Quickest way to gain weight ?

Quickest way to gain weight ? Topic: Quickest way to gain weight ?
November 14, 2019 / By Tiffani
Question: Im106 pounds. I drink a lot of water. Like water with everything, all the time. So I found out that can be a reason why I'm skinny. I stopped two dys ago. Any other tips?? Besides the the obvious. "Eat a lot" I hope to be THICK. by aug.
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Rowan Rowan | 6 days ago
Good weight gaining combinations are bread, cereals, pasta, rice, potatoes or sweet potatoes combined with meat, poultry, eggs, cheese, nuts or sea food. Peanut butter sandwiches and cheese sandwiches are good weight gaining combinations. The protein in the above combinations will help to gain extra muscles.
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Rowan Originally Answered: Quickest way to gain alot of weight?
Drink slimfast....slimfast drinks are really healthy but have a lot of calories (they're supposed to be meal replacements) but drink it w/meals. It's better than eating hamburgers & junk food. & also drink other health food shakes (w/a lot of calories), & diet bars (for atheletes...they usually have a lot of calories also).

Nan Nan
I don't think you should stop drinking water. Water is really healthy and is a necessity for what I'm about advise: I think a good way is to exercise. Not really all that cardio stuff but maybe some toning and weight lifting. This means you will have to pack in your protein and really work your butt off! (well not really because you're already skinny (; ) Eat lots of peanuts and lean meat. Good Luck! and I hope you do get "THICK" ;)
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Lorene Lorene
There's no way to get besides Eating and working out, do some light weights. You could try weight gainer shakes. Protein powder + Whole milk + + 1/2 cup of oats + 1 spoonful of Peanut butter + 1 cut up banana +3 strawberries. :] GOODLUCK! Edit: This is an awesome protein powder http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/iforce...
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Katelin Katelin
Wow, you sound like me whilst i replaced into 15. i could on no account get my weight to pass previous 106 pounds. (And that replaced into with the month-to-month bloat). My waist replaced into 24" and that i replaced into very narrow. i replaced into bodily lively daily, only having exciting, swimming, sledding in wintry climate, you call it, if it replaced into an outdoors game, my pals and that i probable did it. I had to be called in to consume food. i did no longer like meat the two and could in basic terms consume some bites of it. in an prolonged time I grew to grow to be a vegetarian - a lacto-ovo vegetarian which meant I ate dairy products, too. you probable could earnings by making use of seeing a nutritionist. i know that i replaced right into a terrible eater and did no longer consume each and every of the ingredients that I could desire to have. whilst i replaced into examining well being to be a wholesome vegetarian, i chanced on that as a young person, i replaced into ingesting too many ingredients with sugar or starch and not adequate sparkling vegetables and end result. once I took cost of my well being, I felt lots extra effective and did no longer have colds like I often have been given in spring time. So see a nutritionist first.
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Hebe Hebe
Increase your intake of pastas, breads, dairy products, cheeses. Start incorporating 100% fruit juices. Make sure you're not taking in "junk" food though. Keep eating nutrition rich foods and try protein smoothies.
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Hebe Originally Answered: What's the healthiest/quickest/cheapest route to weight gain?
Hi. If you want to gain weight you need to consider what you are eating. You don´t necessarily have to eat fatty foods to gain weight. Rice and pasta are high in calories. Have you tried them? They are not too expensive are they? Aim for foods high in carbs. Try this: http://search.yahoo.com/search?ei=UTF-8&... Hope this helped!

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