Pregnant and never constipated. normal?

Pregnant and never constipated. normal? Topic: Pregnant and never constipated. normal?
December 15, 2019 / By Hugh
Question: I was just wondering, everyone seems to say they're constipated during pregnancy. I never am.. I do take prenatal vitamins (chewable 19 tab prenatals -- prescription). I guess every woman is different but just wondering if it's normal NOT to be constipated? Wierd question I know
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Erick Erick | 10 days ago
You're absolutely fine, it means you are doing well with drinking lots of water and eating plenty of fiber. IT is normal not to deal with constipation and you should feel blessed :)
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Erick Originally Answered: is it normal to feel very bloated, gassy, full, and constipated while pregnant?
oh my goodness... I have been constipated for the most part of my pregnancy. Usually, if you take prenatal pills, most of them come with a stool softner in them. Try to eat lots of oatmeal. I've also noticed that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with milk and bananas help me. And feeling full is normal. You are supposed to eat very small portions, but more often during the day. So it may seem like you are eating all the time, but really, your just eating small amounts so its good. And drink lots of water. I am 33 weeks and i have only gained about 20 pounds, I don't think that's bad :)

Collin Collin
It's very normal to be constipated early on in pregnancy, and even throughout the entire 9 months. At 6 weeks in my pregnancy, I had a very small "bump" that almost looked like a baby bump, until I realized I was just backed up. After I finally went to the bathroom, it let down. Try eating more things that have fiber in them, if you can handle it. I eat oatmeal once every few days, and it helps keep my bowel movements in check really well. Prune juice and eating prunes themselves works miracles. Also... drinking LOTS of water helps keep from getting constipaited as well. The blood MIGHT be implantation bleeding... however, I'm not sure... I've never had blood in my urine at 6 weeks...
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Arden Arden
I am not constipated at all, in fact, since I became pregnant, I have had nothing but diarrhea all the time, and I wonder if thats normal. But I think you are just lucky.
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Trish Trish
I rarely get constipated. Every woman is different. Your probably drinking lots of fluids, and have a good amount of fibre in your diet, so it's nothing to worry about! Good Luck!
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Salome Salome
You are SO LUCKY!!! I wish I were you! Yes, that's perfectly normal. Try to get your hands on a copy of What to Expect When You're Expecting (most libraries will have multiple copies). It has loads of info on the rainbow of symptoms/feelings/moods we preggers women go through. As they say in the book "there is no such thing as a normal pregnancy"!
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Nikki Nikki
I never had morning sickness, heartburn, constipation, nothing that most people have. Just fatigue. Some people are just lucky that way.
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Lynna Lynna
I havent been until this week (30 weeks), now its like nothing will make me go. Congrats on the baby.
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Keeleigh Keeleigh
i haven't been but i do eat a lot of fiber so maybe you too are eating sufficient fiber. i feel like many women probably don't get enough fiber in their diets period.
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Keeleigh Originally Answered: 10 weeks pregnant constipation pain normal!?
I have had the same pains on and off since i was 9 weeks. My OB said that it was streching pain and that when you are constipated or a little overweight that the pains can be a bit worse than normal. I still have them and they are VERY bad when i do have to go to the bathroom. It feels like im miscarrying every time i get "sick" and have to go to the bathroom bad. Plus- the pains will be a bit worse around every 45 days because of the stretching. You will get a bit used to it and it will feel better when you lay on your left side or lean to the left. I don't know why but it has something to do with your nerves. I hope this helps and wish you luck!! I think your baby is fine because i've had the same issues and my child is still doing well at 23 weeks. HUGS!! Good luck!!

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