what is the point of the chicken pox shot ?

what is the point of the chicken pox shot ? Topic: what is the point of the chicken pox shot ?
January 25, 2020 / By Philo
Question: when i was growing up and i assume most you have had chicken pox before and yes they were irritating,but it wasnt harmful and it did give my immune system a chance to work for the first time probably. i never have heard of someone dying or anything to make it that big a deal.
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Best Answers: what is the point of the chicken pox shot ?

Macy Macy | 2 days ago
If people would do their research they would realize that this vaccine was initially created for people undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy who's immune systems were shot. Of course people die from chicken pox every year. These people were already seriously ill with something else and they would have died from ANY illness introduced into their systems.
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Beautiful mourning. Everything is clear to me except these last two lines: There is sad beauty in a place where most would frown and shake their head The fragile husks of nature’s gift, a tribute lasting; merely dead.

Jehoiakim Jehoiakim
Well, sadly there are cases in which complications arise having the chicken pox that can actually lead to death. It's not that the cp causes death... it's the complications. It used to be known as an innocent childhood illness. It's not so innocent for some. I do know of someone who lost a child to complications from chicken pox, and now she does immunize. I should add something... yes, some children do get the chicken pox after getting the shot. However, it's not as severe a case. My children got the shot. It was a requirement for school, anyway. I'd have had them get it regardless, though. I realize that there are ways of opting out of vaccinations, but I don't opt out. For my children, I'm doing the right thing.
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Gayelord Gayelord
The statics claim that approximately 100 children die each year from chicken pox and many more are hospitalized with complications. I agree with you though that it is a chance for a child's immune system to work and to develope an immunity naturally. The shot is also supposed to wear off after a few years so now they are talking about giving booster shots for it too.
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Dexter Dexter
If the governmenet can no longer pay for it (which they do no longer the place I stay, and different vaccines are coated), then they have not any perfect to require it for college. I never have been given my young toddlers the hen pox vaccine, and my purely reason grew to become into as a results of value. My young toddlers (twins) the two have been given hen pox at age 4, on the impressive comparable time. It did no longer faze them in any respect, in actuality we went on a pre-planned trip 2 days while they broke out, and my young toddlers the two have weakened immune structures, they have been 7 weeks untimely and the two have mile-long lists of allergic reactions.
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Bevan Bevan
Uhhh yeah, people do die, and/or get extremly sick, especially when they get chicken pox as an adult, or an older child. I never got chicken pox as a child, so thank goodness there was a vaccine that will prevent me from ever getting it... guess that's what you get for assuming... this is why people need to do some research, rather than just assume doctors are pushing vaccines for 'no reason'- they save lives, people~ From the Massachusetts Department of Public Health: Is chickenpox dangerous? Yes, it can be. Before the vaccine became available in 1995, about 11,000 people were hospitalized for chickenpox each year in the US, and about 100 people died. Chickenpox can lead to severe skin infection, scars, pneumonia, brain damage and death. Serious complications (such as pneumonia) are rare, but are more common in newborns, pregnant women, people with weak immune systems, and adults in general. A person who has had chickenpox can also get a painful rash, called shingles (zoster), years later.
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