Has anyone bought the book the seventeen day diet? Did u lose weight? Did u lose alot in the begining? ?

Has anyone bought the book the seventeen day diet? Did u lose weight? Did u lose alot in the begining? ? Topic: Has anyone bought the book the seventeen day diet? Did u lose weight? Did u lose alot in the begining? ?
October 14, 2019 / By Dervila
Question: ive been trying to lose weight i would like to lose sixty lbs. I looked at a chart online and for my height which is five one i should weigh about a hundred and five lbs but ive had two kids back to back and now i weigh a hundred and sixty five lbs. Ive been exercising everyday two hundred crunches eating way better but not shedding any weight ive been at it for a month now i even walk a cple miles a day with my kids.but im willing to buy the book if it even just mite work. Please help
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Best Answers: Has anyone bought the book the seventeen day diet? Did u lose weight? Did u lose alot in the begining? ?

Cameo Cameo | 9 days ago
Fad diets, starvation diets, fasting, gimmicky weight loss devices, and diet pills do not work. Any diet that is temporary will only produce results that are temporary at best. Losing fat any faster than about 4 lbs a week is impossible. Any additional weight you might lose would either be water weight, or your muscle atrophying. The only way to lose fat is a complete lifestyle change where you stop doing what made you obese in the first place and adopt healthy eating and exercise habits for the rest of your life.
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Cameo Originally Answered: whats the best diet to lose alot of weight by the summer?
Diet and fitness work together toward a healthy lifestyle. Changing your diet and your level of fitness is what can change the way you look and feel. The best way to lose weight is about living a healthier life than what you may be living now. You will need a complete lifestyle change and you will need to be committed. The body loses about 2 pounds a week optimally and that’s 2 pounds that stay off. When you drop at a faster rate your body could potentially rebound and either plateau your weight loss or put extra weight on. If you are committed then you should reach your goal. This bit of advice is something I tell anyone who asks whether you are my client or not. There are 5 most important things that must go together in any workout program. These are part of changing your complete lifestyle to one that is healthier. They also help you to naturally optimize your metabolism. The faster your metabolism the better your body uses your food for energy, instead of storing it as fat. I put them in the order of importance. 1. Eat more. Yes eat more. More meals that is. It is best to eat a small meal every 3-4 hours. The meal should be just large enough to where you are not hungry, as opposed to eating you are full. There is a difference, think of it as no bigger than the size of your two fists put together. Eating 1 or 2 meals a day slows your metabolism down. You should have at least 4-6 meals a day. For most a ratio of carbs-proteins-fats should be 50%-25%-25% is good, but each person is unique. 2. Drink more water. Most of us don’t have enough water. This means our bodies are dehydrated. Two things a dehydrated body has trouble doing, one is releasing water. In order to lose fat you must be able to release water, because fat cells in your body are composed of mostly water. A dehydrated body cannot build very well. Muscle tone indicates a constant building state in your body. If your body isn’t building that means it is losing muscle and it’s never good to lose muscle that slows your metabolism and makes you look flabby. 3. Maintain a balanced workout regimen of cardio and resistance (weights). Cardio is good for fat burning and it’s easy to do and to progress yourself. Resistance is a little harder because it’s not as easy to know what to do. If weights aren’t your thing then try Yoga or Pilates. Both are very effective resistance and core training and can help you maintain lean muscle and increase your overall metabolism. 4. Smart supplementation of your diet is your best solution to making sure you get the nutrients your food doesn’t give you. A daily multivitamin will suffice in most cases, and if you don’t like pills they sell it in liquid form. Plus cleanses, as well as detox formulas are awesome for eliminating toxins we take into our bodies without knowing. 5. Sleep is a very important part of any healthy lifestyle regimen. When we sleep our bodies and minds refresh themselves and allow us to function at an optimal level. Sleeping allows muscles to rebuild themselves and when they do that, it speeds your metabolism. You may ask why I gave you this long list instead of just telling you what exercises to do. The reason is if you think that exercising is all you need then you are mislead. If exercising is all we needed to look and feel great then everybody who works out at the gym would have great bodies and be healthy. If you have been to a gym before you know its not true.

Alyssa Alyssa
make it a point to use the steps whenever possible use the bathroom on a different floor at work take the stairs at the bus station the airport or the mall
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Vince Vince
It's an ok book... I tried it BUT there's one that's much better that I had tremendously greater success with! Recent studies show that there are certain foods that have "negative" calories... that is they 'BURN' fat instead of creating it. There are also and certain so called "health foods" that we should avoid! Also there are new special and easy to do exercises that work very fast to produce a well defined shape (as in great belly, great abs) with minimal 'effort. I'm very lazy! and yet they worked well for me and my wife. Here's an excellent video that explains it well... bit.ly/Burn-Belly-Fat-Fast
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Roy Roy
people who regularly weigh themselves and keep track of their progress in a journal are more likely to lose weight
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Roy Originally Answered: Help! I need to lose alot weight by June 17, 2008, how much weight can you lose in a short amount of time?
You can lose 5-20 pounds in a week, it wont be healthy and when you come off your diet your probably balloon to an even bigger size as your body prepares for another stupidly insane fast. You should only be looking to lose 1-2 pounds of fat any more will be due muscle waste (muscle also helps burn fat). You have 11 days to lose weight so you will probably be able to lose 3 pounds. My advise pop some diet pills and report back im interested in how much a person could physically lose within that time.

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