what are ways to get a high metabolism?

what are ways to get a high metabolism? Topic: what are ways to get a high metabolism?
October 14, 2019 / By Lorette
Question: im 17 and 5"8 male and weigh 122 but i think i have a low metabolism due to dieting. can you list some ways to get high metabolism? and is it true if you eat more it increases?
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Katelynn Katelynn | 1 day ago
No, eating more doesn't boost metabolism. Adding muscle to your frame does. Ask your gym instructor to help you with a weight routine. Certain foods do have some fat loss benefits. These include green and white tea, calcium-rich foods, small quantities of raw almonds, and hot peppers. Also, stop the dieting and switch to a healthy, high fiber nutrition plan. http://www.webmd.com/diet/volumetrics-wh... Eliminate all the junk from your menu -- the sugar, corn syrup, white four, hydrogenated fats, MSG, artificial sweeteners, and so on. All that garbage WILL screw up your metabolism.
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Katelynn Originally Answered: Do I have a high metabolism?
I have the exact same thing. Ive never really put on weight. Im sure we have high metabolisms- Do you also find that if you exhaust from yourself from exercise, in like half an hour you're fine? As a teen I took drugs a few times and noticed that I "came up" and "came down" faster than my friends because my body motabolises all chemicals quickly. As you say, its a blessing and a curse, but It is our bodies natural state and not a disorder

Helah Helah
There are a few ways you can naturally increase your metabolism. 1. Eat 5 small meals every day. Make sure they are balanced with Carbs and Protein. about 70% protein and 30% Carbs. 2. Exercise: lift light weights with more repetitions 3 days a week. You also need to do some sort of cardiovascular exercising such as interval training or just play your favorite sport. 3. Certain foods will boost your metabolism: Check it out here: http://superweightlossguide.com/speed-your-metabolism.php
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Dreda Dreda
First off, increase your calorie intake if you're currently eating less than 1,000 calories per day. Increase it to at least 1,200 calories per day. This is because at that level of calorie intake, your body thinks you're facing starvation hence it does all it can to slow down your metabolism in order to conserve whatever food you eat, to fight off the starvation. This is where the problem starts when your metabolism slows down....You can't burn off fat efficiently. Then, do cardio exercise as it's the most direct and the most powerful way to hike up your metabolism to higher level, making you that much easier to burn off the excess fat from your entire body, helping you to lose the weight. The other thing is to eat breakfast to kick start your metabolism for the day after an overnight's "fasting" when you sleep and your metabolism slows down during this period. I've written a guide on how to increase metabolism here which I think could shed more light to you about the subject: http://www.perfect-body-toning.com/how-t...
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Cayley Cayley
Not eat more but eat more often. Here's how you do it. Try eating 300 calories every 3 hours. By doing this you speed up your metabolism because of the food you are eating in small portions. If you eat food in small portions you would also stop craving for the junks and other things. This is also another type of diet. I've tried it. You must also add fruits and vegetables in every meal this will help with the digestion. Drink Plenty of water that's another thing, drinking water is always important for rehydration. Well good luck. Eat more fruits, veggies and drink water and eat more often!
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Cayley Originally Answered: high metabolism?
Hi, I gather you must have a very high metabolism rate, therefore you need to eat healthy, not junk-food. My best advice for you is: Drink a lot of milk, it's good for you and it will help to gain some weight. Eat food with a lot of protein. Meat and nuts are excellent. Keep eating pasta and potatoes. And build muscles, it will help you with you body shape. Hope it helps!

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