Do you think this organic food fad is really a fad?

Do you think this organic food fad is really a fad? Topic: Do you think this organic food fad is really a fad?
June 18, 2019 / By Affrikah
Question: I know they want Americans to remain health conscious these days but why all of a sudden? The FDA and medications have killed people for years. How do we really know the organic food that says organic on the product is really organic?
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Best Answers: Do you think this organic food fad is really a fad?

Thorley Thorley | 2 days ago
I think it's here to stay. Organic produce items are beginning to become the same price or not as expensive as the real thing and I'm sure other organic foods will become the same way. Although unhealthy foods are still cheaper to buy and easier to find, they could be phased out if organic foods continue to gain popularity.
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Thorley Originally Answered: How does Organic pet food help my pet live longer? Is there a difference between Organic and all natural food?
Organic means grown without herbicides or pesticides. All natural means everything in it is natural... eg. a plant, animal or grain. Pesticides are made to kill things... anyone who thinks they can kill the bugs and weeds but are perfectly safe to consume should really think about it. I know they are consumed in minute quantities, but over time I tend to wonder why we have so much more cancer and immunodeficiency ailments these days such as asthma and severe allergies. Whichever you go with be sure it is a good quality animal diet... as far as cost goes you are better off buying a grain free (or at lease wheat and corn free) diet over an organic diet with wheat or corn in the top 5 ingredients. If you can afford an organic grain free diet...then your pup is one lucky dog! Wheat and corn are much harder on your animal than the small amount of pesticides are... And this is coming from someone who buys organic LOTS and truely understands the difference.

Quincy Quincy
Organic food has pros & cons. One pro is that it attempts to ensure that the food you put into your body is not affected by mid 1900s petrochemicals or pesticides, and instead reflects what we would have been eating for many centuries / millennia prior. Another pro, depending on the farm, is that organic farms have a greater potential to be ecologically sound & sustainable, whereas giant monoculture farms lack the complexity and biodiversity to be of much ecological value. Not to mention the nitrogen runoff from fertilizer that seep into our major rivers, and into the oceans, creating ecological dead zones. A "permaculture" farm, for example, invites a wide range of other species into the garden, promoting biodiversity. Biodiversity is a good thing, in that providing a home for animals & insects is a good thing. Before you know it, you have insects, followed by rodents or birds or other animals, followed by a cat or dog you might own. This is how our environments function. So why would we want to farm industrial monoculture crops?? Because there are an *** load of people in the world. And because we have this ridiculous hunger for optimizing & streamlining our food production techniques for profit, like many other industries of this era. The big businesses of the farm world do not have time or money or energy or interest for small-scale pro-ecology operations. All they want to do is manage huge rows of corn or soy, operate some specialized machinery that can harvest it, and make a nice profit, and call it a day. The con is that anybody could label something organic. The FDA giving you a certification doesn't mean that ALL of your food is 100% organic 100% of the time. You can still get away with pesticides and chemicals, as long as you don't get caught. And even then, who knows what the repercussions will be and when they will be acted upon, if at all. I think it's better to eat natural food. Why not? Why mess with pesticides and all this other junk? Either way though, the bottom line is that we're better off **understanding** EVERY chemical we are putting into our bodies, rather than being ignorant. The point isn't organic vs. non-organic. If non-organic was 100% healthy and carried no negative side effects (for both the environment and your own body), then you'd have to be an idiot to stick with organic. I'm totally OK with that. The problem is that we DON'T KNOW! So we're stuck with biased misleading advertisements from people who may or may not fully understand the whole gamut of chemicals & side effects telling us what's good or bad. It's not enough.
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Malone Malone
I think organic food is going to stay because i think there is a real market for it. However, i don't really understand why. I have tasted organic and non-organic varieties of many foods and i don't really taste too much of a difference. I know organic food is supposed to be better because they don't use pesticides, but the amount of pesticides in non-organic food really has no effect on you. Personally, i would only buy organic food if it costs the same as everything else.
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Jered Jered
Yes, it's fad. Unfortunately. besides, I see the term (organic) false one.Is it fair that rich people live healthier than poor people? Why we live in such world that people cannot even eat equally? Why the government doesn't make all food organic and end this issue?
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Jered Originally Answered: why do YOU think that vegetarian/vegan/organic food is more expensive than the normal meet non-organic stuff?
Well if you want to know the truth, First off it's a bit more labor intensive. The people doing the labor are usually legal citizens. And a higher percentage of the crop does not survive. If you want quote un quote cheaper organic food search out a local "farmers market" or a "food co-op" or do what I do and grow your own food (plan on lots of egg-plant) If you have never grown your own food you might try that I found it to be quite rewarding.

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