What does it mean, being constipated for three months?

What does it mean, being constipated for three months? Topic: What does it mean, being constipated for three months?
May 22, 2019 / By Christi
Question: My Grandad has been constipated for 12 weeks now, he is seeing doctors. I am not told much though, so to "protect" me. I want to know ANY of the reasons an 80 year old can be constipated for so long, so I know what to expect ..... Nothing in the lower intestine apparently ... Any other reasons folks? Would REALLY appreciate the help !!!!
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Best Answers: What does it mean, being constipated for three months?

Ava Ava | 6 days ago
It could be his diet. As we get older it more and more important to eat a lot of fiber and fruits. Just like all the commercials about laxative products. Drinking prune juice can help. There is always that there is a blockage, this can be corrected. Let's hope for the best!
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Ava Originally Answered: what should I do if i've been constipated for five months?
You might want to change your diet to figure out what could be causing your constipation. If your nervous about going back to your doctor you could find another one, or even a nutritionist might be better able to help you. They have enemas at Walmart you could try, they generally work within 5 minutes of taking them- and they are cheap. Also pineapple has digestive enzymes that could better help your body digest the food you eat. Prunes are a natural laxative. Apples are high in fiber. So maybe adding more of those to your diet could help. Senna is a plant that is a great laxative also, you could drink senna tea or dandelion tea. Dandelion tea is good for cleaning your liver of toxins which might be beneficial to you since you have been backed up for a while now. Also if your on certain medications like narcotic pain killers, anti depressants can cause constipation. Even certain vitamins could cause constipation- for example calcium is known to cause constipation. Cut out all dairy- and chocolate, pizza, processed foods, red meat, fried foods can cause constipation. If you have the ability try making your own vegetable juice with a juicer. When you drink processed or preserved juices like v8 it cuts out the natural fiber from vegetables

Abby Abby
Ummm, well its probably what he's eating. He needs to eat alot of fiber .. & also take fiber. you can get it at the pharmacyy. or get a stool softner. being constipated is a natural thing & some get it worse than others. he could be lack toast & tolarant or just have a bad diet or it might run in the family. Just try fiber ..
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Steph Steph
Maybe his foods are not proper .He maybe drinking too much milk which is like that.He needs some peaches several times a day or very well buttered brown bread .Sounds dangerous to me.
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Paddy Paddy
well, when you're old (or geriatric) your body function is decreasing, mean its possible to have slower bowel movement (to the point that it doesnt move at all)
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Lex Lex
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