what to do to stimulate bowel movement for a 22 days old?

what to do to stimulate bowel movement for a 22 days old? Topic: what to do to stimulate bowel movement for a 22 days old?
September 23, 2019 / By Afrika
Question: my daughter is 22 days old but only has a bowel movement once a day since i switch her to formula. The ped says she should at least have two a day. I try to stimulate her rectum with a qtip and lubricant but that doesn't work. It's been 24 hrs and she has not made anything and i don't want to use a suppository yet. Can anyone help
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Thutmosis Thutmosis | 5 days ago
your baby is pooping as her body thinks she should. Shame on your pediatrician for saying your baby SHOULD poop x2 a day. That is incorrect and bad medicine. If your baby is healthy, he/she will poop as her body wants. My daughter pooped several times a day while being breastfed and poops only x1 a day on formula. Depending on her diet, my daughter has veen skipped a day - and she is fine! Don;t obssess on her poop. If she is healthy, has many wet diapers daily, eating well, let her become her own little person with her own little poop habits! I would NOT use a suppository unless you want to unecessarily disript your babies body---she's NOT constipated---she just doesn';t have to poop - her bowels are empty---the bags aren't packed! STop sticking things in her rear-----she will poop when she's ready!
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Thutmosis Originally Answered: How many days is safe to do without a bowel movement?
since you recently had surgery, it could be a few days til you get everything functioning properly. Considering you were probably on liquids for the first day or so after your surgery, there wouldnt be a lot in there to "move" out... What "mild laxative" did you take? You could try colace, or senokot works very well. You can take up to four colaces a day (two twice a day), or four senokots (two twice a day). That usually helps get things moving...

Radcliff Radcliff
A child can go for three days without a BM if longer then try this if this dont work call your doctor. When my boy who is only 12 months was younger then ur babby I was concern with him having a BM, so I gave him some apple juice with some water and it did the trick. Just a little bit of apple juice.
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Manny Manny
my daughter had the same problem. I was told to try all these... First give a warm bath then rub the belly directly under the belly button bicycle peddle the legs stick a thermometer in the rear just a tad.. this will make them want to push it out resulting hopefully in pusing out their bowl movment Ever since my daghter was 2 months i have been giving her 1 ounce apple juice 1 ounce water every day to help. hope this helps!
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Jeriah Jeriah
Negative babies only have to have a bowel movement every three days!!! My son went days without pooping and that is what multiple drs told me....if you are worried about it try a tiny bit *drop or 2* of cairo syrup in a bottle that will help...but I wouldnt do that until it has been at least 42 hours!!!!
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Jeriah Originally Answered: Please advise! I haven't had a bowel movement in 22 days!?
Diana, this is serouis you probably have a bowel obstruction, have you tried fleets enema, I can not believe a doctor said Lets wait an see what happens after a 22 day stretch without a bowel movement, this is serious try the enema if you don"t have any results go back to the doctor or the ER. Good Luck Rita V

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