What does green baby poop mean?

What does green baby poop mean? Topic: What does green baby poop mean?
September 20, 2019 / By Selma
Question: My daughter is three months and has been constipated since yesterday. She hasnt been hersel and won't take much of her bottle and has been running a low grade fever. I gave her .4 ML of tyenol four hours ago. Now her fever is 99.3.When I called the doctor she advised me to stimulate her butt with the thermometer so she would poop. She finally pooped a little but it is liquidy and a dark green now. What could this mean? her temp before the tylenol was 99.8 degrees she takes fomula similac advance
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Ohndria Ohndria | 6 days ago
Well it all depends... If she is formula fed, a bit of constipation and green poo is pretty common If breastfed and it is frothy or kind of foam-like, than she got too much fore-milk. I doubt that is the problem though or she would not have also been constipated. Either way, occasional green poo without any other symptoms may be her just fighting off a virus. A slight fever is nothing to worry about, it just mean her body is doing what it should - fighting germs :) A temperature of 99.3 in the evening really is not a temperature, but you don't say what her temperature was before the Tylenol. Most people's temperatures are higher in the evenings. 100.4 for a newborn is when you should definately call the pediatrician, unless other symptoms warrant an earlier call, as did the green poo. EDIT: Okay good 99.8 is fine! She actually deosn't need Tylenol anymore unless it goes over 100.4 or her doctor reccommends it. A low-grade fever is actually a good thing, because it means her body is fighting off an infection. Infections thrive in temperature under 100, so the body naturally becomes warmer to try to fight infection.
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Ohndria Originally Answered: iron tablet makes me nauseaous and my poop is green for days now?
I had iron tabs 3 times a day 45mg after i gave birth by c sec, It turned me poop green too and made me constipated, also sick, but unfortunatley it brought my iron levels back up! During pregnancy yes you will need to take it throughout because if your iron gets too low so does baby's and baby will therefore need iron when they are born :( after pregnancy it's a little diff I took mine for a week then got fed up and stopped which is why now...a year later im pregnant again and my iron is low making me anaemic so I'm on it now and i only 14weeks LOL. You can ask your dr to reduce the dose or change the one you are on sometimes that helps, ALSO in order to get your iron back up quicker caffeine reduces iron being absorbed into the bloodstream so cut down on any tea, coffee and chocolate! xx

Madisyn Madisyn
Nothing to worry about unless she gets more than two runny diapers. Poop color, unless it contains blood, is nothing to ever worry about, especially with a little 3 month old
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Kenzie Kenzie
Is she on formula or breast milk? Breastfed baby sometimes mean there is to much hind milk or fore milk, sometimes dairy can make their poopy greenish. Formula fed you need to ask your pediatrician but it cant be good.
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Izzy Izzy
its totally fine. you will be amazed how many different colors it will be. bloody stool - go to he doctors asap
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Izzy Originally Answered: i didnt poop or feel like to poop for almost 3 days. what does it mean?
It means you should go poop, and soon. what happens is your body has lost the habit of regularity -- that's what you need to re-establish. * increase your water intake. * increase your fiber intake. * drink a cup of prune juice before bedtime, and after waking up. You might try warming it up. * drink a cup of strong coffee (not decaffeinated stuff) soon after waking up. to help you go, try: * sticking a piece of soap up into your rectum (the size of your little finger, from the nail to the first joint) * drink a "tea" of brown sugar. * you might even try to give yourself an enema of warm vegetable oil. Had to do that to my daughter a few times, but it did work. * take your place on the throne at a regular time, even if you don't feel like going (like say within the first hour of waking up). (all of these things have a laxative effect, I don't think you really need medication, yet.) What is normal is to poop 2-3 times a day, and it should be soft and easy. Do the above steps to get yourself back into the habit. I had a problem much like yourself some years ago, ended up in the hospital. Twas after that that I worked on re-establishing regularity. Never had a problem since.

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