My baby turns 5 months next week. She has been very cranky, constipated, and seems to be starving. Normal?

My baby turns 5 months next week. She has been very cranky, constipated, and seems to be starving. Normal? Topic: My baby turns 5 months next week. She has been very cranky, constipated, and seems to be starving. Normal?
November 17, 2019 / By Cenric
Question: I give her six ounces of formula at each feeding. I also give her 1/2 a container of fruit or veggies two to three times a day. Just recently, she screams at the end of her feeding, so I give her more food. She eats it all, and then naps. She hasn't been pooping normally. It's very hard and I've heard this could be due to a change in diet. I've been giving her baby food for the past month, so I'm confused while she is still getting like this. Prunes are the only food that doesn't make her constipated. She spent the entire day crying and it gave me a massive headache! Is it possible that she's teething? She drools a lot, and wants her thumb, a blanket, or a burp cloth in her mouth constantly. Any suggestions? The doctor knows she's been constipated but doesn't think much of it.
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Best Answers: My baby turns 5 months next week. She has been very cranky, constipated, and seems to be starving. Normal?

Allyster Allyster | 4 days ago
Unless her stools are like rabbit pellets she is not constipated. At this age and with her feeding habits, introducing foods, it is totally natural for her stool habits to change. Not going everyday is ok. She may go every other day or every two days. It's ok. Also, check to see which foods are doing it. Give her one at a time for about three days and see if that will give you a clue as to which ones are messing with her habits. If her habits are bothering you, you can mix the prunes with her other foods. Her eating habits sound just like my son's, who is 5 months as well. But he will poo-poo at least every other day. She may also need a bit of gas medicine. It will help move the gas so that it doesn't block the poo-poo, which if it stays in the bowels too long will become hard. Also, she may very well be teething. Let her chew on a wet washcloth or teething ring that has been cooled in the fridge.
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Allyster Originally Answered: my 8 week old baby hasnt moved his bowels in 2 days is that normal?
"What should I do?" Nothing! That's very normal for breastfed babies to slow down like that, poop-wise. Relax and enjoy the neater diapers, but expect a total blow-out when it does show up. "Some breastfed babies, after the first three to four weeks of life, may suddenly change their stool pattern from many each day, to one every three days or even less. Some babies have gone as long as 15 days or more without a bowel movement. As long as the baby is otherwise well, and the stool is the usual pasty or soft, yellow movement, this is not constipation and is of no concern. No treatment is necessary or desirable, because no treatment is necessary or desirable for something that is normal." http://www.kellymom.com/newman/04enough_milk.html

Terry Terry
ALL pureed foods cause constipation with the possible exception of prunes. Babies should NOT be given pureed foods but should be allowed to feed themselves: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/6762795.stm Solids best After six months, Mrs Rapley said babies were capable of taking food into their mouths and chewing it. Therefore, feeding them pureed food at this time could delay the development of chewing skills. Instead, she said, they should be given milk and solid pieces of food which they could chew. Mrs Rapley argued that babies fed pureed food had little control over how much food they ate, thus rendering them vulnerable to constipation, and running a risk that they would react by becoming fussy eaters later in life. She blamed the food industry for convincing parents that they should give children pureed food. She said: "Sound scientific research and government advice now agree that there is no longer any window of a baby's development in which they need something more than milk and less than solids."
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Rosalina Rosalina
Yes, she might be teething. The prune juice is great! It helps their digestive system. You can also try "Chamomile tea" McCormick has it in tea bags. Feed her this tea warm with just a pinch of sugar to give taste. You can use this tea instead of water for the formula. You don't need to make the tea too strong. This tea helps disolve any gas in her tummy. Gas could be the problem too. Good luck and ((HUGS)) for the baby.
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Morgan Morgan
for the constipation you can try giving her food that help with this... Pear purees are good, peel them, cut them, cook them in little water for about 15 minutes, then blend them... or green vegetables, like green bean purees, the same way, cut them, cook them (longer than pears) blend them. constipation happens when there is a change in diet, you should be very careful when starting solids. for example, apples cause constipation, and pears do the opposite, so you should mix them ang give them at the same time. carrots cause constipation and green vegetables do the opposite, so 1/3 carrots mixed with 2/3 green vegetables is a good proportion to avoid constipation. i hope this answers your question or part of it good luck and hang in there, things get better :)
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Livia Livia
Sounds to me like you need to slow down on introducing new foods. Did you introduce one at a time, with 3 days in between? That is what you are supposed to do so that you can detect any food allergies or sensitivities.
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Livia Originally Answered: My three week old baby is constipated?
well i'll give you the tips that i read on my book , you should get it it's called "what to do when your child gets sick" What do i see? -child has BMs less often than b4 -child cannot have a BM even after trying many times -BM is very hard when it finally comes out What can I do at home? -Give child lots of liquids to drink -If extra water doesn't work and baby is younger than 1 year, give 1-2 ounces of prune juice mixed with water (half prune juice and half water) twice a day -for babies older than 6 months, feed these foods twice a day: peas, plums, peaches, beans, prunes, pears, sweet potatoes -for babies older than 1 year, give foods like: peas, dates, bran cereal, beans, apple juice, bran muffins, prunes, graham crackers, whole wheat bread -help your child become more active. get him/her to walk, run, & play more -stop giving these foods until BMs are regular: ice cream, rice, carrots, cheese, carrots -do not give medicine for constipation unless your dr tells you What do I call the dr or nurse? -your child has belly pains -BM looks black -you see blood on the BM -you see brown liquid in your potty-trained child's pants b4 or after BM -your child has not had a BM for 3 days after trying home care What else should i know about constipation? -do not put any medicine in your child's bottom unless your dr tells you -your baby may get red in the face, grunt, and strain when having a BM. if BM is soft when it comes out, this can be normal -some babies can go 2-3 days without having a BM. this can be normal. babies do not need to have a BM everyday

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