high in fiber dog food?

high in fiber dog food? Topic: high in fiber dog food?
October 15, 2019 / By Alyson
Question: i have a maltese who i have rescued and he doesn't have the best digestive system in the world. he gets either constipation or indigestion or worst i think constipation as it hurts him to pass what ever is blocking him. the vet has given me some wet food he eats that is high in fiber and she has recommended that he continues to eat high fiber wet and dry food. now can someone name me some dog food that are very high in fiber. i know there are some with 1.5 which is the apparently the maxium so should i get those or are there some that go even higher? thanks!!
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Vin Vin | 9 days ago
Canned Pumpkin is a great way to add fiber-pumpkin-not pie filling- Also another brand of food to check out is life's abundance high fiber-great nutrients-reputable company. I feed my japanese chin this food and they love it and their tummys are fine.This food has whole brown rice that provides great fiber but is gentle on their stomachs-natural bacteria cultures to promote healthy digestive tract as well as lots of other good ingredients. Go to my source and take a look at this food and it's ingredients. My dogs love it .
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Vin Originally Answered: High fiber dog food?
Swithing to a high quality food will help. You want your dog to have nice firm poops!(helps the anal gland express naturally) Stay away from most brands that you know of like pro plan, Iams, Hills, Science Diet, as these have a lot of bad ingredients in them- Fillers, by products, hard to digest ingrediants like corn. Remember also that a lot of vets don't actually know a lot about dog nutrition.This website does ratings of 1 to 6 on dog foods and is a good place to look for something that would work. www.dogfoodanalysis.com Look your food up and see how it ranks. Orijen is a great food and I've read their six fresh fish gives dogs firm stool. It is a bit pricy though and hard to get at this time. I just started feeding Wellness Core Ocean, and my dog really likes it and has firm stools. I also have to express her anal glands, but since being on a better food(used to feed Pro Plan) have to do it less often and MUCH less comes out. It never really has an odor though and doesn't seem painful so It sounds to me like you pup may have an infection. They can flush the anal glands out. You will probably spend $40 to $60 for a 30 pound bag of good dog food. Keep in mind though that you will feed less of a good quality dog food, and your dog will look beautiful!!

Rowley Rowley
Ok, lets start at the beginning you have tried from your list at least 6 different types of dog food since you had the dog. Presuming you had him at 8 weeks (2 months) that is 6 diets in 5 1/2 months. All dogs need a balanced diet which means if you are feeding a complete food you need to add absolutely NOTHING to it,no scraps no tit-bits no tinned food NOTHING. The quantity of food that should be fed as quoted on the bag is a guideline only and should be used purely as a rough estimation of what a normal dog would need. Your dog is not normal so here is what I would do and yes it will work. Hills science plan is the only "fixed" formulation diet on the market ie. it uses the same ingredients in every batch made irrespective of costs (unlike other manufacturers who will for instance use a different source or mix of cereals to keep the costs down and their profits up) Hills as you know make a large breed puppy food, if it says on the bag feed 500 grams a day then I would, in your circumstances, use 350 grams for the first few weeks then gradually increase it over the following few weeks until you are somewhere close to the bags recomendations,obviously if your dog gets loose again then starve him for 24 hours and restart with a smaller amount. You need to stick with a food for at least 6 weeks to have a chance of it working properly if you cant get Hills then Royal Canin is a very good alternative. Just for interest James Wellbeloved,Burns and a lot of other pet foods are made in the same factory ie.Golden Acres and use similar ingredients there are few companies that actually manufacture their own products.Keep away from anything with colourants in to Good Luck
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Mordechai Mordechai
Most weight control diets are higher in fiber the regular formulas. It's done because overweight dogs usually have slower metabolisms. They need the extra fiber to clear their systems. There are also supplemennts that are high in fiber and can be added to your dog's diet. The Missing Link is one of them. Any premium food wet or dry that is formulated for weight loss and control will help. Just watch that the dog doesn't lose weight. Vitamins will help with that. Aslo watch the dogs bloodsugar level. Good Luck
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Keefe Keefe
I just checked the dog food site of the food I feed my dogs. It's Canidae all life stages Chicken and rice. It has 4.00% crude fiber. Maybe take a look on their web site your self and check this food out.
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Hebron Hebron
High fiber hardens the poop. I had a Great Dane with colitis, and he was on a high fiber diet for it.
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Eliott Eliott
Hi Jess, easier would be to add some mineral or cod oil to his foods ...they can have up to 4 T. a day...I'd start out slo & work up to 4 Tablespoons tho, 1 T one day 2 the next & so on or it might make him go too well if you don't ...Take Care :)
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Chauncy Chauncy
Just get some pure pumpkin in a can not the pie mix one just plain pure pumpkin. About a tablespoon of that and a bit of yogurt and he should be fine,,, Good luck;^)
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Chauncy Originally Answered: Bad constipation.high fiber food?
The fastest relief that you can find is an enema. I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and know all to well what kind of pain you are having. You can get an enema at a pharmacy or walmart. They are safe to use while pregnant and also pretty cheap. You might also consider getting a SOLUBLE fiber pill. They are much easier to take then the powder kind and gentle on the tummy. Just make sure you drink water with it.

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