Why do I keep getting constipated?

Why do I keep getting constipated? Topic: Why do I keep getting constipated?
May 22, 2019 / By Faith
Question: Im sorry if this is tmi I have been constipated 3 times in the last month! I take a laxative (not stimulant) go to the bathroom everyday for about a week , then my "poop" seems to get really hard and I cant pass it without the help of the laxatives. I used to go to the bathroom everyday until this month. I have been working a lot lately and I sit at a desk all day then go home and plop on the sofa and haven't had much physical activitiy so that could be the problem. What should i do? should I go to the doctor?
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Connie Connie | 8 days ago
something about your diet must've changed.....are you eating a high fiber cereal? Add some fiber to your diet, but not too much, you'll bet clogged up. Get some prunes, start off with two a day, and if you can tolerate it go to three. Prunes and apples have a chemical called sorbital, it can not stay in your body, hence the laxative effect----try the prunes, I think you'll like them.
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Connie Originally Answered: my dog is constipated?
I know this may sound a little crazy but if your dog is constipated she can eat a little canned pumpkin. it is kinda like a natural laxative. I do not recommend suppositories at all. How ever you can use a stool softener.they usually come in the form of a gel cap. The active ingredient you are looking for is Ducosate Sodium. We use this all the time at the Vet clinic I work at.
Connie Originally Answered: my dog is constipated?
If you feel you must give her something, try Miralax. It is very safe and effective. It does not cause gas or diarrhea, it is a stool softener that helps to move the bowels without any chemical stimulants. For a very small dog, just a teaspoon in a half-cup of water should do it.

Berta Berta
Plenty of exercise helps and also a Mediterranean, Pritikin or vegetarian diet as those diets include a lot of fiber and roughage. Perhaps you might wish to investigate a web search for constipation + "colon cancer" + prevention
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Affrika Affrika
Add Origanum vulgare (Oregano or Pot Marjoram) to some cooked food, or drink it as tea. It should solve your problem. But do not consume much oregano or you'll defecate too much.
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Affrika Originally Answered: How often do you get constipated?
Some things such as narcotics, antidepressants and other medications can cause nearly constant constipation. Some women have constipation every month associated with their period. For some people, "normal" may be going once every 2 or 3 days. Once a day isn't normal for everyone.

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