my 4 year old is constipated?

my 4 year old is constipated? Topic: my 4 year old is constipated?
September 23, 2019 / By Verna
Question: for the last 2 days she has had no appetite, she is very scared to even urinate, we are gonna take her to the ER in the morning if she has another bad night, we have tried kiro syrup as well as this laxative stuff for kids that melts on tounge she isnt in pain fulltime its more of a sporatic pain, we are gonna try the warm bath thing and see how it goes
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Sequoia Sequoia | 8 days ago
My friend and I were just discussing this, as our girls are refusing to poop in the potty as part of potty training and are getting backed up because of it. She said that CVS sells pediatric enimas for $1 and they work instantly. You use it and sit the child on the potty and within a minute or so it will all come out. I would definately consult a doctor due to the lack of appetite and being scared to urinate. Good luck.
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Sequoia Originally Answered: My 10 year old Chihuahua is constipated.?
Canned pumpkin is fantastic home remedy for canine constipation, the kind that is pureed..not the pie filling kind. Most dogs love pumpkin.

Ollie Ollie
Enema try that,but if not take her to the Er tonight especially if she is having stomach pains her bladder could erupt and can be deadly,might not be to the point ,but this is something you don't wait around on.
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Madyson Madyson
Good old fashioned prune juice does the trick every time. Just a smidge, though. Then you'll have another problem to worry about. Also, increase the fiber in her diet. Buy some apples, applesauce, apple juice. Frosted shredded wheat; bran muffins. Ensure she drinks enough water during the day too. We all battle with constipation every now and then, it's just tougher for the little ones.
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Kerenhappuch Kerenhappuch
Try a natural laxative like senna which in conjuction with the lactulose will help to soften and push out the stool. My 10 year old takes senakot and lactulose which the doctor prescribed, we also had to reduce his fizzy drink intake and supply water and add more vegetables. The one thing that used to always work was making him laugh on the toilet - he laughed so much at our antics he just used to go without realising. He too used to have pain from sore bottom and constipation.
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Jackalyn Jackalyn
I'll bet this is as simple as a change of diet. See, milk is a HUGE culprit for all kinds of stomach problems, even though our medical community would disagree. Cows milk is a very different make up than that of our own. (breast milk) Don't you find it odd that we're the only mammals that drink milk after infancy? I do! And don't you find it odd that we are the only species that drinks another species milk? I do! (I have a Bachelors in Science/Biology) If you were to look at cows milk proteins under a microscope you would see several LARGE round proteins. If you looked at human breastmilk you'd see MANY SMALL round proteins. This all makes sense: large animal=large proteins. small person=small proteins. We humans have a completely different digestive system than that of a cow. The dairy counsel pushes milk consumption so much that we are convinced as a society that's the only way our kids can be healthy-by consuming milk. Well the science of the human body is clear-we are not meant to digest large proteins. The body is amazing at adapting for a short period of time, which is why these subtle symptoms are often overlooked or even misdiagnosed as lactose intolerance. (that's FALSE) Cows milk/dairy products aren't the best source of calcium, in fact, dairy is known for blocking the absorption of IRON-a very essential mineral for blood and growth. Calcium is readily available and easier to digest in the form of green leafy vegis! (spinach, kale, collard greens) High consumption of dairy products can contribute to constipation-I know, my first son was a victim of this very thing. There's a wonderful book that can back up my findings called "Milk: The Deadly Poison". Try reading Candace Pert's book "The Molecules of Emotion" as well. My suggestion is to get your daughter off dairy products. Increase her water and fiber-lots of fruits that start with "P" (easy to remember if you think poop) Such as: prunes, pears, peaches, pinneapple etc. Give it a few days and it should resolve itself In the meantime may I suggest a warm bath and then a deep belly massage in a clockwise manner. She might be fussy and upset, but trust me, this will resolve quickly. Flaxseed oil is another wonderful natural laxative that you can give daily as a way to increase fiber. Benefiber is helpful for right now as well. Avoid the ER, they won't help you much.
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Elvina Elvina
My sisters daughter was the same way when she was little and the doctor told my sister not to give her laxitives becasue if there is a block it wont move the block just make a mess behind it. She told my sister to put mineral oil in her juice or milk and that will help grease things up to get it moving. If it keeps up for too long i would take her to the doctor.
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Christi Christi
You need to go ahead and take her tonight if she is in that much pain. The Karo or laxative should have worked by now. She is probably impacted and will need a little help getting it out. Or it could be some other blockage.
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Christi Originally Answered: what is the best way to get my 5 year old with Aspergers syndrome and my 3 year old potty trained.?
What worked for both my daughter and my son is The Potty Stool http://www.thepottystool.com I started by just setting it at the toilet. This stool makes every toilet kid-sized. My kids immediately climbed up on this stool and discovered that they could safely and securely use the toilet. This got them very interested in using the toilet and they were potty trained very quickly. Kids like to use what they know mommy and daddy use. And it really is wonderful having your kids independently use the toilet on their own. The handles make all the difference --both felt comfortable and were relaxed enough to have easy bowel movements. I like that I don't have to double the steps of potty training by training them first in a potty and then training them to stop using a potty. And not dumping and cleaning a potty each time is great. The best thing is that kids use it for years. I hope this helps you

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