Son suddenly constipated at 6.5 mo old. What to do?

Son suddenly constipated at 6.5 mo old. What to do? Topic: Son suddenly constipated at 6.5 mo old. What to do?
July 20, 2019 / By Kodey
Question: I am not sure why he is suddenly constipated. We tried a few baby foods last week, but he didnt like anything and I haven't tried anything else so, I dont think it should be in his system anymore. He had horrible constipation as a newborn and is still on similac alimentum, which usually results in a sort of soft poo, but I've had to take his temperature almost every day so he can poo. I dont know what to do. :( We tried apple juice, but he does not usually drink juices and absolutely hated it. What else can I try?
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Ignatius Ignatius | 4 days ago
Apple juice doesn't work for constipation. I had the same problem with my son when he was on Enfamil AR. His doctor told me to put 1/2 an ounce of 100% prune juice in one bottle a day. If you put it in with the formual he won't even notice and it works great!!!
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Estmund Estmund
Oh this is never fun. Prune juice or baby food prunes work the best. Other than that, my doctor has always told me to lessen the formula that I put in his bottles for a short period of time (until constipation passes). So if you are giving your son 6 oz bottles, then add 6 oz water & 2 scoops of formula (normally 3 scoops per 6 oz) This way he is not so impacted & the water gets in to break up the stool & flush it out. Good luck!
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Constantine Constantine
Chamomile tea! It works, trust me. Boil water and steep the tea of 100% pure chamomile for 30 seconds, just until the water turns a pale yellow not too strong. Cool it down and give it to baby. An hour or two later, he will go. My son loves the tea and always works.
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Arny Arny
I have to give my 4 month old prune juice to help with his. He has chronic constipation so his pediatrician said 2 ounces of prune juice diluted with 2 ounces of water. I do it once a day and it's helped. Ask your doctor if you can try that.
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Unice Unice
I had to take my daughter to the doctor several times for the same thing. she is now 2 1/2 and still has problems. she is on Mirilax every day. she was on laxative syrup as an infant and on special formula, none of it helped. you may try a little clear corn syrup in her bottle in the morning too. this helpped my girl. she is doing well now, but I would suggest you talk to your doc sooner rather than later. good luck!
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