i am inquring about the disease, Lupus?

i am inquring about the disease, Lupus? Topic: i am inquring about the disease, Lupus?
December 13, 2019 / By Aneta
Question: Please explain what the disease is and what it does to the body, and what is the life span.please email me at susans1949@yahoo.com. Thanks
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Best Answers: i am inquring about the disease, Lupus?

Wilbur Wilbur | 3 days ago
Lupus is an autoimmune disease that affects different people differently. There is no 'lifespan' per se. Lupus is a disease that affects many different organ systems and depending on which one the lupus attacks will depend on the severity of the disease and can affect the longevity of the person. Basically, Lupus is the exact opposite of AIDS. In lupus you have an over active immune system that attacks not only invading substances it also attacks your good cells as well, causing inflamation and pain. Over time, many arthritic symptoms occur as well as heart, kidney and brain issues. My wife has been diagnosed with lupus since she was 15 and she is now 29. She is feeling very well but has her days of pain. She takes medication that helps with the symptoms.
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Wilbur Originally Answered: What exactly is the disease Lupus?
Lupus is the technical name for infection from the werewolf virus. It is usually contracted by shared bodily fluids, usually through bites, with canis lupus, a dog that's usually wild although they have been known to pose as house pets. Common symptoms include a rash from itching with a hind leg, monthly bloodlust culminating at the full moon and skeletal/muscular pains as the body transforms to the disease's true canine form. This disease cannot be cured but can be treated with drugs to slow the transformation, tranquillisers and monthly lockdown.
Wilbur Originally Answered: What exactly is the disease Lupus?
Lupus is not contagious. Some genes are implicated in lupus, but the word is still out with researchers. If you have the right mixture of genes and then are exposed to triggers you might develop lupus. Triggers are sunlight, cigarette smoke, and stress, possibly the Epstien Barr virus, and a few others are just suspected. With proper medical monitoring and treatment most lupus patients will live a normal life span. Half of us have kidney disease that can be fatal if left untreated. We are at twice the risk for heart attacks and strokes as the general population. Lupus is a chronic, inflammatory autoimmune disease that can affect virtually any part of the body. Read more at the www.lupusflorida.org. TIA is a "mini stroke" Lupus patiens who have one of the clotting disorders often have them. It stands for transient ischemic attack

Sanford Sanford
I have Lupus. It is autoimmune; well-nigh which means the immune approach is in 'hyperdrive' and it assaults it is possess cells like they are overseas invaders. Each character with lupus has his or possess signs. When the frame assaults joints, there's discomfort within the joints. When the frame assaults tissues, there's fatigue and weak spot. Steroids can minimize the infection that lupus motives: FAST. That's why they are used. I was once simply began on Plaquenil (no longer a steroid) to ease joint discomfort, fatigue and weak spot. It takes a couple of months to take final result even though, however I listen it is valued at the wait. Lupus is understood to have an effect on the bones and bone density. I'd endorse, even though determine together with your rheumatologist first, that you simply begin taking calcium dietary supplements, although you are younger. It's relatively foremost to expand a trusting dating together with your medical professionals; lupus is not an ailment that'll depart, alas, however in the event you paintings WITH your document, you will not believe by myself with it. Reach out to the institution nurse; there are possibly lupus aid agencies close you and find out how to uncover them is via church or the regional sanatorium. You say you are feeling annoyed and hate the part results of steroids. Talk on your health care provider approximately WHY you hold to want the steroids. There are instances whilst lupus is controlled with different meds (like plaquenil or NSAIDs or others meds) after which steroids are "referred to as in" every so often. Best, maintain YOU.
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Nat Nat
It would be better to read something about it on this site. The life span varies from one person to the next because of the different types of Lupus. http://www.medicinenet.com/systemic_lupu...
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Nat Originally Answered: Are there any cures for the lupus disease?
No, it is an incurable autoimmune disease. There are treatments, but no cure. I'm sorry but the Air Force is not going to let your friend in.

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