I need help with wine. I have been a beer drinker for years but I am learning to enjoy wine. I have been?

I need help with wine. I have been a beer drinker for years but I am learning to enjoy wine. I have been? Topic: I need help with wine. I have been a beer drinker for years but I am learning to enjoy wine. I have been?
September 19, 2019 / By Abbi
Question: drinking wine lately. I like Fransia's White Zinfindel. What is confusing me is that it is actually red in color. What makes a wine dry,red,white or what ever? What is a good sweet wine. Why is some wine served chilled while others are served at room temp? What is another good but not to expensive White Zinfeldel?
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Stacey Stacey | 9 days ago
If you like the sweetness of white zin, they are all pretty similar and most with a $7 range. Sutter Home, Beringer are pretty popular. If you like sweet wines, you can try Gewurztraminer. In particular, Fetzer is readily available in the white wine section is most markets. You can also hunt down a semi-sweet Hungarian red, Marika Nemes Kadarka. Most reds are tanic or even dry, I think you'll like this . I drink it room temp, but it can be served cold also. Typically, reds are served at room temperature, whites (and other sweet wines) are served cold. They just taste better this way, but you can do whatever makes you happy. Red and white wines can be dry (or not). They leave the palate with a dry finish. White wines can be fruity, citrisy, but reds can be berry, chocolatey. Reds contain tannins, which some people enjoy, others dislike. If someone says a wine is oakey, it's because the wine barrels were made of oak and have a unique flavor. Sparkling Lambrusco is great, but I don't have any brands for you - something you can find at a wine shop. Enjoy!
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Stacey Originally Answered: Can anyone recommend a sweet red wine?
Red wines are not typically very sweet but if you do want something to drink with dinner that is not dry at all, I would go with an Australian red. The warm temps in Australia allow for the grapes to get really ripe, thus leading to a sweeter, fruity, big berry wine. There are many good value Australian Shiraz on the market, I might suggest: Rosemount, Penfolds, Cookothama, St Hallett, D'arenburg to name a few gems. But again it's not going to be really sweet like say a reisling or a gewurtz. If you want something that is really actually sweet and red I would suggest a dessert wine. Paradise Ranch makes an absolutely beautiful Merlot Ice Wine. It's like a glass of fresh strawberries and pairs marvelously with a nice bitter chocolate dessert, goats cheesecake or just on it's own in place of dessert. Warning do not try to drink this with your dinner though, it will not work!!

Othello Othello
Wines, like beer, have different tastes to them. Some are sweet and some are so dry you'd swear you were just given vinegar. If the type(s) of beer you prefer, tends to be on the sweet side, then go for the sweeter wines. Wines with different fruit flavors infused into them, or made with other fruits. The color of the wine doesn't make that much difference. It's just the taste and bouquet you're after. If you like the heavier, more dry tasting beer, then go for a heavier bodied, dry tasting wine. Again, the color doesn't really make a difference. It's the taste you're after. If you decide you don't really like the sweet, and you really don't like the dry, try a rose. It's somewhere in the middle. It's dry, with a bit of sweetness to it. Your best bet would be to go to a winery and sample the different wines. Ask lots of questions. They're more than happy to tell you about their wines. Whether the grapes are locally grown, or imported will reflect in the price, but not by a lot. There are also wine sampling opportunities listed in the paper. Several wineries will get together and host a festival of some sort. You pay a price to enter and, once in, you can sample to your heart's content. From that point, you can decide for yourself which wines are the better ones, and which ones to steer clear of. Like anything alcohol related, it's all a matter of personal taste. I may like a particular type, but you might think it's disgusting. Good luck, and enjoy.
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Les Les
Sounds like the wine bug is biting you. The Gewurtztraminer suggestion was a great one. I would also suggest Riesling. Both have higher residual sugar, that make them great entry level wines. White Zinfandel is Zinfandel that has not completed fermentation. The sugars that normally get converted to alcohol are stopped short. This leads to the higher residual sugar and lower alcohol content in White Zins. As Americans, we tend to serve our whites too cold and our reds too warm. 45-50 degrees farenheit allows whites to show their true flavors, while 55-65 is "cellar temperature;" perfect for reds. I would suggest switching to sweeter whites, then finding some drier whites and accessible reds for white wine drinkers (Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, REAL Zinfandel). Enjoy!
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Jamey Jamey
a good sweet red wine that i drink is a lambrusco. I drink the one made by Riunite. I do not like red wine but because it is good for my health i started. This seems to be the only red wine i like. Averages $8.00 a bottle. I prefer it chilled but room temp is ok.
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Fox Fox
I like White Zin, but I think it's not a typical "white" wine. You might try a couple of inexpensive Chardonnays, as they're very popular. As for reds, Cabernet Savignon (sp?) and Merlot are popular types, though my favorite type of red is Pinot Noir (even though I can't pronounce it right).
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Dawson Dawson
The perfect red wine ever is: Cavit-Pinot Noir Let me know when you try it, trust me it's gooood (;
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Bar-Jesus Bar-Jesus
a good sweet, dessert wine is Riesling!!!!!!! It's the only type of wine I drink!! Take my advice and try it.
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Bar-Jesus Originally Answered: Green Tea, Coffee, and Wine?
Too much coffee is not good in my opinion, green tea is much better. Coffee dosn't have that many benefits anyway. Too much wine is not too good either, but one cup a day might be okay.

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