No Die Off Effect from taking Grapefruit Seed Extract and Olive Leaf Extract?

No Die Off Effect from taking Grapefruit Seed Extract and Olive Leaf Extract? Topic: No Die Off Effect from taking Grapefruit Seed Extract and Olive Leaf Extract?
January 18, 2020 / By Norwood
Question: I have been taking 6 Olive Leaf Extract capsules (500 mg each and 15% oleuperin) spread out through the day, and 2 servings of Grapefruit Seed Extract mixed in water (once in the morning and once at night...about 10 drops each) for about 4 days now and have experienced no die-off effects. I started slow with the Olive Leaf Extract...taking only two a day at first and then building up to six. I began this regimen to both build up immunity for the holiday season and to treat a yeast infection. It incredibly cured my yeast infection, but I have yet to experience die-off symptoms I have been reading about. Is it because I am already healthy for the most part? I take vitamins and herbal supplements every day and don't get sick often. Just wondering...
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Lance Lance | 7 days ago
Die off effects and detoxing effects don't happen the same way for every person... some are "clean enough" that they don't experience enough of the negative effects and some people just don't have enough of a problem to experience the down side of it. In a similar way, some people don't experience the negative side effects of a variety of products either. ;-) I would just consider yourself in the luckier percentage that you didn't have the die off effect (as it can be very uncomfortable in worse cases) and be glad the infection has been taken care of. Good luck and I hope I helped!
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Lance Originally Answered: Lavender Extract?
Health food stores, Walmart, Rite-Aid, Walgreens... any chain pharmacy should carry lavender oil. This is how the extract is produced and sold. Lavender has regained it's popularity after years of being an "old fashioned" scent. There are several types of lavender oil from varieties of lavender; lavandula augustifolia, lavandula x intermedia, lavandula latifolia. All are considered lavender oil and have differing intensities. Lavender is used extensively in aromatherapy to calm and relax, as an insect repellent, in perfume, and as an antiseptic and antifungal agent. You can rub undiluted lavender oil directly on the skin, but it is most generally added to a neutral carrying oil.
Lance Originally Answered: Lavender Extract?
Places like Whole Foods sell extracts of many plants. Im not sure if theres one in PA, Im from Texas. You could also try soap or spa stores.

Ishmerai Ishmerai
As other people said - not everybody reacts to substances in the same way. Doesn't happen to everyone, and congrats on choosing a more natural way for curing your yeast infection.
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Felix Felix
Not everybody reacts to substances in the same way. Don't worry. Be happy. But lay off sugar and starches anyway as much as possible.
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Felix Originally Answered: Valerian Root Extract 1000 mg?
Valerian does not make you sleepy until you take high doses. 1000mg is a moderate amount for anti-anxiety. I've found Valerian to suit my needs at doses that fit me personally, and I've tried prescription anti-anxiety and insomnia medications. I'd try a propriety mix of Valerian, Hops, and Skullcap. I with hesitation offer Kava Kava (although many say it is undue. personally, I take it in moderation). It is legal in the states, but due to studies at high doses during long durations that showed liver toxicity, it was taken off the shelves in a few UK countries. However, recent reports seem to paint the picture that the tests were irrelevant because the dose and duration administered was unrealistically high, and that any amount of anything at such high doses will cause serious problems. That said, Kava Kava is extremely effective in administrating calm. It will not cause sleepiness. If you try 2-3 bags of tea, it will really calm you for hours (first hour the most).

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