If i do this for a month will it work?

If i do this for a month will it work? Topic: If i do this for a month will it work?
September 17, 2019 / By Apollyon
Question: Im trying to loose two stone in two months. Im 9 stone and want to get down to 7stone. If i eat a bowl of special k in the morning and a orange for lunch and a handful of sunflower seeds or some tuna (im a vegetarian)for dinner and drink lots of water and exercise for 30 minutes a day will i loose any weight?i know you will say that's too little but ive tried everything else and this isn't not eating anything. Im going to do a fitness dvd on a tuesday wednesday saturday and sunday for 30 mins and the others day just go for a walk.will it work? Im 14 and im 5'6. I dont drink soda or anything like that.
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Tria Tria | 9 days ago
sounds like you have a plan.. i have heard great things about special k regarding weight loss. i am pretty confident that if you stick to the regimen you talked about above and drink lots of water to flush your system that you will lose weight
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Salina Salina
You are so seriously not going to like my answer, but the answer is that this is just a bad idea. The exercise portion is good. The diet seriously sucks. Just doing some quick calculations, you would be taking in about 500-600 calories. The average person needs 1500 calories just to maintain basic bodily functions (heart, lungs, brain and other organs). Your body won't like it, or your for that matter, for putting it through that. Plus you will be denying your body many of the nutrients it needs to function properly. Yes you can lose the weight, but your body will just start to pack on the weight again as soon as you go off your diet - which will probably be sooner than later. And you are trying to lose too much weight too fast. Again, just not a good idea. The best case scenario is to eat a healthy diet heavy on the fruits and vegetables. Shoot for about 1300-1500 calories per day. Go for a 1/2 to 1 kg weight loss per week. Make your goal about 3 to 4 months. As for the exercise, do lots of cardio, it burns more calories and kicks up you metabolism for several hours. Doing what you are proposing will make you lethargic and it will become harder, if not nearly impossible, to get up and exercise. I know, this isn't the answer you wanted, but I'd rather give you good advice rather than just say "Yeah, you can lose weight doing that."
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Nicola Nicola
As you guessed, I'm going to say this isn't enough. Isn't there a website for people to learn how to eat properly? The exercise part is good, though. Do you drink soda? If you do, then stop and drink water only. If you cut on stuff like sodas and mayo, then with what your workout, it should be ok. Although, since you didn't say what you're used to eating, I can't be sure. By the way, if you eat what you said you were going to eat, you'll put your weight back on once you start eating normally again. Also, how old are you? If you're a teenager, exercising might be enough. And stop drinking sodas! Your belly will be grateful to you!
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Lyndsey Lyndsey
What age are you? What height are you? not to be patronising because i have a similar question to yours, however if you are already slim this might be damaging to your baody as it isnt enough food. Your body will try toward a healthy weight and as such may not be allowing you to lose weight...
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Kaylynn Kaylynn
You will lose it so quickly eating like that but you will also get really sick and look disgustingly ill. Don't do it! When you finish your diet you will just put back the weight.
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