vet cost to fix RECTAL PROLAPSE in hamster?

vet cost to fix RECTAL PROLAPSE in hamster? Topic: vet cost to fix RECTAL PROLAPSE in hamster?
October 18, 2019 / By Cierra
Question: My kids just notice this after noon that are hamster has something dragg from it behide.We thought at first it was a baby comming out. Then i did reach search and notice it was rectal prolapse.I'm scared it might die. How much is a vet cost push it back in or to fix the problem?
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Best Answers: vet cost to fix RECTAL PROLAPSE in hamster?

Azura Azura | 2 days ago
Rectal prolapse in hamsters occur when the hamster has been straining due to constipation or diarrhea; due to incorrect and unsupervised diet. A vet may be able to manually reposition the prolapse into the body if there has not been damage or tearing. This is not possible very often, and the hamster will die, or will have to be put to sleep.
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Azura Originally Answered: what could cause rectal bleeding?
These symptoms are consistent with internal hemorrhoids, which are common. You should eat a high fiber diet, which includes lots of fruits and vegetables. You can also take a fiber supplement if needed. Ensure you are having soft, regular bowel movements. Constipation and hard stool will worsen hemorrhoid symptoms. Also drink plenty of fluids. If your symptoms are frequent, then see a doctor for possible surgical treatment.

Abishag Abishag
Visit an exotic vet, and not a cat & dog vet. The vet might be able to do a payment plan with you so you will be able to pay for your hamster to get it fixed. I don't know anything about the condition your hamster has. Just go to the vet and see.
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Swithin Swithin
Take it in and have it put to sleep. It WILL die a painful death if you leave it as is. This happened to a cat of mine once, and the surgery is expensive with only a 50/50 recovery chance. I don't even know if they will preform such a surgery on an animal as small as a hamster.
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Pat Pat
go to an exotic pet vet, they deal with hammies, depending on the age of the hamster, and your finances, they will tell you how to handle it, and possibly on the payment plan. Are you sure it's not a male and what you see is his huge balls hanging out????
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Pat Originally Answered: what can cause rectal bleeding?
Has your change in diet made you constipated or have diarrhea? Constipation or frequent diarrhea can cause what is called an anal fissure. That is a tear in the lining of the lower rectum. It can cause pain or blood when having a bowel movement. Look up your symptoms on WebMD for better info or talk to your doctor, but unless it is a chronic condition it should go away after a short time.

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