Atkins diet?

Atkins diet? Topic: Atkins diet?
May 22, 2019 / By Nethaneel
Question: I DONT WANT TO KNOW THE NEGATIVES OF THIS DIET OK!! I am not overweight but I watched a documentary on the Atkins diet and it was just all negative stuff. I am wanting to know if anyone out there has been on it, how it worked, how long it took you to get results, how much weight you ;lost all up in what amount of time and how long u stayed on phase one. Its very interesting to me so please give me some feeedback but remember I have heard all the negatives so I dont want to know about that. Just people that have been on it :) IF U HAVE BEEN ON IT COMMENT IF U HAV NOT THEN DONT COMMENT Oh my gosh!!!!! ppl dont read. I SAID I AM NOT OVERWEIGHT I am not going on a diet I just want to learn about it thats all! geeez!!! Thanks guys. So it does work for some ppl. Its very interesting. quite a shame that its so bad for u I guess
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Kimball Kimball | 2 days ago
The Atkins is one of the healthiest, most effective diets you can go on. But, remember that a low carb diet should be a life-long habit. When I first heard about the diet about 8 years ago, I was very skeptical, so I did a lot of reading and research. I was also in the Army Reserve at the time and they calculated my body fat percentage once a month. Lastly, and very importantly, I was the director of a hospital laboratory, so I could monitor my blood and urine values. I was amazed at how well I felt once I crossed over into ketosis. I had so much more energy and felt much more alert. I rarely felt hungry because my blood sugar stayed rock steady at around 100-105 mg/dl whether I was fasting or not. I ate at least 2000 calories a day. My hemoglobin went up and all of my chemistries improved, especially my cholesterol and triglycerides. I lost about 30 pounds within about 5 months and all of it was fat - I lost absolutely no muscle mass. A side benefit of this diet is that it will stop the progression of diabetes type II. My mother and my two brothers are diabetic and they've been able to get their blood sugar under control by restricting their carbs. Once you lose the desired fat, you can slowly increase your daily carb intake, but remember that a low carb diet should be lifelong. The maintenance diet is very healthy and emphasizes plenty of vegetables, protein foods, moderate amounts of fat, limited fruits, and very few starchy foods. Keep the sugar out of your diet. I do recommend, before you start this diet, you thoroughly read "Protein Power" as well as the Atkins book so that you thoroughly understand why this eating plan works so well and why it is so important to control your blood sugar and insulin levels. By the way, in my research I was unable to find a single legitimate "negative" about the diet, nor was I able to demonstrate any negatives while monitoring my own lab values.
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Kimball Originally Answered: If you go off on the atkins diet one day what happens?
Carbs are energy for life. The Atkins diet is a fad that will fade away and return in a few years, as so many others have done. Your best bet is to eat balanced meals. Eat only the caloric intake that you burn in a day. If you want to eat more, you will have to burn more. There are many easy ways to enhance your metabolism to burn more calories without special effort. Avoid soda pop and any caloric drink (your body stores liquid calories quickly). Don't stuff yourself. Eat smaller portions more often. Get your exercise in the mornings. Don't eat after 7:00 pm.

Hugo Hugo
it makes you lose weight, plain and simple but it causes liver problems... so why use it if there's alot of negative stuff that comes with it, goodluck with killing yourself if you decide to use it!
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Ern Ern
I did it for 3 months. Actually stayed on Phase 1 or some form of it for that period of time. Lost 17 lbs. I couldn't stay on it. Since you don't want the negatives I will stop there. It obviously worked for me during that time.
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Colt Colt
Try cutting out fatty foods and food with large amounts of high fructose corn syrup. Drink plenty of H2O to stay hydrated and full between meals. And do cardio daily. You don't need Atkins... You needs Amanda's Plan :]
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Aric Aric
drink 3 cups of green tea in 24 hours researchers say it can increase energy expenditure by 106 calories
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Aric Originally Answered: The Atkins Diet?
You need to read the book, he tells you how to modify it to suit your needs. BTW, if you are not eating ANY carbs you are NOT doing Atkins. You should be eating your veggies right from the start. This is why you need to read the book, so that you actually know what Atkins is and how it is done.

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