Why am I constipated?

Why am I constipated? Topic: Why am I constipated?
January 29, 2020 / By Tottie
Question: I normally poop every other day, but recently got the stomach flu which completely flushed my intestines. Well, that was 2 days ago. 'i haven't been since and this is what i've eaten since: huge salad large banana mexican food sml burger tons of gatorade seems to me i have incorporated sure fire ways to poop but haven't so far in 2 days. What is going on!!!! i've also had some thinning of the front of my hair. and i'm 24. I am a girl by the way
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Sabella Sabella | 9 days ago
bananas are constipatory (yeah thats not a real word). drink more water. and eat some bran. and you just said you had a stomach flu. it may just take a little more time to reregulate yourself. it's only been 2 days. if you're Real concerned you call a doc or just take a laxative (only a little!) thinning of hairline but only after the flu? weird. sounds like stress related. or could just be you're getting old. the testosterone is building up, family traits etc etc. there's some people who start losing there hair real early. like patrick stewart <3 ...women can experience hair thinning and hair loss as well although not related to testosterone. Although baldness is not as common in women as in men, the psychological effects of hair loss tend to be much greater. Typically the frontal hairline is preserved but the density of hair is decreased on all areas of the scalp. Previously it was believed to be caused by testosterone just as in male baldness, but most women who lose hair have normal testosterone levels. However, female hair loss has become a growing problem which according to the American Academy of Dermatology affects around 30 million women in the United States. Although hair loss in females normally occurs after the age of 50 or even later when it does not follow events like pregnancy, chronic illness, crash diets, and stress among others, it is now occurring at earlier ages with reported cases in women as young as 15 or 16. Causes of female hair loss may vary from those that affect men. In the case of androgenic alopecia female hair loss occurs as a result of the action of androgens hormones (testosterone, androsteinedione, and dihydrotestosterone (DHT)). These male hormones normally occur in small amounts in women. However, according to Ted Daly, MD, a dermatologist from Nassau University Medical Center on Long Island, androgenic alopecia is not the main cause of hair loss in women and dermatologists now prefer to call this condition female pattern hair loss instead of using the term androgenic alopecia. He adds that the female pattern is diffuse and goes around the whole top of the head and can affect women at any time. There are other instances in which the actions of hormones may also cause female hair loss. Some examples are: pregnancy, menopause, presence of ovarian cysts, birth control pills with a high androgen index, polycystic ovary syndrome. Also thyroid disorders, anemia, chronic illness and some medications can also cause female hair loss.
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Sabella Originally Answered: Constipated? toddler. I need help. I have a 2 yr 11 month old toddler who seems constipated.?
My grandson has had a constipation problem his whole life. He's five now and has been on Miralax since about 1 year. He eats tons of fruits and vegetables. Drinks juices and eats healthy food. Rarely does he get sweet treats or any junk food. So diet isn't the only reason a kid can have constipation problems. He been to the doctor and gastroenterologist. No help from them at all. You may have to keep searching till you find the right food that will help him go. That's what we're hoping for. Otherwise keep giving him some Miralax in the meantime.

Nerissa Nerissa
It might be exceptional if he might deal with it by means of vitamin and endeavor, alternatively than any form of treatment. People can turn out to be stylish on laxatives, and that simply exacerbates the trouble. He must drink his eight glasses of water an afternoon. I wager if he might drink four 20 ounce bottles of water an afternoon, that on my own might make a colossal change. Eat tons of culmination and greens. And use as many entire grains,and a couple of white grains, as feasible. If he is lovely sedentary, he must begin running on a day-to-day groundwork. Maybe begin with a part hour an afternoon. If he are not able to get it resolved with vitamin, water, and endeavor, then there is a clinical trouble that a health care professional must take a appear at. Hope he feels bigger quickly.
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Lucile Lucile
You need fiber in your diet. Make sure to get some bread especially whole grains. Eat apples they help with constipation. Also yogurt such as activia help correct problems like this so i recommend that along with the daily fiber. They have fiber supplements if you can buy if you arent getting enough.
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Kaycee Kaycee
take some liquid over the counter medicine i think its call x lax if i spelled it right i will help yout poop easier good luck man
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Honey Honey
i know a solution that will fix everything eat lots of cheese dehydrate yourself and then try to take one experiences may vary
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Honey Originally Answered: why am i always constipated?
Probably diet is the reason why you are constipated. Good thing is that you are taking more water too. Just have this Digestic by Mimonis in treating your constipation. It works well on us and I am sure it will do the same to you.

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