How to lose weight fast for a teen with a healthy weight?

How to lose weight fast for a teen with a healthy weight? Topic: How to lose weight fast for a teen with a healthy weight?
November 17, 2019 / By Ibri
Question: I'm 13, a girl, I weigh 103-105 pounds and I'm 5'0 I have a healthy BMI and people say I'm at a healthy weight for my height and age. But I'm not comfortable in my body and I want to lose about 10 pounds. The thing is, its harder to lose weight when there isn't much to lose. I've been exercising everyday and eating healthy for 6 days now but I don't see a difference at all and I think I even might be gaining instead!! Please help! Are there any tips? or more things I can do? I really wanna lose it by the end of Summer
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Esmund Esmund | 2 days ago
If you are eating right and exercising you might be gaining muscle weight. This is good because the muscle will help you burn more fat and give you more definition (which I assume is what you want since you say you're already a healthy weight). Don't focus on the weight, focus on how you look, your muscle tone and and your waist size. Remember muscle weighs more than fat. You're also not likely to experience dramatic changes in just 6 days, if you're doing it right, starting from an already healthy weight you might expect to lose a few pounds of fat per month. Be careful you aren't over training since you're working out every day, vary your workouts and focus on large muscle groups so you don't hit a plateau. Lots of people will isolate small muscle groups by doing exercises like crunches or curls because those are the places they want to see improvements the most but they don't realize that those types of exercises give the worst returns for the effort. Focus on full body and core types of exercises like push ups, mountain climber planks, squats, lunges and dead lifts. These types of exercises will engage your core and burn fat all over while developing muscles. Keep eating healthy to fuel your workouts properly so you don't get injured. Don't starve yourself or go on some fad diet.
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Esmund Originally Answered: What is a good healthy lunch for a teen trying to lose weight?
I usually eat my lunch in this viriaty: I take in ANY veggies. sliced bell pepers, babay carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, celery sticks etc. etc. in a plastic baggy I also bring 1 fruit ALWAYS as sweet treat. an apple, pear, nectarine...anything I can fit in my lunch box. I just went and bought some granola bars. For school of course! But make sure to buy to either organic or ones that use as natural ingredients as possible. Kashi is a good brand. I also buy Antie Ann's organic granola bars. popcorn is light and good. But make sure to NOT bu carmle, butter, chedder ones...too many extra fatty calories. I just bought a pack or trader joes kettle corn. Its nly 110 calories a packet. really good! nuts are a good source of protein1 I love them. With raisins or dried cranberries (called craisins) are good, too. But theyt are full of additional calores. So watch out for nuts. Just saying because its full or protein and wont make you fat. At all. juices. I like naked juices or bolthouse. Wath out the calories on those too. But they are filled with vitamins! make sure to eat only whole grain bread. aka brown breads. Dont go for "whole" or "whole wheat" it isnt good enough. It could be just as bad as white with all the corn syrups and what not. Whole grain is best. Same with dough or rice. oats are good as well. But more for breafast. I would say granola-but those can be high on calories and added with a tons of sugars. Make sure to buy natural graola and watch your servings. I like tofu! that is all. yogurt is amazing! But watch it. DO NOT fall for those "low fat low calroei" scams. caompanies such as yopliat claim to have "wholesome" products, but in reality-its filled with artificial colors, preservaties and corn syrups which btw, can make it harder for fat to go away. What would you go for the long run? "low calroie" fat sticking pink yogurts or the real, healthy yogurts that our ancestors ate? It you want to go with the GOOD choice, I advise buy all natural or organic yogurt. the less ingredients it has, the better it is. I buy Nancy's or brown cow yogurt. Heres a hint: is the second or third or first ingrent has High fructose corn syrup or sugar-its poision basically. I sometimes buy Tillamook yogurts, which arnet the best, but there not as bad as the worst! hence dannon, yoplait. However, dannon isnt THAT bad eitehr but isnt the best. Go for organic yogurts. The good party is, they are VERY good and tasty and high in protein, which keep syou fuller longer! 170 calories a serving size wont kill you. Instead of 100. berries are great! I know they are a fruit (which I already stated) but they are so yummy! LOW calorei and I mean LOW LOW and you will get filled up before taking in that many calories. for instance, each raspberry is 1 calorie. Each blueberry is 1/3 or a calorie (I think around there, but Im sure its LESS that 1 calorie per berry) 1 cherry has only 5 calories and strawberries! Very good eh? In conclusion-natural, earthly products. Stay away from mayonnaise, too. And too m uch butter spreads. Otherwise have fun! P.S MILK is fital for schooling! Weather its soy or real whole milk-drink up. I drink soy, but if you like real its a good idea to buy an individual containier or pack or preferably organic milk :) help you wth your studies. NOT chocolate, however, its a good recovery drink after P.E
Esmund Originally Answered: What is a good healthy lunch for a teen trying to lose weight?
A small apple or 14-20 grapes (~100 cals) 2 slices of whole wheat bread (200) with 2 slices of ham (30-45) some lettuce and tomatoes. And of course, water! total calories, 345. :D

Conor Conor
Fast and healthy do not go together when talking about losing weight. If you lose weight fast it is obviously not healthy and will gain it back but if you go for a healthy approach it won't be fast. You probably shouldn't worry too much because as a teen you are still growing but it is always good to exercise. Try to get involved in a sport with your school or community. You'll have fun and get in shape.
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Arnie Arnie
Okay, 1. It's only been six days, so you aren't going to notice much of a difference unless you're starving yourself (which I really hope you are NOT doing). 2. If you're a healthy weight, why in the world are you trying to lose weight? Dieting at a young age when you're still growing can really screw things up. You might end up losing muscle mass instead and getting into a very unhealthy cycle. Just be happy, you're already healthy!!
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Arnie Originally Answered: how can a teen guy lose his belly fat fast?
jogging on the treadmill is the best workout you can get.. you will loose weight proportinately by jogging.. DONT WALK FAST, BUT JOG..loosing weight is not easy but you are young so you will loose it fast if you EAT PROPER FOOD, DONT BE LAZY, GO JOGGING EVERYDAY. dont workout on weights or too much on trying to have abs or biceps when you have fat... or else the fat on your body will turn into muscle and it WILL NOT BURN.. you have to sweat a lot, and get tired at the end of your jogging session/workout session..then you know you will reach your goal. make a plan.what you will eat.. is it healthy? how many times you will workout a week? how many minutes? etc etc.and DO NOT GIVE UP!!!

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