my dog is constipated?

my dog is constipated? Topic: my dog is constipated?
September 23, 2019 / By Daryl
Question: i gave her some boiled chicken and rice last night..now i think it has tanked her stomach. what can i do to cure her constipation and .or diarrhea.no go to the vet anwers. i have tried taking it to the vet before when she was like this bt all tey said was they would take a tube down her throat. she didnt eat poison, i just want them get me a medicine that works fine.
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Baily Baily | 4 days ago
I know this may sound a little crazy but if your dog is constipated she can eat a little canned pumpkin. it is kinda like a natural laxative. I do not recommend suppositories at all. How ever you can use a stool softener.they usually come in the form of a gel cap. The active ingredient you are looking for is Ducosate Sodium. We use this all the time at the Vet clinic I work at.
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Baily Originally Answered: Is my dog just constipated?
She is probably just constipated. This can happen if they have had a lot of fiber in their diet and not enough water among other reasons but these are most common. I have the same problem with my dog from time to time. Usually a little bit of milk gets things softened up and going. Hope this helps.

Winter Winter
If you feel you must give her something, try Miralax. It is very safe and effective. It does not cause gas or diarrhea, it is a stool softener that helps to move the bowels without any chemical stimulants. For a very small dog, just a teaspoon in a half-cup of water should do it.
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Shauna Shauna
depending on the dogs weight.. lets say it weighs 12-15 pounds.. give it a suppository that you'd use for an infant the same weight.if your dog weighs less than that try one half of the suppository or some Mineral Oil.. like one half teaspoon. lastly try and see if it will eat undercooked veggies, to move it's bowels now and then.
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Pamelia Pamelia
Um.. i know you said not to answer this.. but, it is the answer. Go to the vet. It could be something more than just a simple diarrhea case; she may have food poisoning.. If it continues, go to the vet. seriously. Right now, i wouldnt medicate her with anything. Just watch her close.
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Marcie Marcie
There are two things you can do! 1. Enma-Go to your vet or animal hosptial have them checked up to see whats wrong, soon they wil lfind of course he/she is constipated ...they will give he/she a enma but before you go....go to like petsmat or petco and pick up puppy pads or diapers...and some newspaper to put in your car...maybe buy some shampoo cause you'll need it after it runs out...and usually taked up to 3-4 days to stop......... 2. Pet Laxative- There's this stuff u can get at Petco that is made for cats and dogs and you put on top of there noses...and theyll likc it off.....cause it taste like fish........iI think they have other....links but I''ll give you links@ http://www.petco.com/product/8678/Pet-Gold-Puppy-Training-Pads.aspx http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2755239&cp=2767033.2768979&pg=2&fbn=Taxonomy%7CHealth+Care&fbc=1&clickid=topnav_dropdown1_link10&parentPage=family&keepsr=1 I know this is for cats but can be used on dogs......thats what happened with my dog...hoped i helped! and Good luck!
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Marcie Originally Answered: do u think im constipated?
could have whats called fecal impaction, make sure that your diet is high in fiber and water. Also make sure to eat low fat foods as that can make it harder to pass your bowl movements. Also when you do have a bowel movement , i know this may sound gross but look at it to make sure there is no blood, or foul odor or that it looks off color. If its any of the 3 it could be some type of condition. I would also be very careful when taking a laxative because they can be harmful to your intestinal system I would recommend getting gentle laxative, also try prune juice i know it might sound nasty but it helps to soften the stools. Also it could be medications that you are taking , if you are taking any

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