people with hepc, the doctors,. people with concern,, please read my question?

people with hepc, the doctors,. people with concern,, please read my question? Topic: people with hepc, the doctors,. people with concern,, please read my question?
July 18, 2019 / By Prue
Question: about six years ago, i used same druginjections w my friends,, Now, I'm clean , but about a year ago , i found out that i was infected hep c. I'm 23 years old, and my hcv rna is positif (=1.22 x 10.000.000 IU/ml =6.09 Log 10, Bars Netrofil =0,Eosinofill=7.6) Can i be cured and be negative for all of it? Now, i drink some kind of medicine from redfruit which is good for imun my body. My SGOT,SGPT is more than it should be, but not too many difference, about 20 more than it should be. What should i do? The medication by injections interferon is very expensive here. Does any other way, that i can keep the viruses not too many, to wait till i have enough money.. Thank you for your help.
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Best Answers: people with hepc, the doctors,. people with concern,, please read my question?

Mayra Mayra | 9 days ago
I Hepatitis C is undeniably a serious disease, it's not as bad as many people imagine.Even without treatment, most people with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) live decades without having any symptoms. For years, the standard hepatitis C treatment was a combination of injected interferon and the oral antiviral drug ribavirin. Recently, a new form of interferon -- peginterferon, or pegylated interferon -- has become the standard of care. It's a significant step toward better treatment. "Combination treatment with pegylated interferon and ribavirin is giving us appreciably better results patients need only one injection a week instead of three. Some herbs that look more promising than others. Milk thistle has been used for centuries for various liver complaints, Top 10 Member-Rated Treatments_ (with a minimum of 3 ratings)Rating 0=Poorest 10=BestNumber of Ratings (1)Lifestyle Changes: Alcohol Reduction 9.39.3 9.3 (2)Yoga 99 (3)Milk Thistle (Silybum Marianum) 8.98.9 (4)Chinese Herbal Medicine 7.8 (5)Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 7.17 (6)Combination Therapy: Peg-Intron; Rebetol (Pegylated Interferon Alpha-2b; Ribavirin) 6.26.2 (7)Celexa etc. (Citalopram) 6.16. (8)Combination Therapy: Pegasys; Copegus (Pegylated Interferon Alpha-2a; Ribavirin) 5.85 this was the rating according to one source.. Combination Therapy: gud luk ...
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Laurene Laurene
The only known effective treatment for Hep C is pegylated interferon and ribavirin which is as you said very expensive. I don't know what your insurance situation is, but both Pegasys and Peg-Intron have programs that people who are uninsured can apply to to get free medication. That having been said, you can live a long time with Hep C without it causing major problems as long as you don't drink alcohol. If you think about it, a lot of people go many years (40-50) without ever knowing they have the disease until their doctor does a regular blood test and finds it incidentally. You are certainly ahead of the game in that you are young and have found out about this now. Look into assistance programs to get the meds, but again, you could wait until the time is right. It is a very difficult treatment to go through - fatigue, depression, lab abnormalities are the major side effects. Also you need to avoid pregnancy while on these meds - women can't get pregnant and men can't get anyone pregnant while on the meds and for 6 months following the treatment. The Ribavirin causes birth defects. If you do not qualify for the medication assistance - look into seeing if you qualify for a clinical trial. You will get your meds and all of your medical care associated with Hep C covered in the study. You will probably need to go to a larger teaching university setting to be treated to do this. Good luck! http://www.pegasys.com/ http://www.pegintron.com/peg/application
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Jo Jo
My dad found out 10 years ago he has hep. B & C, he used drugs, etc. He is also a very very bad alcoholic,and continued his drinking/drug abuse until about 2 months ago ,on and off ( more on than off if you know what I mean ) so, even though we don't know at what point he contracted it since it is very likely to go asymptomatic for many many years, he has known about it for atleast 10 years. He is very sick with liver problems but that is mostly due to his constant drinking coupled with his hepatitus. They are keeping him in the Veteran's hospital here & in december when he has been clean long enough, they are going to start a chemo-type drug to try & save his liver.If not then his only option is a liver transplant. You may get discouraged and depressed but please stay clean, drugs and/or alcohol won't solve anything, they will only hurt you more & "add fuel to the fire" of your condition. Keep your head up & be positive, before you start having physical symptoms they may find a miracle drug to cure it. Good luck & good job for staying clean.
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Freddie Freddie
This dose not relate to your question but its good to see you changed your life my father has hep c contracted from iv drug use and Iam just glad it was not hiv or aids but good luck to you.
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