Are diet pills worth it?

Are diet pills worth it? Topic: Are diet pills worth it?
December 13, 2019 / By Pearle
Question: I was going to try out Proactol but i'm not sure its worth it. I'm 15 but I really want my legs to be smaller and nothing works. Should I try it?
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Best Answers: Are diet pills worth it?

Marilyn Marilyn | 1 day ago
Noooo! Diet pills are really really really bad for you, they often lead to stroke! And, you're only 15, which makes them very dangerous. Don't worry about your legs, just eat right and exercise and you'll be fine honey.
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Marilyn Originally Answered: Do diet pills work? Are they worth using?
Diet Pills DO NOT WORK. They are just after your money. The only way to lose weight is diet and exercise. The companies that sell the diet pills lie and say they will give instant results and use every trick in the book and get away with it. They have people go on TV with a before and after picture and the people say they lost weight by using the diet pill. They never touched the diet pill. They lose weight with diet and exercise, but the companies pay them to tell you they used the diet pill to TRICK you. The before and after pictures were taken at least six months apart but they lie and say they were taken weeks apart. Don't let the companies that advertise diet pills fool you. Eat a healthy diet, stay away from sweets, fast food and soft drinks, etc., exercise every day, go for a walk and take a bottle of cold water with you. Don't go for a walk a couple of days and stop, you have to do it every day. Are you wanting to build muscle or just lose weight? If you are wanting to build muscle you are going to gain weight, not lose it, but the weight will be muscle, not fat. If you work out at the gym and build muscle you will get rid of fat but you will gain weight because you will gain muscle. If you are wanting to build muscle go on a healthy diet and going to the gym will be plenty of exercise where weight is concerned. If you are just wanting to lose weight do what I was talking about at first. Good Luck!
Marilyn Originally Answered: Do diet pills work? Are they worth using?
pounding out your meat will help healthier portions go a longer way visually and its good stress relief

Kristal Kristal
I might take a look at accupuncture, nutrition adjustments, and recreation. Nothing that says to be an urge for food suppressant or a nutrition capsule is mighty and may have results starting from slight antagonistic signs to fatalities. Good success!
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Jayne Jayne
No, waste of money your better off having a cup of strong coffee. Workout cause the pills won't work if u just sit on your azzz
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The younger and more common the Oscar, the cheaper it will cost. Also, the tank it is in will determine the growth rate so it depends on how much room you have to spare for a tank. 35-40 should be as small as you should go. They eat a lot so you have to keep the water clean and at a certain temperature (pumps, filters and heaters). We got my dad a baby Oscar, 55 gal tank that came with all the equipment and two cans of fish food (flakes & pellets) for roughly 380.00. We threw in a baby bottom feeder for a even 400.00

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