Is my dog constipated.or is it something else?

Is my dog constipated.or is it something else? Topic: Is my dog constipated.or is it something else?
January 29, 2020 / By Happy
Question: For the last 2 days, my dog, who is 4 years old and has stage 5 lymphoma, has had a very hard time pooing. I noticed that when she is able to get anything out, that her stools are very hard and crumbly. I have looked up the side effects of the medicines she's on, and neither of them say anything about bowel movement problems. About 2 hours ago, I gave her 4 teaspoons of pumpkin, and this morning I gave her some. Should I wait another day to see if the pumpkin remedy works? She eats and drinks fine, I know she's not dehydrated. What other medical problems could it be?
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Egbert Egbert | 1 day ago
Is she drinking enough water? Whenever the body starts to get depleted of fluids, it starts trying to conserve it and will, thus, send less of it into the intestines to mix with the feces and make it soft. If she isnt drinking much, try giving her low-sodium broth (chicken or beef). If she'll drink that, it will be sufficient enough water for now. Also, as someone already suggested, give her a couple tablespoons of mineral oil by mouth (good luck!) and, if you have an eye dropper, GENTLY give her an eye dropper full of mineral oil up her rear end. The "skin tenting test", where you pinch the skin on her shoulders to see if it springs back, is NOT an accurate (or even near-accurate) way to test for dehydration. Only blood work can verify that. By the time the skin no longer springs back, the dog is severely dehydrated. As for the pumpkin, keep trying it but if it isnt working, go to plan B. Try the mineral oil. Do not give her any bowel stimulants. Since she's already trying to pass bricks, stimulating her bowels to do it faster will only make it worse. Stool softeners only!!
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Egbert Originally Answered: Constipated? toddler. I need help. I have a 2 yr 11 month old toddler who seems constipated.?
My grandson has had a constipation problem his whole life. He's five now and has been on Miralax since about 1 year. He eats tons of fruits and vegetables. Drinks juices and eats healthy food. Rarely does he get sweet treats or any junk food. So diet isn't the only reason a kid can have constipation problems. He been to the doctor and gastroenterologist. No help from them at all. You may have to keep searching till you find the right food that will help him go. That's what we're hoping for. Otherwise keep giving him some Miralax in the meantime.

Carbry Carbry
try to give the dog a teaspoon of mineral oil or any oil you cook with:canola oil or olive oil.if its a big dog,give a tablespoon of oil. if the diameter of the stool is getting thinner,that can mean,somewhere in the colon or bowel could be a tumour. let the vet do a rectal exam on the dog.
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Allan Allan
THAT BAD - that dry, its best to take her to the vet for a few enema's and even an x-ray to see how bad it is, then they can even x ray afterwards to seem how much they cleaner her out. Then you can work on maintenance, by adding also mineral oil with the pumkin, and a special high fiber diet like w/d or r/d, some vets recommend that fiber powder you can mix also with pumkin, or laxative pills too ? ask your vet - sienna natural vegtable laxative should work on bad days, but ask vet first. also there is a website you must see, homeopathic product that actually work! its called http://www.naturesfarmacy.com/ and click on digestive products, but right now as bad as it is, see vet for enema to start
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Tara Tara
I had to give my puppy pumkin to when she was really constipated, it does work, but i'd call your vet just in case, tell the vet first and ask if its seriuos. taking your dog to the vet for no reason would make there tummy more upset
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Rio Rio
when dogs are sick, they are usually running all over the place or yacking things up. you should get her checked instead of guessing. maybe another system is shutting down and another type of medicine needs to be taken.
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Rio Originally Answered: why am i always constipated?
Probably diet is the reason why you are constipated. Good thing is that you are taking more water too. Just have this Digestic by Mimonis in treating your constipation. It works well on us and I am sure it will do the same to you.

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