugar at all. Only Organic Honey or Stevia you can get Stevia at the health food store and Organic Honey or close to it at Safeway. I tried See ya and I hope that helps you. momilani777@yahoo.com
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Merle Merle
If it's really bad. Take a laxative. If it's not really bad,take Colace. It's a stool softener and will make going easier.
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Merle Originally Answered: Should I go to the ER about my constipation?
In spite of the resident spammer's advice, why not wait on the ER a bit. The cure involves lots of lube, long rubber gloves, a good sized basin and a very unhappy nurse or two. Get some Miralax. Begin with one dose in the AM. Drinking enough water with it is critical. Then take a second capful, again with lots of water in the PM. If there is no joy in the morning, take another capful with water. So that's 2 doses in the morning. If during the day there is still no luck, take 2 doses in the PM. Each day increase a dose until the mail begins to move again. And pound the water in between and stick with soups and relatively soft foods with lots of water. This is straight from the GI doctor to me to you, so don't klet someone freak out in an answer telling you that's too much. They will not have to have the surgery for the bowel obstruction, you will. And your movement may be watery loose for a while afterwards, but things will solidify over time and once you get closer to normal, consider a daily dose to keep things moving. Trust me you don't want to see the nurses greased up to the shoulders coming at you with a bucket. Not dignified at all.

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