Could my dog be constipated or have another puppy in her stomach?

Could my dog be constipated or have another puppy in her stomach? Topic: Could my dog be constipated or have another puppy in her stomach?
January 18, 2020 / By Ofer
Question: She gave birth 2 days ago. She has stayed in the box & wouldn't go to the restroom at all. She came out this morning & was whimpering and her butt was trembling really bad. She seemed to be rubbing her butt on the carpet but shes a small dog so i couldnt tell for sure. We took her outside but she didn't use the restroom. She came in & went straight to the bedroom to lay under the bed. She refuses to come out. The puppy wont stop whimpering but it isn't phasing her. She pooped under the bed but is still laying under there. She wont let me touch her to see if I feel another pup in her stomach.. what are the signs of a pup in the stomach & the signs of severe constipation? She was constipated before she had the pups a few days ago. She did have one other pup but it died. She had it four hours after the first pup. We got her out from the bed and she drank some water & went back to her box with the pup. This isn't my dog. I'm visiting family for Thanksgiving & my Grandma's dog had pups over the weekend. She has no money whatsoever to take her to the vet. She's doing good just to have a house. Don't look at us like it's a bad thing we don't have $3,000 for the dog. It was a stray & my family took her in, so I'd appreciate it if you don't judge us for having an animal without proper care. She was in very bad condition when they got her. We live out in the country so another dog got her while she was outside. We are not purposely breeding her. I appreciate that you're telling me to take her to the vet, but that's not my question. My question is, what are the signs of a pup being in her stomach and what are the signs of her being constipated? Thank you!
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Lauren Lauren | 8 days ago
Could be that, or she could have a dead pup rotting away inside her causing a very nasty infection that will kill her if you don't get your dog in to the vet for a check up..now. If you are going to allow your dog to breed, at least give your dog proper vet care after whelping, and asking on here doesn't qualify as vet care. add:Since theres no vets on here, and no one can see your dog to correctly answer your question, you'll only get speculations as to what the problem is, with helpful advice to do the best thing for the dog. Your add-on does nothing to help your case, anyone who has a dog..stray or otherwise, and allows it to whelp, needs to take on the responsibility of vet care..period.
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Lauren Originally Answered: Daughter is constipated. Her stomach hurts. What do i do ?
her tummy hurts because she is conitipated, cramps are due to the intestinal muscles trying to push out the feces, if she won`t take a laxative, try inserting rectal suppositories, they are available OTC, drink plenty of liquids and make her eat high fiber foods ( fruits, wheat bread, etc... )

Itiel Itiel
Get her, and the puppies straight to your vet! Best practice, especially for novices, is always to have the vet look at the b itch and puppies as soon as you feel the whelping is complete. She needs a shot to clear out any retained birthing matter, or even a dead puppy, and the puppies need to be checked for abnormalities. Obviously if she's not feeding these puppies, you'll have to take over - and they do need mum's first milk, for the natural immunity they need for the first 5 weeks of life. These puppies need feeding if they are crying. I hope you have them under a heat lamp, or other external heating immediately where they are. Newborn puppies can't regulate their own temperature, and once morbidly chilled, won't nurse. They need to be either with mum, or in surroundings of at least 80F (some will say even higher). ps If there is another puppy not born (it will be dead after 2 days), you may not feel it if it's up in the pelvic area. So forget about 'feeling her stomach'. Also if she's passed a stool under the bed, she's not constipated. Add - Getting her and whatever puppies you still have (?) to the vet NOW, IS the point!!! Like I say, any further puppies will be dead now in any case (and for the record, allowing 4 hours between puppy one and puppy two is too long) so what you may, or may not feel in her stomach (they are in her uterus, NOT in her stomach!!) is irrelevant. If she's had a BM much as if the stool was abnormally hard constipation could be possible, she's obviously not blocked up. VET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before you lose her, and any puppies you may have still alive?
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Festus Festus
You have to phone a Vet Now if there is a chance that there and I believe there is a puppy inside of her stop wasting her life and go to emergency vet to have that puppy removed my gosh this is so bad for her she is in distress She could not be constipated if she pooped she is in extreme pain because there is a dead puppy inside of her and you are wasting your time for replies here when the answer is go to the VET immediately and have that puppy removed as you are risking her life and those of newborns because she is infected and passing this infection on to new born pups via her milk. You do not mention whether she gave birth to other pups so I am only assuming that she has either way she is at risk and must taken care of by a professional
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Damion Damion
I will echo what the others already said. She needs to be seen by a vet immediately. Trembling, hiding under furniture or tucking themselves away in a corner is a symptom of severe pain. You should have had her seen by a vet after she whelped to make sure everything was fine; as soon as you've read these posts, pick up your phone and call the vet. If your regular vet isn't open, call an emergency clinic. Anyone who is allowing their pet to breed should be prepared for pre- and post-delivery veterinary care, and at the first sign of any problem, should be on the phone with the vet right away. To do less than this is to risk the dog's life, and to cause needless suffering.
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Averill Averill
The dog needs a vet. Period. Signs of her being constipated is not being able to sh*t. Signs of another puppy in her uterus (not in her stomach. stomachs are for food processing- totally different organ) are what you described. Without a vet she will die as the pup inside is likely dead already.
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Virginia Virginia
Gah! It takes continuously to replace! it fairly is my different account. His gums are commonplace, he's no longer torpid, and does not walk hunched. And in the tiny quantity of stool that he had surpassed there grew to become into no blood or i might've rushed him to the vet ASAP! He extremely isn't in discomfort, i comprehend him ok, i've got had him through fact he grew to become right into a puppy and that i've got considered him in discomfort. he's a great crybaby to boot. This fairly is discomfort. He does look feeling extra valuable in those previous 2 hours. He extremely jumped on the settee slightly hesitantly (like a canines who has poop on his butt), and if he grew to become into in discomfort he might've by no capacity attemptted that. He walks as a canines might that needs to poop (like a individual to boot while their retaining it in) or as a canines while they have poop caught on their butt- that form of waddle- yet of direction he does not have poop on his butt. it extremely is been slightly over an afternoon through fact he began performing this way and that i'm observing him heavily-- if he does not strengthen or gets worse i will take him to the vet. upload: Sorry bare Nekkid fact-- I did that and it wasn't loading the significant factors.
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Shaniqua Shaniqua
You should take her to the vet. You could be risking her life right now. The trembling says that she is in pain!
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Shaniqua Originally Answered: Constipated for two weeks. Stomach feels full?
I'll share my experience with Miralax. I have had constipation for over 20 years despite eating high fiber, plenty of water and regular exercise. I had a colonoscopy in my early 20's with nothing found other than a fissure from straining. Without taking anything, I will go a week with no BM and of course hemorrhoids. I was taking a senna based colon cleanse product daily (low dose) then switched to Miralax 6 months ago, per Dr. recommendation. Works great! I go 1 time per day, no side effects so far. It's very gentle and seems to work well with my body. I keep checking for any long term side effects as I plan to continue taking it daily. Side effects: none. I purchase Miralax through reputable http://www.lipmanpharmacy.com/ they've been very reliable so far. Check this FDA link about Miralax http://google2.fda.gov/search?client=FDAgov&site=FDAgov-Recalls-Safety|FDAgov-Consumers|FDAgov-WarningLetters-ICECI|FDAgov-ImportAlerts-Industry|FDAgov-MedWatch-Safety|FDAgov-Section-Drugs&output=xml_no_dtd&proxystylesheet=FDAgov&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&as_q=miralax&num=20&btnG=Search&as_epq=&as_oq=&as_eq=&restrictBox=FDAgov-Recalls-Safety&restrictBox=FDAgov-Consumers&restrictBox=Medwatch&restrictBox=FDAgov-WarningLetters-ICECI&restrictBox=FDAgov-ImportAlerts-Industry&restrictBox=FDAgov-Section-Drugs&lr=&as_ft=i&as_filetype=&as_occt=any&as_dt=i&as_sitesearch=&sort=date Hope i helped.

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